Paris elopement - Bride and groom walking hand in hand in front of the Eiffel Tower 2


It looks like the most important day of your life is not going to be a classic wedding, but a Paris elopement.

It's exciting to get married in Paris, however to plan an elopement in the city of love is not easy for everyone. Our promise is to guide you into finding the right resources and information to plan a perfect wedding day in Paris.

We have assembled a collection of useful information on this page. Use the menu below to jump to the part that you are interested in the most:

Why Elope to Paris ?

Whether you decide to elope just you and your hubby or bring close family and friends, in the end, the wedding day is about the two of you and celebrating your love.

"Paris exists to remind you that your dreams are real."

There are so many unique places that will make you want to elope, however, no place compares to Paris. Because Paris is the capital of love, with gorgeous romantic scenery, charming cobblestone streets and elegant architecture. The city offers a dreamy experience, something absolutely different than what a beach or a mountain could offer.

Is it legal to get married in France ?

Yes, it is. The French law only accepts civil marriage performed by a French civil authority in a town hall. However, you have to reside in France for at least 40 days preceding the marriage.

In addition, if you wish to have a religious ceremony in France, the priest, rabbi or minister will require a marriage certificate delivered by the French authorities.

Because of these conditions, most couples coming from abroad, have the civil ceremony in their home country and then have a "symbolic" marriage ceremony in France. This symbolic ceremony is performed by a Paris celebrant or Paris officiant. 

A Paris elopement ceremony is almost always followed by wedding photos around the city and a few days of honeymooning around beautiful places in Europe.

Therefore, the ideal Paris elopement consists of a symbolic ceremony and photos around the city.

Paris Elopement Inspiration

What do I need to plan the perfect Paris elopement

Who to invite to your elopement in Paris

Who should I invite to my elopement in Paris ?

Here's the truth...

If you are eloping is probably not because you want to escape your friends and family. You are getting married abroad because you want to avoid planning a big event. So, even if an elopement is just for the two of you, close family and friends are welcome.

If you keep the guests list short, it will be an intimate wedding. If you'd like to have more people on your side on the big day, then we'll call that a destination wedding in Paris.

plan around your dream wedding

The bottom line is that you elope to Paris for yourself and you should plan around your dreams and expectations and not around your guests preferences.

Should I hire a Paris elopement planner ?

Elope in Paris - Bride in Dior couture wedding dress having elopement ceremony in Paris - Planned by CTH Events Paris

"It's worth the $ not to have the stress."

There are two main ways to plan an unforgettable wedding in Paris. The first way is by hiring a Paris Elopement planner. The second way is to plan everything yourself, or with the help of a friend or family.


You might not need a planner. 

You are a strong and independent woman and you can plan a wedding on your own. However, planning can become stressful and you might want professional reinforcements. There is nothing wrong with getting a little help. 

If you are wondering what the benefits for hiring a wedding planner in Paris are :


insider knowledge

An experienced planner has insider knowledge and insight into the wedding industry in Paris. He or she can focus on details that you might omit, given that you are new to planning.


sticks to a budget

Your Paris elopement planner will help find vendors that fit your budget, so that you don't end up spending extra money.


stress free planning

He or she will take some of the time consuming responsibilities off your plate. This way your stress levels are reduced and you win time. 


local expert

Having a person on location who can check the different venues or places and also the quality of services for you, is simply priceless. You will be sure that your expectations are met.


FEWER decisions

You will guided and helped to stay organized and not get overwhelmed by the high number of decisions that you need to take.


bring inspiration

A planner can come up with new ideas and help you with inspiration for your vision of a dream Paris elopement.


YOU save time

A brilliant Paris wedding planner will bring everything together in case of a last minute event, when you might be running out of time to plan your elope in Paris.


no surprises

A wedding planner will handle any last minute changes that can occur during the day.


new friend

Your Paris planner will offer heartfelt advice and you will make a new friend in Paris.

