How to Create a Photo Calendar for a Gift

Have you ever wondered how to use your Paris pictures as a gift for your parents? In this article, we’ll dive into how to create a photo calendar for a gift.

The creation of a photo calendar doesn’t have to be time consuming. If you are in the market for some good gift ideas for your parents, I think a nice photo calendar falls into this category. Below, I’ll show you how you can easily create a calendar, with your pictures in 4 simple steps.

5 Reasons Why a Photo Calendar is a Great Gift for Parents & Grandparents

Personalized photo calendar

According to WikiHow, parents and grandparents appreciate receiving cards, notes and letters. Imagine that you can create a gift that will remind them of you every day. That’s the hidden role of calendars. Plus, there are more reasons for which a photo calendar is a great gift idea:

  • You will be on your parents mind every single day. It helps them feel less alone, especially in hard times such as a pandemic.
  • Personalized calendars make every day special, they brighten up the day for your dear ones.
  • Personalized photo calendars change the face of a home.
  • You can handpick your favorite pictures of the photo calendar for a gift, so the gift is highly personalized.
  • It helps staying organized. For example your grandparents can mark special days in the calendar, such as when you visit them.

So, the next step is to start creating a Photo Calendar for a gift. If you have taken pictures in Paris with The Paris Photographer, then you’ll have access to your Online Gallery and Shop. That’s where you can create and order a personalized photo calendar by using your photos taken in Paris.

Personalized photo calendar layout 2

If you are not a customer of The Paris Photographer, wen can still help you with beautiful products, such as calendars. Simply write us in the chat window below and we’ll guide you.

Another alternative is to head over to Minted Photo Calendars, they have some elegant calendar options.

How to Create a Photo Calendar for a Gift in 4 Simple Steps

Head to your gallery and in the main menu click on Shop.

Paris photo shoot gallery shop

Step 2 – Open the product “calendars”

Select the product calendars from the product list of the gallery shop.

Select calendar from product list

This will open the calendars section, where you will be able to choose the calendar type and size.

Step 3 – Select the calendar type, size and layout

When you are creating the photo calendar for gift, you have the option to choose the calendar type based on if the calendar will be hanged on a wall or will be set on a table, desk or furniture.

The calendars come in 3 sizes, depending on the calendar type. The sizes are: 6×9″, 8×12″ and 11×17″.

Calendars type and size

You also have the option to choose the month when the calendar will start. it doesn’t have to be January 2021 for example.

An additional option is the layout of the calendar and it’s something personal. So feel free to play around with the 3 available designs to create the perfect calendar for a gift.

how to choose the calendar design for a gift

The last thing that you need to decide on is the language of the calendar. The available languages today, January 2021 are: English, Dansk, Deutsch, Espanol, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Polski and Portugues.

Step 4 – Select the pictures for the calendar

Here’s the beauty about personalized photo calendars for a gift. After selecting the calendar language, scroll down and you’ll see the layout of the entire calendar.

Simply click on the month you’d like to personalize and you will be able to select images from your gallery.

Select images for the gift calendar

Voilà! Hit Add to Cart and you are done.

If you have any question or need assistance, you can write the Pic-Time support directly in the chat window.

I want to create my personalized calendar for a gift!

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