Small Wedding Venues in Paris France

Small wedding venues in Paris France for intimate weddings

When to Consider Small Wedding Venues in Paris, France

Small wedding venues in Paris, France are the ideal locations for an intimate wedding in Paris. When one thinks of a wedding, you usually imagine a grand event: a regal ballroom filled with elegantly dressed guests, a cake as tall as the ceiling and a buffet table as far as your eyes can see (I know, I went a little too far). However, times have changed for French weddings.

Couples are now preferring to opt for small, intimate weddings. In fact, smaller weddings are all the fad these days. Especially when it comes to considering a destination wedding in France.

Is Paris the Ideal Destination for Intimate Weddings?

The city of love (in case you don’t know, we’re talking about Paris, duh!) is becoming increasingly popular for hosting intimate wedding ceremonies. In fact, the whole of France emanates a romantic aura that lures many couples to it. The past years have seen an increased number of couples putting together a dreamy Paris wedding.

Planning a wedding, destination or at home, small or big, is very stressful. Keeping this in mind, we have rounded up our expertise on all you need to know about small wedding venues in Paris, France.

Elopements consist of the couple only
Small weddings consist of the family and close friends

What is considered a Small Wedding?

Talking about small weddings raises a question: how small is a small wedding?

While this is rather subjective, wedding experts have somewhat figured out what constitutes the size of a wedding. In general, weddings can be categorized as small, medium and big weddings. A small wedding typically consists of 50 people or less, a medium wedding can include between 50-150 guests, and a big wedding has a guest list of over 150 (with the sky being the upper limit).

There is also a special way of getting married, called an elopement. It consists of only the couple who usually travels to a foreign country or state to get married, without any guests. Paris elopements are among the most romantic events that we as wedding photographers are lucky to witness.

How to Decide Which Wedding Size Fits You?

Choosing the type of wedding you want is dependent on several factors, such as the determined budget, the venue in question, and the guest list.

Weddings, small or big (or medium), have a charm of their own. As with most things in life, you can’t follow a “one size fits all” approach with weddings. Try to gather as many wedding tips as possible online. While many prefer going all out, a dream wedding for some means a quiet, intimate affair.  As long as the bride and groom choose what their heart wants, that’s all that matters.

Hotel le Marois – Wedding venue for small and big wedding receptions

The Most Exquisite Small Wedding Venues in Paris France

Since Paris is known for its intricate architecture, scenic views and romantic vibe, it’s no surprise that you will find a multitude of Paris wedding venues small where you can have a lovely yet closely-knitted wedding affair. Here’s our pick of the top small wedding venues in Paris, France:

1. Bateaux à Roue – Private Yacht

A breathtaking sunset over your head, the view of the serene Seine River as you exchange your vows with the love of your life – this is what you can expect if you choose Bateaux à Roue as your wedding venue. Many young lovers opt for a yacht setting, simply because of the uniquely romantic view it offers. After all, getting married on a yacht is indeed an experience of a lifetime!

Private Parisian boat that can be rented for events such as wedding ceremony or wedding reception on the Seine River
The Paris Photographer team during a private event on a Parisian boat in 2019. Scenic view over Paris and the Eiffel Tower

2. Shangri La Paris

This one is perfect for the couple whose dream is to get married with a view of the Eiffel Tower.  The Shangri La’s picturesque architecture and scenic greenery is the perfect balance between wanting a small wedding and not missing out on the glory of a grand wedding. In fact, I can guarantee that you will feel no less than royalty as you walk down the magnificent staircase.

Shangri La Paris - Exquisite wedding venue in Paris near the Eiffel Tower
Shangri La Paris – Luxury wedding venue. Photo by The Paris Photographer

3. Hôtel de Crillon

Rumour has it that Hôtel de Crillon has hosted world-famous celebrities Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe, so you can already imagine just how fantastic it must be. Recently renovated in 2017, this hotel is bedazzled with sunny terraces, an exquisite cuisine and a gorgeous pool. Rest assured, your photos are going to be enchanting!

Luxury wedding decoration at Hotel de Crillon Paris
Hotel Crillon is situated in the center of Paris

4. Chateau Bouthonvilliers

If you’re looking for a more secluded venue, this one is for you. Located just outside of Paris (at 1 hour drive), this charming Chateau is enveloped by exotic gardens that are a vision we promise you will never forget. Chateau Bouthonvilliers also has a beautiful terrace, spacious enough to hold an intimate reception. Imagine dancing in the arms of your beloved under the warmth of a million stars – oh, hand me the tissues!

Wedding ceremony setup at Chateau Bouthonvilliers near Paris
Wedding ceremony setup at Chateau Bouthonvilliers. Photo by Wike Zijlstra

5. The Ritz, Paris

We understand that naming one of the grandest hotels in Paris might confuse you, but bear with us. Enveloped with luscious gardens and luxurious salons, The Ritz can offer breathtaking backdrops and cozy spaces to have a regal yet small wedding.

The Ritz Paris wedding venue
Wedding reception decoration – Captured by Oliver Fly – Image Source Style Me Pretty

6. Chateau de Chissay

This venue looks like it’s come straight out of a vintage French painting. Enveloped in luscious gardens, the Chateau de Chissay guarantees fairy-lit courtyards, classic rooms and a wonderful opportunity to have a beautiful reception. Moreover, it can also offer a relaxing retreat for the couple and their loved ones.

Chateau de Chissay - Ideal location for small weddings in Loire Valley not far from Paris - drone
Chateau de Chissay situated at 3 hours drive from Paris is ideal for small Chateau weddings

7. Hôtel le Marois

Located in the heart of Paris, this gorgeous hotel offers the perfect balance between a contemporary and vintage ambience. Adorned with magnificent staircases, regal lounges and a glorious terrace that faces Palais de la Découverte, Hôtel le Marois would be perfect for the couple looking to have an elegant, luxurious wedding reception in the city of love.