Paris Elopement Packages

There are several planning agencies in Paris who offer elopement packages. The most basic packages include a wedding ceremony and photography of the ceremony. Then, you simply add more options to your package, such as a bridal bouquet, transportation around the city and photography or video in different iconic Parisian landmarks.

Who are the Top Paris Elopement Planners ?

As you can imagine, Paris just as New York, California or Italy is one of those places where many couples get married. Hence, the quality and the number of Paris wedding planners is high. 


Heather Lynn

Planning a destination wedding is exciting but requires knowledge of the destination and what it has to offer. Any wedding requires preparation, but with a distinctive destination wedding in France, there are language and cultural barriers as well as time differences.

Having an on-site planner is essential to making sure every detail is taken care of, whether you have 12 guests or 200 guests.

Heather will help with everything from choosing the heart-stopping venue to building and threading a theme throughout the event; from creating first impressions to leaving lasting impressions.

exquisite, combined with genuine complicity ... 

sophisticated to UNBELIEVABLY romantic

Paris elopement - Bride getting ready at Shangri La hotel in Paris - Wedding Planned by Rendez-Vous in Paris
Paris elopement - Bride and groom cutting wedding cake on Shangri La terrace with Eiffel Tower in the background - Planned by Rendez-Vous in Paris

Rendez-Vous In Paris is your secret to planning a distinctive wedding that’s unmistakably you. They have assembled and tested the best vendors, caterers and venues and are constantly refreshing their list with creative and talented newcomers. They will orchestrate your big day, expertly taking care of all the details while you relax and enjoy…

Rendez-Vous in Paris is not just the premier wedding planner in France, they also plan and produce all of life's other important celebrations: marriage proposals, birthdays, bridal or baby showers, bar & bat mitzvahs, retirement, and wedding anniversaries.

Heather's eye for perfection and appreciation for the exquisite, combined with genuine complicity shared with her clients, help her to make each client’s event unmistakably theirs.

From sophisticated to unbelievably romantic to hippy-chic, Heather’s goal is to amplify her client’s style, add a little French-touch and create remarkable celebrations and romantic moments.



Est. in 2006, Fête in France provides seamless planning for your Paris elopement or intimate wedding. American, bilingual and based in Paris, they help you enjoy the best the city has to offer for a luxurious and unforgettable celebration. Fête in France's experienced team will help you navigate the planning process, and on the day they keep you cool, calm and collected, knowing that everything is under control.

Wedding decor by CTH Events Paris at the Chateau de Chantilly - June wedding 2017


CTH Events Paris create unique, stylish and festive weddings in France in perfect harmony with each clients personality, desires and requirements.

What they propose is a stress-free planning process and a truly sublime wedding.

Their strengths: refined decoration, attention to details, colors, materials, style and setup.

CTH Events Paris are available, flexible and reactive to their clients 24/7.



Agathe bn

An idea of a perfect elopement in Paris would be: you begin the day by getting ready in your hotel room, where Wedding Paris will hand deliver your bouquet. Once you are ready you will be whisked away to your symbolic ceremony in one of Paris's gorgeous outdoors gardens.

Afterwards, a driver will take you around the sites of Paris for a private photo shoot, finished with a fabulous dinner in a romantic Parisian restaurant or perhaps on a private boat.

"This is your day, anything is possible, each package is carefully coordinated to fit your vision." ~Agathe, Wedding Paris



Avec Weddings & Events specializes in creating sophisticated, personalized and luxury elopements and intimate weddings in France. As your full service, English speaking wedding planner and designer, Jennifer is there at the beginning of the planning process to help you choose the perfect venue and vendor team. Right up to the end of your wedding celebration when you are sipping the last of your champagne !

Avec Weddings & Events manages all the logistics and is with you throughout the day of your celebration. Jennifer loves getting to know your love story so that she can perfectly organize every last detail in order for you and your guests to enjoy your once in a lifetime, bespoke celebration with ease, love and laughter !




