How Professional Photos can Elevate Your Brand

Have you ever wondered how professional photos can help your brand stand out from the crowd ?


Business headshots on location in Paris

A positive first impression can mean the difference between a loyal new customer and someone who goes back to google to continue their search. No matter how great your service or product, people tend to make split-second gut decisions whether or not they will give you their valuable time. In order to create that impactful first impression, you have to very quickly stand out with branding.

But even though branding photography can sometimes be overlooked, it must be acknowledged that this is your chance to say, “I care about my business and I care about you”, without even saying a word. 


A strong image of your brand can impart a lot of value to your business and overall has multiple functions. 

•It increases trust and the level of customer retention

•It creates a sense of relatability 

•It becomes easier to introduce new products within a brand name 

•It engages the audience on an emotional level


You might encounter a lot of different definitions and types of photography. From professional headshots, business photos, to corporate headshots or lifestyle pictures. What’s the difference between all these types of photos ?

Professional headshots or portraits in Paris
Business headshots in Paris

1. Professional Headshots. Headshots are defined as modern portraits in which the focus is on the subject. Professional portraits are typically executed in a studio. The outfit of the person does not have to necessarily be formal.

2. Corporate Headshots. Part of corporate photography, these are portraits designed to project a professional image of your company, regardless if you are an executive or an employee. Formal attire is usually mandatory for corporate headshots.

3. Business Headshots. These type of portraits can be shot either in a studio or on location and they are meant to portray you in your field of work. For example, if you are a chef, it’s recommended to take business headshots dressed in a chef uniform.

Professional photos in Paris - Business and corporate headshots
Whether you are a fitness coach, a realtor or a doctor. Using professional photos that tell a story, can elevate your brand.

Branding photography can also tell the story of your brand, which is becoming more and more important among people looking to support companies that are passionate about what they do. Professional images engage your audience and give them a sense of what you stand for and what to expect from your products or services.

Having on-brand images creates recognition and ties together all elements of your business ( logo, font, colors, etc.) with the positive associations you want your customers to have. From Apple and it’s imagery of sleek and user-friendly hardware to Toms Shoes and their mission to give back to the world, their branding statements are strong and consistent.


Branding photos are for more than just your website’s “about” page. They can be used everywhere. 

email signatures 

• as social media content (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

web and print articles 

• e-books or courses 

email campaigns

• guest posts or bylines

• lead magnets

• sales pages

• newsletter 

• press release 

• any place where images can be embedded.


It may be easier to ask “Who doesn’t need branding photos?”. Whether you’re a Paris realtor, coach, author, running an online business, interior designer, spa owner, social media influencer, leader, or creative business owner – you have a personal brand. The bottom line is that brand image matters.

When consumers purchase products or services, it’s far more than a simple transaction; it’s engagement with what a brand stands for. That’s why it’s important the brand image conveys the experience the potential customer will have. Make it memorable. Make it count. 

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1 thought on “How Professional Photos can Elevate Your Brand

Victoria Addington
Wednesday, March 9th, 2022

Thank you for explaining that formal dress is typically required for corporate headshots. I am thinking of the best outfit to wear for my corporate headshots. I know now what to wear, I will just look for a photographer near my place.

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