A Condensed Guide of Traveling to Paris Now

Updated on March 2nd, 2021.

We have created this guide for our photo shoot and wedding clients who are thinking about traveling to Paris now. If you have specific questions, please write us in the comments section and we’ll make sure to guide you about your Paris trip.


From January 31, 2021, the borders of France with non-EU countries are closed. This applies to anyone traveling to Paris now from outside of European Union or the Schengen area (UK included).

There are exceptions to this travel ban for family, health and work-related reasons.

In addition, tourists arriving from outside the European Union, are required to show a negative PCR covid test to enter France. After the entry, they will have to respect a 7-day quarantine.

The health emergency due to covid is extended until June 1st 2021.


Since January 16, 2021 there is a stay-at-home curfew in place, on the entire surface of France, from 6PM to 6AM. If you are traveling to Paris now and wish to move around during the curfew, you’ll need to fill out and carry with you an exemption certificate.

While Paris is not concerned by this rule, since February 26, the cities of Nice and Dunkirk have a weekend lockdown. These measures are in addition to the existing nation-wide curfew.

Plus, face masks are compulsory in all public areas and indoors spaces. The fine is 135 euros (around 160 usd).

The face mask rule applies also to kids over the age of 6.

Traveling to Paris now - What's open in the city
Fashionable couple taking selfie and kissing by the Seine River at the Eiffel Tower. Photo by Pierre – Paris photographer


Wondering if it is worth traveling to Paris now? Here is a list of open places in the city of lights.

Gardens and parks are open. You can walk around the Tuileries for example with a hot chocolate from Angelina.

Some hotels are open. We are working on an up-to-date list of open hotels and the cancellation policies during 2021.

Supermarkets, bakeries and grocery stores are open until 6PM due to the curfew.

Pharmacies are also open and doctors are receiving patients.

Places of worship are open as well. However with a maximum capacity of 30 people.


Restaurants, cafés and bars are closed for public since October 31st 2020. The restaurants do click & collect and delivery. The most popular delivery apps in Paris are Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat.

Here is a list of popular restaurants in Paris that offer click & collect for each Parisian arrondissement.

Museums, art galleries and other monuments (such as the Eiffel Tower, etc) are closed.

Cinemas, gyms and shopping centers (Galleries Lafayette, Printemps, Le Bon Marché, BHV, etc) are closed.


There are no specific restrictions on moving around Paris, either by car or by public transportation. However, to check bus, metro and train schedules, use the RATP mobile app.

Travel between regions of France is allowed outside the hours of the curfew.

Taking photos in Paris in 2021 during covid pandemic
Mother and daughter posing for pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower. Picture by Pierre, family photographer in Paris


The restrictions do not impact Paris photo shoots. We would be delighted to take your pictures in Paris. Whether you are traveling in Paris now as a solo traveler, as a couple or as a family, souvenirs in these exceptional times are quite unique.

Bride and groom posing for wedding photos during covid pandemic
Newly married couple posing for wedding pictures on the balcony of Plaza Athénée during summer of 2020. Picture by Paris wedding photographer – Pierre


If you are wondering: can I plan a wedding in France in 2021? The answer might be yes and we have a few recommendations.

Large gatherings and events are prohibited in France due to the current restrictions. Therefore couples who planned a wedding for the first half of 2021 had to postpone for a later date.

Is it possible to get married in France during the covid pandemic? Yes!

Civil ceremonies are possible if the 6 persons limit is respected.

What about large events, big weddings?

Large events, weddings and concerts have been banned since October 2020.

The latest forecasts for large events, such as weddings, are talking about dates after June 2021. Our suggestion is to stay updated with the travel restrictions and plan ahead 3-6 months in advance.

It’s important to be flexible about rescheduling. Hire a wedding planner. As soon as the restrictions for large events are lifted, it will be possible to have a wedding during covid. Check out this helpful resource for more recommendations and tips about planning a wedding in France in 2021.

Do you gave questions about traveling to Paris now? Ask below in the comments section.

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