Hotel Marois Paris - Luxury wedding venue
We like to capture a few portraits when the newly weds first see their wedding reception room decorated for the first time

8. Chateau De Lisse, Gascony

This 14th century castle is capable of hosting a luxurious intimate wedding. Nestled in South West France, the historical Chateau de Lisse offers lush gardens and vineyards, perfect for a memorable outdoor wedding ceremony. If this venue is your chosen one, your wedding will be nothing short of a fairytale. In fact, I personally think that if Romeo and Juliet ever ended up getting married, this chateau would be perfect for them.

Chateau de Lisse wedding ceremony
Wedding ceremony at Chateau de Lisse. Photo by Wit Photography

9. Le Chalet des Iles

Chalet des Iles is quaint, charming and made for the people who love Mother Nature. On the border of a beautiful lake, it serves you with organic, serene views while offering the comfort of luxurious amenities. One step inside will ship you away to a world where only love exists, perfect to start a beautiful journey with your S.O.

Chalet des Iles - A quaint restaurant in the middle of a lake inside Paris
Le Chalet des Iles a charming restaurant in the middle of a Parisian lake. Image source Le Parisien

10. Chateau de Villette

Adorned by two serene lakes and a monumental fountain, Chateau de Villette is magnificent for an intimate, luxurious wedding. Known as one of the most important historical Chateau in France, it is a testament to the remarkable architecture that France is famous for. One look at this glorious venue is enough to take your breath away!

Chateau de Villette Small wedding chateau near Paris
French chateau ideal for intimate weddings near Paris. Photo by French wedding photographers.

Bonus Small Wedding Venues near Paris

With a country as beautiful as France, there’s no way we could keep our list to just ten venues. Here are a few bonus venues that we are equally ecstatic about!

1. Maison Blanche

Nestled on the famous Champs Elysées, this venue promises spectacular views and is the perfect testament to the City of Love. Embellished with sleek, chic decor, La Maison Blanche is perfect for young lovers looking for a romantic, intimate setting.

2. Le Pavillon des Etangs

From it’s beautiful outdoor gardens, charming interior lounges, and the wide range of delectable gastronomy, Le Pavillon des Etangs will have you spoiled for choice! Whether you opt for a simple yet elegant outdoor reception, or a luxe indoor affair, this venue will make you fall in love with it instantly! 

Newly married couple walk into their wedding venue in Paris Le Pavillon des etangs
Le Pavillon des Etangs is situated in a Parisian garden and offers a relaxed ambiance for your Paris wedding
Romantic wedding decoration by MC2 Mon Amour.

3. Villa Ephrussi De Rothschild

While this villa is not located in Paris, you’re bound to fall in love the moment you set eyes on it. Located on the serene French Riviera, the villa Ephrussi de Rotschild is elegantly adorned in pink hues and is an embodiment of French romance. A huge bonus will be how fantastic the wedding pictures will turn out!

Villa Ephrussi De Rothschild luxury wedding venue
Villa Ephrussi De Rothschild – Luxury Riviera wedding venue. Photo by Peter and Veronika

How Much Does a Small or Intimate Wedding Cost?

Including the rent of the small wedding venues in Paris, France, and catering, a small wedding can cost anywhere between €10,000 – €25,000 euros according to Carmelatte.

Then again, this is an average estimate. Costs can vary depending on different types of expenditure, location, and vendors. Some luxurious chateaux can be priced at €20,000.

France is relatively a cheaper location to get married in though – today, it’s cheaper to arrange a wedding in France than in Italy, UK or in the US!

Bride looking at her wedding dress before getting ready for ceremony in Chateau de Villette
The price of the venue will drive the main cost in your wedding budget – Chateau de Villette. Photo by Wedding Photographer in France

How to Plan a Dreamy Small Wedding in Paris

A wedding, regardless of the size, should be planned thoroughly for it to be a smooth affair (we don’t want anybody stressed out!). Here’s a to-do list that will help you plan the perfect intimate wedding:

Decide on Your Wedding Budget

Since opting for an intimate wedding usually makes room for more money, use this as an opportunity to spend on sentimental things, such as personalized gifts for your guests. You could also spend it on things you were holding back on, such as your honeymoon trip!

Bridesmaids opening gifts from Paris bride on wedding day at The Peninsula Paris
Intimate weddings allow you to treat your guests with gifts and an unforgettable Paris trip

Decide on the Guest List

This is the tricky part, since you have to be cautious of who you’re inviting and skipping. The good news is that virtual weddings are a blessing! Make a Zoom invite for all the loved ones you couldn’t accommodate.

Select Your Small Wedding Venue in Paris France

If you’re inviting guests, choose a venue that can offer a place to stay as well as an area to have your reception. Not only is that convenient, but your guests will accept this vacation with open arms, making you their favorite couple.

By the way, we are a team of friendly French wedding photographers. We’d love to be part of your special wedding. You can book any of us directly from the previous link. Otherwise, tell us all about your dream small wedding in Paris.

Select Your Vendors

Even if your dream wedding is an intimate celebration, you might still need wedding vendors to make the wedding day special. Choose carefully the wedding caterers, make-up artist, wedding photographer, florist, celebrant and musicians.

Wedding photographer Fran Boloni taking bridal portraits at a chateau wedding near Paris
Your intimate wedding will be a success if you choose talented French wedding vendors

If you and your beloved have decided on having a small wedding in Paris, or even France, sit back and enjoy – you just made a decision that might be the best one in your life! As Audrey Hepburn says, “Paris is always a good idea.” Who are we to disagree with the great Audrey Hepburn, right?

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