Based in Paris, DLG Paris plan and design unforgettable intimate weddings for couples who dream of a timeless, romantic and elegant elopement in France. As wedding planners, they provide full-service planning in Paris. DLG Paris take care of you and your closest ones from your first consultation until the end of your special day. Dorothée and Philippe advise you on the best ceremony location. They also gather around you quality vendors who will guarantee the atmosphere of your wedding and make the day unforgettable.

As wedding designers, DLG Paris help you find the style and vision of your special day. They take your unique vision, mix it with a touch of French Style and translate that into your ceremony decor, bridal bouquet, color palette, wedding cake and much more.

DLG Paris is also a wedding concierge. This consists in limitless number of services, from arranging excursions and activities the days surrounding your day to booking private apartments, car with driver, shows, etc. All the lovely details are taken of to make your wedding planning process in Paris an unforgettable experience.

Here is the most important advice for your elopement planning.

Regardless of having a planner or not, create an inspiration board for your Paris elopement.

You can save inspiration images for wedding dresses, wedding bouquets, elopement must have photoselopement ceremony locations and more to your Paris Elopement inspiration board.

Elope to Paris inspiration board

How to find the right vendors for a Brilliant Paris elopement

Bride having professional hairstyling and getting ready for her elopement in Paris at the Peninsula Paris

Smart brides think about the following things to find the right vendors for a memorable elopement in Paris:



Do a quick search on Google for "Paris elopement planner" or "Paris Wedding Planner" and look at what vendors the Paris planners are working with. Wedding blogs often feature the vendors who collaborated on a particular event.



Look at Paris wedding photographers social media, the vendors are usually mentioned. If they are not, you can talk to the brides from the photos and simply ask them about the vendors.



Don't follow recommendations blindly. Your elopement should be unique and you want to work with vendors who are compatible with your personality.



When you discover a vendor, check if they have a professional website and email. If you see a gmail or yahoo address, it's probably someone who is just starting out.



Seek variety in the portfolio of the vendor. Remember, uniqueness is key !



Write a quick message to a vendor that you like, to get a sense of his/her personality. You are looking for someone who knows to listen and help you create an unforgettable event for you as a couple.

paris elopement vendors recommendations

Don't know where to start when looking for wedding vendors in Paris ? Continue reading as we will lay down a few priceless recommendations and make your event easier to prepare.

What vendors do I need ?

The most basic Paris elopement consists of a symbolic ceremony and a photo shoot around Paris. Hence, your must have vendors are a photographer and an officiant or celebrant. However, there are many more vendors and we will recommend from all categories for an unforgettable intimate wedding in Paris.

Paris Officiant - Paris Celebrant

Paris officiant conducting a symbolic wedding ceremony in the Luxembourg Gardens


A Paris officiant or Paris celebrant is an English speaking person who will conduct your wedding ceremony. This person can't deliver any official wedding certificate. You will therefore receive a symbolic wedding certificate after the ceremony, symbolizing your marriage in Paris.

How to choose the right Paris officiant ?

Get in touch with any of the celebrants that we recommend and choose the one who takes the time to know you both and helps you create a personalized and touching ceremony.

"You don't want a person simply reading generic things off a paper." 

If you are wondering ...

Eloping in Paris - Write wedding vows for Paris wedding ceremony

Can we write our personal wedding vows ?

Most of the serious Paris celebrants encourage you to write your own wedding vows. And it makes sense. Exchanging vows is a truly unique moment, filled with emotions and one that you will remember your whole life.

Here are a few Paris officiant recommendations:

Celebrant in Paris


Aude thrives on writing meaningful ceremonies that capture your day and the magic of your love story and will make your heart completely and utterly melt. With Aude as your certified marriage celebrant and renowned storyteller, you are guaranteeing that the ceremony is just as unique and magical as your precious love.

