10 Wedding Photography Trends You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Wedding photography in the year 2022 will be a far cry from the typical, posed wedding images of the past. While shooting events might be nerve-wracking at first, supporting couples in documenting their special day isn’t only enjoyable but also rewarding.

Like any other industry, it evolves and changes through time. Top photographers need to be up to date with the evolution of this industry and choose what to integrate in their style. The top wedding photography trends are highlighted below, along with why you should include them in your long-awaited wedding day.

1. Wedding Decor Focus Shots

In 2022, minimalist wedding photography styles will be a significant contender. Couples could spend more time and money on the quality of their weddings in 2020 and 2021 because smaller weddings are allowed to have more time and money to be spent on quality, personalized design, and the overall aesthetic. It’s excellent news for wedding photographers, even the most usual decors such as wedding centerpieces, lighting fixtures, and table setups could contain unique qualities that the couple desired to remember.

2. Wedding Shoots And Props

It makes no difference whatever time of the year it is; props are enjoyable! Props offer an element of fun and creativity to the wedding, whether bridesmaids wield umbrellas or gentlemen don superhero masks. For instance, sparklers and sky lanterns might occasionally add to the fun and vibrancy of your images. When guests begin to interact, most couples and bridal parties prefer utilizing props, resulting in some genuinely unique candid photographs.

Pre and post wedding photography in Paris
Image by Fran Boloni – The Paris Photographer – Pre and post wedding photography in Paris

3. Pre And Post-Wedding Shoot

Although weddings can be stressful, customers learn to cherish their time with friends and family by planning these photos separately. With pre- and post-shoots, clients can shoot in a quieter location or at a more convenient time for crowd management. Wedding photographers can take photos while you choose your wedding theme, meet up with organizers, and other vital moments of your wedding planning period. With formal photographs taken later, photographers can spend more time studying places and capturing every element of your stunning bridal gown in the most romantic light possible.

4. Reportage or Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

The days of traditional wedding photography, with dozens of staged images and every possible combination of a family portrait, are long gone; now, it’s all about natural moments, candid shots, and people having a wonderful time. Reportage wedding photography, alternatively referred to as documentary wedding photography, is a popular technique for capturing minute details, face expressions, beautiful moments, and priceless emotions.

5. Drone Wedding Shots – Top Wedding Photography Trend

While drones aren’t commonly connected with weddings, they can be beneficial in capturing shots from angles and heights that your photographer can’t . Drones are increasingly becoming indispensable in modern wedding photography, whether they’re used to capture a bird’s eye view of a magnificent tablespace or to showcase your incredible vacation destination.

6. Stop-Motion Wedding Photography

Still, images are animated in this style of photography, where photographers frequently present as a film set to your favorite music. Stop motion animation is ideal for creating a brief trailer to broadcast on Facebook or send to relatives and close friends via email.

Elopement photos in Paris
Paris elopement pictures captured by The Paris Photographer

7. Elopement Wedding Shoot

Because elopements are no longer formal, you don’t have to worry about the gown, flowers, and other details. Elopements are merely more intimate variations of traditional marriages in the modern era. It’s far more critical to capture the moment when the two of you are alone. Engage the services of a photographer to capture the essence of your one-of-a-kind event. Paris elopements are our expertise, make sure to check out our comprehensive guide on how to elope to Paris.

8. “At First Glance” Photos

When your fiancé sees you dressed as a bride for the first time, it’ll be an exciting and emotional occasion; you never know what will happen! They’re capable of crying, laughing, or simply staring at one another in perfect synchronization.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the first time you enter the church. They can depart earlier to avoid being alone and having their likeness photographed. It’s the “First Look” that we propose, as it’s a one-of-a-kind moment that should be witnessed hundreds of times.

9. Wedding Proposal Photography

Proposal shoots have received a lot of attention recently, and we expect this trend to continue. People are increasingly on the lookout for a covert wedding photographer to document the occasion. The wedding photographer establishes a relationship with the bride and groom in advance, which will benefit them on the wedding day.

Proposal shots aren’t as straightforward as most people believe. In this kind of photography, there are no second chances. You have a limited amount of time to take numerous images that capture the moment’s emotion.

Wedding proposal photography in Paris - Big Marry Me letters and Eiffel Tower
Surprise proposal in Paris captured by The Paris Photographer

10. Informal Family Photos

Typically, the most peculiar photographs in a bridal book are family photographs. When was the last time you all stood in a straight line, facing the same direction?

Casual family photographs are a fantastic new trend since they evoke more relaxed emotions, which can help de-stress family portraits. They frequently occur during emotionally intense times, such as immediately before or immediately after a wedding ceremony, and so anything that alleviates stress usually results in better photographs.


There are numerous wedding photography trends, some of which are timeless. Consider the current wedding photography trends described above while creating a magnificent collection of memories from your special day.

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Monday, September 13th, 2021

After reading this article, I think I will marry my wife again 🙂
New trends sound very exciting!

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