How To Harness The Power Of Corporate Photography

Wondering if you need corporate photography? An image speaks a thousand words. It evokes certain emotions in a viewer, influencing their point of view, decisions, and actions without the need for words. 

The importance of corporate photography

Visual images are highly powerful in humans because our brains are highly adept at processing them. According to a study, humans process images 60,000 times faster than text. Additionally, people can retain 80% of what they see but remember only 20% of what they do. As such, businesses often use images to promote their products, introduce company values, and convey specific messages to their audience. 

In corporate photography, organizations open their doors to the outside world, showing them the people behind the brand and how they operate. So, how can companies use high-quality corporate images to their advantage? Let’s find out.

The importance of corporate photography

Corporate photography covers taking images of your business members, teams, workplaces, and activities for internal and external use. Besides documentation, corporate photography is often used in creating reports, marketing campaigns, web design, and many other business needs. 

For example, without a physical product, a service firm relies on corporate images to build trust and authority with its audience. They can post before, during, and after pictures to showcase their work, capture client experience, or feature professionals in their team to elicit trust.    

These days, consumers put a premium on a brand’s transparency, with 90% saying it impacts their purchasing decisions. Publishing brilliant corporate images make your brand more transparent and your employees more relatable, creating a lasting positive impression on your audience.

Food photography that makes you feel hungry

1. Maintain a marketing mindset with corporate photography

Taking corporate images with a marketing mindset lets you take high-quality photos that serve your brand with a purpose. Business pictures can boost commercial photography, which serves purely a marketing purpose. If corporate photography focuses on people, places, and events that matter in your organization, commercial photography is meant to make your products and services stand out from the competition. 

Take a look at these breathtaking photos of scenic Paris restaurants. If you feel like packing your bags and visiting the City of Light, that’s commercial photography in action. But aside from the Eiffel tower, the photos showcase the restaurant’s beautiful layout and neatly arranged tables, which speaks volumes about how these establishments take care of their customers.

2. Let your workplace photo reflect your brand values 

When used strategically, pictures of your workplace areas can help attract potential talents and create a positive impression. Showing office amenities, state-of-the-art facilities, and a recreation room expresses your company’s commitment to creating a highly conducive work environment

If your audience sees how your business takes care of its employees, they’ll likely feel valued as customers.

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3. Turn team-building activities into positive image-building

The same holds for team-building activities, which can be posted on your business social media account or website. In addition to showing transparency, these images show that your company values your staff by prioritizing work-life balance.

Similarly, top-grade company event photos can boost your company’s network, credibility, and authority. Using the principles of association, a person will see you as trustworthy if your key guests include a trusted personality in the industry. Corporate photography makes it easier to market your brand, establish relationships with your audience and other entities, or push for your advocacies.

4. Make your staff headshots and team photos stand out yet relatable

Corporate headshots and portraits may look simple, but it takes professional skills and specific considerations to make them resonate with your audience. For instance, when taking headshots for a law firm, the image must simultaneously evoke trustworthiness, professionalism, authority, and compassion. Achieving this requires a collaboration between the photographer and the subject. 

Your team photos must likewise be relatable to your audience. The definition of a ‘great team image’ could vary from company to company. But one thing is certain; a non-traditional photo places you ahead of the competition. Instead of boring poses staged in predictable environments, use your creativity to capture team images to stand out.

Lifestyle portraits for personal branding

5. Hire a professional photographer for your corporate photography

Bearing these in mind, companies should consider hiring professional photographers to promote their brands and express their values most effectively. An experienced lens person has the technical skills and instinct to take photos that tell a story and establish a connection with your audience. They can adapt to your goals and strategies that promote audience engagement and revenue growth.


The images your audience sees will impact their perception and impression of your brand. Product photos aside, personal headshots, team images, and event shoots help explain what your business is all about. Taking awesome pictures of brilliant people on the front lines and behind the scenes means they’re valued—a message that undoubtedly strikes a chord with your audience.  

High-quality corporate photos boost your market’s confidence in your offerings across all marketing channels. With the right strategies and professional help, your company can create a positive and lasting impression that fosters corporate branding success. 

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