Audre is a celebrant in Paris who can perform services in English, French, Spanish and even in Japanese. Her talent and warm personality will blow you away and contribute to a ceremony that will have a special place in your heart for years to come.

paris officiant 


Your wedding day is one of the happiest and most exciting moments of your life. For Chantelle-Marie, it is important to enhance the feelings and emotions of the day with just the perfect words ... in an exquisite Parisian setting, with a beautiful ceremony that tells your story, celebrating the life that you have built together, with a message of love, laughter and hope for your future.

Her ceremonies can be religious, spiritual or non-religious and are primarily in English - but no ceremony is complete without a few sayings in French. We are in Paris after all, the City of Love! Her number one tip for couples - Write your own wedding vows ... It's a wonderful way to express what's in your heart and really connect with your partner. And at the end of the day, that is what it's all about!

celebrants in france

Celebrants in France are professional full time wedding celebrants, working with couples, wedding planners and venue owners to create and conduct ceremonies throughout Paris and France.

my french officiant


Jérôme specializes on highly individual and personalized wedding ceremonies that focus on special moments and heartfelt details. Jérôme, your French Officiant will be passionate about planning a wedding ceremony that will create lasting memories for you and your loved one.

Top Places to Elope in Paris

If you are wondering where to elope in Paris, we have you covered. Whether you are planning to exchange vows in one of the iconic Parisian landmarks or in an intimate location, such as a romantic garden, we have recommendations for all tastes.

Paris Elopement by the Trocadéro under cherry blossoms in Paris


Probably the best view over the Eiffel Tower

Elope in Paris at the Bir Hakeim bridge

bir hakeim

The "Inception" bridge, overlooking the Iron Lady

Get married on a Parisian rooftop or terrance - Shangri La Paris

parisian rooftop

Parisian rooftops and terraces look stunning

Couple from New York eloping in Paris at the Fontaine des Medicis - Luxembourg Gardens

fontaine de medicis

Luxembourg Gardens is our favorite romantic garden

Elope to Paris in the Tuileries gardens. Bride and groom holding hands

tuileries gardens

Nature and elegant architecture. True Paris

Elopement in Paris behind the Notre Dame Cathedral in Square Jean XXIII

square jean xxiii

You'll be surrounded by beautiful architecture

Intimate Paris elopement at a parisian hotel - Hotel Raphael in Paris

parisian hotel

Intimate elopement in a quaint Parisian hotel

Shangri La is one of the most beautiful places to elope in paris

shangri la palace

The "Grand Salon" in the Shangri La looks like a Château wedding

Elopement in Paris - russian bride and american groom getting married in The American Church in Paris

american church

The American Church in Paris is simply stunning

Paris elopement photographer

As you guessed, Paris is a city where you can find many talented Paris wedding photographers. But how to choose the right photographer among so many different styles ?

Paris Elopement Photographer - The Paris Photographer - Fran Boloni

We made a checklist to help you find your ideal Paris elopement photographer:


What wedding photographers call "photojournalism" is actually being present at all time and capture the important moments naturally, as they happen during the wedding day. To name a few of these important moments: getting into the wedding dress, first look with mom, dad and then your groom, first kiss, first dance, cutting the cake, throwing the bouquet.

" Love, laughter and happily ever after."

Capturing genuine moments during the wedding day

A great wedding photographer is able to know precisely where to be positioned to capture these moments and as a result, to tell the story of your wedding day with beautiful images.


Paris elopement photographer - Beautiful bridal portrait

This day is about YOU. A brilliant Paris elopement photographer should strive to make you feel and look truly beautiful and happy as a bride.


Given that you might meet your Paris wedding photographer on the day of your elopement, he should have a friendly personality, be laid back and easy to work with. This way, you and your future husband will feel extremely comfortable every step of the way, laughing, kissing, smiling and simply interacting...

... as if you were on your first date again.

their words



Fran made us feel extremely comfortable every step of the way – he helped us to laugh, kiss, pout, smile, and simply interact as if we were on our first date again.  -

Stefone & andrew
Wedding photographer in Paris - Stefone & Andrew testimonial about Paris wedding
Paris wedding photographer - Beautiful bride and groom portrait

When you hire a photographer to capture your elopement in Paris you are basically hiring a Paris photographer. He knows the city better than a photographer from abroad and he knows the quaint, hidden places.

Your Paris elopement photographer knows the best times to take flattering pictures and manages the crowds. Let's not forget, Paris is one of the busiest cities in the world.


You'd be surprised !

But we very often receive requests from couples to recreate their wedding photos, because they don't have any pictures together as a couple on their wedding day. You want to avoid that. And make sure that your photographer can capture beautiful couples-photos of you in Paris. 

knows paris perfectly. especially the hidden places

Paris photographer knows hiddel places in the city. Asian groom kissing bride's hand at Au Vieux Paris
Paris elopement photographer - Creative reflection of bride and groom at the Louvre Museum Pyramid


When you hire a Paris elopement photographer, it's for his unique artistic vision. What makes his or her style unique ?

As artists, we constantly seek a fresh angle, a raw emotion and that sparkle that makes our photos stand out.


It is probably one of the most important days of your lives and whoever is by your side should be in your wedding photos. Besides, mom and dad will want to print a photo from your Paris elopement and show it to all their friends.

Paris elopement photographer - Bridal party and groomsmen at the Notre Dame cathedral

their words

"capture magical moments"

We found Fran on Instagram and knew instantly this was the photographer we needed for our Parisian elopement. With Fran's artistic ability to capture this magical moment in our lives, we now have the most incredible photos. Many couples have told us they want to re-do their wedding photos after seeing ours - Now that is the greatest compliment ! Thank you Fran for sharing your talent with the world !!

Joann & arash
Joann & Arash Paris Elopement testimonial The Paris Photographer 3


Paris elopement photographer - Bride and groom celebrate with champagne pop in front of the Eiffel Tower by night

We are all different and every couple is unique. What we have been searching for our own wedding photographer, was someone able to capture our unique personalities.

"A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a fabulous pair of shoes."


Wedding photographer in Paris - Beautiful details of Badgley Mishka bridal shoes and wedding dress


Let's be honest. You have invested time and money to find the perfect wedding dress, wedding shoes and you want to have beautiful photographs to show to your friends who didn't make the Paris trip.

If all this makes sense to you, then let's get in touch and talk about your dream Paris elopement or wedding.

Paris Elopement Videographer

While wedding videography is not as popular as photography, there are a few things that you can't capture in photos. These are: movement and sound. And the most important: powerful emotions. On your wedding day in Paris you'll be surrounded by people who are dear to you and you want to remember their voices and mannerisms.


Typically, a Paris wedding videographer is more expensive than a wedding photographer in Paris. And the reason is that a high quality video requires much more work, especially in post-processing. 

If you are not yet convinced that video is important for your Paris wedding, check out these 5 reasons for getting a wedding videographer in Paris.

top paris wedding videographers

ping pang films


Rumors say he is the best wedding cinematographer in Paris. Tuan has a fresh and unique eye for capturing the details of your wedding day. He is professional, always smiling, discreet and fast. Tuan will show you the day of your elopement in Paris exactly how it looked and felt.



Chris is so cool ! Everybody wants to hang out with him. And when it comes to capturing the day of your Paris wedding, he is one of a kind. Chris has a keen eye for luxury, details and connection. You can explore his Paris wedding videography and get convinced on your own.



How to describe BKT FILMS best ? The quintessence of their work is perfection and excellence. They craft memories beautifully and are true Paris wedding filmmakers. Anais and Mayeul pride themselves on capturing intimate elopements and luxurious bespoke events.

Bridal Hair and Make Up in Paris

If you are wondering:

Should I hire a professional beauty artist (hairstyle and make-up) for my Paris Elopement ?

Our answer is OH LA LA OUI ! And here is why:


beauty pro

Their job is to make you look your best on your special day. Unless you are a beauty PRO, it's best to rely on a professional when it comes to your looks.


matching colors

They will know what colors match your unique aspect and features. Even if you only want to look natural, hiding skin complexities can be challenging.


lasting look

They use professional products, some that are not even available in mainstream shops. This will help keeping your look throughout the day as professional make-up and hair last.

Elope in Paris - Professional make-up and hairstyle for Paris wedding day

Whether or not you will opt for professional bridal hair and make-up in Paris, keep in mind that most of the time it's windy outside. As you'll be exploring the city for wedding photos, you want your hair looking on-point all the time. You might want to read these tips on hairstyles for windy and rainy weather.

paris bridal make-up recommendations

onorina jomir beauty

onorina jomir

Onorina takes making women feel beautiful seriously. Her passion is to show the best version of yourself. As a Paris bridal make-up artist, Onorina's style combines simple beauty with with a brush of glamour and lasting elegance. She is very easy to work with and does an amazing job.

modern beauties


Allison is friendly and knowledgeable about beauty. She does a wonderful job at making you look your absolute best. Her clients describe Modern Beauties bridal beauty style as being "beautiful, elegant, natural".

Bridal Bouquet & Flowers

Elope in Paris - Bridal bouquet for Paris wedding

The easiest way to get a bridal bouquet done is to go to the flower shop around the corner in the neighborhood of your hotel. You can also ask your hotel's concierge to order a bouquet using seasonal flowers. Our recommendation would be for Au Nom de la Rose. They also have roses that last for several years (eternal roses) that you can offer as gifts to your friends.

"Simplicity is the key to brilliance."

Pay attention though, most of the shops in France are closed on Sundays and Mondays as well as during the month of August.

Then, if you'd like a more sophisticated floral design or table setup, we passionately recommend a Floral Designer. When it comes to luxurious and simply gorgeous setups, Cristina is probably the best in the French Capital. Get in touch with WOW Factory Paris for a custom solution for your Paris elopement floral design. 

"A beautiful thing is never perfect."

Luxury wedding in Paris - floral designer - Cristina - Kiona Event Design & Wow Factory

Musicians for the wedding ceremony

Paris musicians for wedding or elopement ceremony

Paris and music go together perfectly. It's not mandatory to have music during your vows exchange in Paris. However, if you decide to have a more elaborate ceremony on your wedding day in Paris, then here are a few recommendations.

paris wedding band

private gigs

Private Gigs are a music band with artists playing several instruments (piano, violin, guitar, etc). Most importantly, they are able to perform all kind of music, from old songs to modern, French and international.

your paris violonist

adrian delmer

Adrian is a super friendly American violinist.  He was born in California and moved to Paris to follow his dreams: studying music. Your ear will be enchanted by so many different styles of music for Paris elopement ceremony: from classical to jazz, with a touch of French romance. Adrian is available as a solo violinist and can also offer a jazz or swing duo/trio/quartet for romantic wedding ceremonies.

paris string orchestra


Paris String Orchestra offers elegant string chamber music for wedding ceremonies and even during cocktail reception. Their repertoire varies from classic music, to wedding music to French music like the well known Edith Piaf.

Paris wedding musicians - Adrian Delmer violinist in Paris

Car Service on your Wedding Day

There are several ways to move around the city on the day of your Paris wedding. You can call an Uber, a Parisian taxi or you can hire an elegant car.

Elopement in Paris - Transportation around Paris on your wedding day

When you hire a car service for your wedding in Paris, you have many options.

2cv citroen

paris authentic

If this fits your personality, then we'd recommend Paris Authentic. They have charismatic drivers and while you are cruising around the city for wedding photography in Paris, you also get a tour of the city.

modern cars

muevete paris

Let's say that a Mercedes Class S is a modern limousine that you like more than a vintage car, then please get in touch with Muevete Paris. Cyril is very friendly and reactive when it comes to communication. He used to be a tour guide, hence his knowledge of Paris is quite rare. Muevete Paris offers transportation solutions in Paris, but also for airport transfers and trips outside of Paris. Such as, visits in Champagne, Mont Saint-Michel and even to South of France. His fleet is composed of limousines and vans if you need to fit more people in.

vintage cars

carosse d'or

If you'd like to move from one Parisian location to another in a beautiful vintage car and even use it as a prop for your Paris wedding photos, then we'd recommend Carosse d'Or. They offer a variety of vintage cars, from limousines to Rolls Royce Phantoms.

The Wedding Cake

Elope in Paris - French Traditional wedding cake Croquembouche

If you've got a sweet tooth, then you'll be spoiled in France. For your elopement dinner, you can have any type of cakes. From macaron cakes to traditional wedding cakes. The possibilities are endless.

And if you are wondering what kind of cake is on the left of the image above, then keep on reading.

what is a french traditional wedding cake ?

The traditional French wedding cake is called "Croquembouche" and in French it means "something that crunches in the mouth". It is widely known that the inventor of the Croquembouche is Antonin Carême, who mentions the delicious desert in his cookbook in 1815 named "Le Pâtissier royal parisien".

Le croquembouche

The croquembouche is simply composed of profiteroles stacked into a cone and glued with spun sugar. It is often covered in macarons and ganache.

top wedding cake designers in paris


Synie's is the GO TO place for eye-catching and delicious wedding cakes in Paris. They really turn your dream wedding cake into a reality.

paris luxury cakes

Paris Luxury Cakes use the finest ingredients for exquisite looks and delicious flavors. The philosophy of Paris Luxury Cakes is to create cakes that are not products "à la chaîne", they are the ultimate luxury, meaning custom made by an experienced artisan.

Dear Paris,

just wait for me.

We're going to meet.

I promise.



Paris wedding cake - Synies prepares dream wedding cakes for elopements in Paris

The Perfect Wedding Dress for Paris

How to choose the perfect wedding dress for your Paris Wedding

First, getting married abroad means that you will be traveling with your wedding dress. When we say travel, we think of packing light. Here are a few thoughts to have in mind when you go dress shopping for your Paris wedding:


flowy looks dreamy

Choose a type of fabric that weights less. Besides, flowy or floaty dresses look the best in pictures.



Think about whether a veil would be enough or do you really need a long train ?


cost of cleaning

If you are planning on taking photos around the city in your dress, it will get dirty. The bigger the dress, the higher the costs of cleaning will be.



A lighter dress will be easier to transport. By the way, do not transport your wedding dress in the checked-in luggage, unless it is already packed, because it will require much more ironing and steaming.

Should I buy my wedding dress in Paris ?

If you travel often to Paris, you can buy your dream wedding dress here. Especially because, getting your ideal bridal gown design is a process that involves several fittings. 

As you can imagine, Paris has an abundance of bridal shops. Our recommendation would be to work with a talented fashion designer who can make your dreams become reality. 

LAB28 COUTURE by Danilo Fedrighi

Danilo's career has been dedicated to emotions and style and to the art of creation. His bridal gown designs exude luxury, refinement and sophistication

You can visit the LAB28 COUTURE showroom situated in the heart of Paris and start designing the wedding gown of your dreams.

"A girl should be 2 things: Classy & Fabulous."

coco chanel

Danilo Fedrighi - Lab 28 COUTOURE Paris - Wedding dress designer in Paris
The Paris Photographer

What if I rent my wedding dress in Paris ?

It is a realistic option. You don't have to carry it over from home and back, especially if you plan to use it only for this occasion.

Here are a few recommendations for Bridal Dresses Rental Shops in Paris:

  • check
    PROMISSA. They have a large selection of wedding dresses and evening gowns.
  • check
    C'EST MA ROBE. Many options for cocktail, evening dresses, especially for bridesmaids.
  • check
    MA BONNE AMIE. This is a rental shop for couture evening gowns and brand accessories. 

Paris Hotels - Where to stay for my elopement

Have you thought about staying in a luxury hotel for a night or two and have your wedding ceremony in the same place ? 

The first place that comes to mind is the ...


Luxury 5 stars Hotel

Simply imagine waking up to a view like this...

... and getting married in a setting like this.

The Shangri La Paris pride themselves with commanding views of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine River. Their staff are very attentive, charmingly discreet and make sure that you are treated like royalty.

Elope in Paris - Best venue for Eiffel Tower view lunch
Wedding floral design at the Shangri La in Paris Luxury Palace
Luxury wedding ceremony setup by Estelle Monot events at the Shangri La Paris

the peninsula paris

The rooftop garden suite of THE PENINSULA PARIS offers a unique view over the city, including the iconic Eiffel Tower. Imagine having your Paris Elopement ceremony on this private rooftop.

Exquisitely Parisian, in the heart of the City of Light

Elope to Paris - The Peninsula Paris wedding venue beautiful staircase
Paris wedding - Where to stay in Paris for your wedding day

hotel lancaster

paris champs elysées

The reason why we love the Hotel Lancaster, a 5 stars hotel at two steps from the Champs Elysées, is their very elegant and intimate style. The rooms are bright and make for perfect getting ready pictures.

Hotel Lancaster is in the heart of Paris. The Avenue des Champs Elysées and Avenue Montaigne are some of the top shopping streets in the city of fashion and style.

le meurice 

luxury 5 star hotel in paris

Hotel Le Meurice combines contemporary chic with exceptional 18th century opulence. Some say it embodies the perfect French palace hotel.

Le Meurice is ideally situated between the Louvre and Place de la Concorde, next to the Tuileries gardens. The view from the suites on that side and especially from the rooftop is simply breathtaking.

The view over the city of Paris from Le Meurice hotel - Eiffel Tower and the Ferris Wheel

Le Meurice has exquisite reception rooms for a charming intimate wedding reception in the heart of Paris.

Paris Wedding Lunch and Dinner Ideas

Eloping in Paris - Amanda & Ryan wedding lunch in Paris in cute parisian café

Hopefully, you are getting married once, therefore a once in a lifetime meal is highly recommended. Obviously, in Paris you'll be spoiled with tasty French cuisine.

The question is:

Michelin stars or romantic & intimate ?

Whether you decide to have a morning elopement and celebrate with a lunch or get married in the afternoon finishing with a romantic dinner, here are our restaurant recommendations:


cristal room baccarat

Cristal Room is a fine dining romantic restaurant in a beautiful mansion that belonged to a descendant of "Le Marquis de Sade". The decor is charmingly exquisite and you can also visit the Baccarat museum while you are there. 


lasserre paris

Lasserre is a gourmet French restaurant, described by VOGUE as the most romantic restaurant in Paris. It is located near Avenue Montaigne and Champs Elysées and offers a very elegant and refined setting, with a pianist playing delicately out of sight. 


l'oiseau blanc rooftop

L'Oiseau Blanc offers a perfect blend of French cuisine and breathtaking view over Paris. It is located on the 6th floor of The Peninsula Paris and it is best described as extraordinary and unique. The name of the restaurant, White Bird, comes from the plane that was used in one of the first attempts to fly across the Atlantic, from Paris to New York.


le calife

If you'd like a meal cooked to perfection and cruise around the River Seine, passing along famous Parisian monuments, then Le ,Calife is probably what you are looking for. A nice relaxing and smooth boat ride, you as a newly wed couple enjoying a romantic diner. What else is there ?

Wow, you've made it until the end. It means that you are serious about your Paris wedding.

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