10 Romantic Things to do in Paris

Romantic things to do in Paris - Visit the Louvre Museum at night

Why romantic things to do in Paris? No other city in the world exudes romance like Paris. On every corner and around every bend, there are elegant candle-lit restaurants, enchanting secret gardens, sophisticated parks, and couples linked arm-in-arm strolling around the cobbled streets of the City of Love.

Paris does not shy away from romance. In this article, we explore landmarks in Paris that make this entire city a haven for enamored couples. We explore the most romantic places in Paris for couples in 2020.

These places are the perfect setting for love stories that only Paris can tell. Here are our favorite iconic and secret romantic places in Paris that give the city its status as the romance capital of the world.


Passages offer tourists a unique glimpse into the city’s history and a delightful experience for love birds who want to make the most out of their trip to the City of Love. These landmarks hide amazing architectural gems and they are filled with old-world charm like cobbled streets, cozy bistros and have a heart-fulfilling intimate atmosphere.

Passage des Panoramas was the first covered passage in Europe, has a gorgeous dim light and makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a Paris from another time. Also, if you are both art lovers, walk hand in hand in Passage Jouffroy. It has a warm light and a glass roof where you can find vintage jewelry and all sorts of antiques.

You should not miss the Marais district, as it has a particular vibe where you can also find a narrow passage called Grand Cerf. It’s the best place to wander and stroll with your loved one. Get lost in cozy cafes, or boutiques full of trinkets and admire the iron decorations, architecture, and glass ceiling, and enjoy a romantic day in Paris.

man and woman hugging and drinking coffee in a romantic restaurant in Paris


What is an escapade in Paris without a charming room with a breathtaking view of bustling city life? If you want an establishment that is located in the heart of Paris, Hotel The Peninsula Paris has amazing reviews from guests all over the world.

It’s close to Champs-Elysees, and Eiffel Tower, and has one of the most renowned restaurants in the city, L’Oiseau Blanc that serves French, Chinese, and International cuisine. Also, it is listed as one of the most beautiful restaurants with a view from the city of love!

restaurant rooftop Hotel Peninsula Paris at night with a view over the Eiffel Tower

The Plaza Athénée Hotel, located on Avenue Montaigne in the 8th arrondissement, is widely regarded as one of the finest destinations in the area for a romantic getaway in Paris. This luxurious hotel offers a truly enchanting experience, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a memorable stay.

The hotel has luxurious rooms, with jaw-dropping designs and ravishing decorations, and a gorgeous place to spend a romantic night in Paris. It is a symbol of refinement since 1913, and the restaurant is led by Alain Ducasse, serves French cuisine.

Also, you can indulge in La Cour de Jardin, an elegant and sophisticated garden where you can serve some light dishes and enjoy lunch or dinner and a glass of champagne.

view from the balcony of a room at hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris
interior garden of the hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris with greenery on walls and red umbrellas


Experiencing a different side of Paris is also a must while visiting the City of Love. Located in the 16th arrondissement has not only a breathtaking view but also great historical and architectural significance. Because it is situated on the high bank of the Seine, you can enjoy a spectacular view and admire the Eiffel Tower.

Esplanade du Trocadero is a place where visitors gather and where you can see artists performing most of the days. You can take a seat on the stairs and listen to live free performances from French artists, have a picnic, and enjoy the view. It is very common for people to get up and dance, and you can do the same with your partner if you enjoy the music.

Couple photos in Paris by Lena 3
Couple photos in Paris by Lena 16


Even if the gallery is located in the heart of the city, it has a delightful, quiet, and enchanting vibe, with mosaic floors and a marvelous glass roof. Wander from store to store, admire the intricate architecture of each boutique and the iron decorations that exude an out-of-this-world charm and allure.

Share a tasty pastry, discover enticing smells coming from boulangeries, grab a latte in a cozy coffee shop, and soak in the atmosphere with a croissant on your plate. If you love a quiet cozy place, Galerie Vivienne should be on your to-do list as it’s less busy than other passages and counts as one of the best romantic activities in Paris.

blonde woman and a man with long hair hugging in Gallerie Vivienne
man and woman walking hand in hand in Galerie Vivienne


Pont des Arts is one of the main free attractions in Paris, where people used to attach locks with their names and the year of their visit. However, in 2015 all the locks were removed because the structure of the bridge was affected.

Parisian authorities do not encourage placing love locks on the bridge anymore, but you can still go discover its amazing architecture and admire the view over the Seine. It is still considered one of the most romantic places in Paris, and people often take here photo sessions or snap a shot while kissing.

Carrie and Mr. Big’s iconic kiss on a bridge in Paris was a breathtaking moment of romance and it happened exactly on this popular place. If you are a fan of Sex and The City series, then this is the perfect spot to recreate that unforgettable scene.

Ponte des Artes with two big buildings in the back and a love lock


Cafe de Flore building in Paris

This neighborhood is like stepping into a museum, filled with history, picturesque settings, and has some of the best jazz clubs in Paris.

You must take a seat at Cafe de Flore, and enjoy a glass of wine while soaking up that bohemian atmosphere in one of the most romantic places in Paris. While you’re there, you might want to treat yourself to a delicious dinner.

view of the sidewalk terrace of the restaurant Les Deux Magots in Paris

Les Deux Magots is a popular restaurant where the literary and intellectual elites of the city used to meet almost daily. Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, and Picasso are just some of the names that were frequently spotted sitting and discussing at this fancy cafe.

Moreover, this restaurant appears in numerous movies, songs, or literature. It’s famous for its two legendary statues (magots) that are carved inside, on one of the pillars.


This is definitely one of the most romantic Paris ideas and an unforgettable experience for you, as a couple. The view is amazing and the ascension to the top must be one of your top items on your checklist.

To make sure you have the experience of your dreams, you must do some planning in advance, as the Eiffel Tower can be very crowded during peak season. First, you will need to check the weather, as the ascension is not permitted to the top if there are winds.


You’ll want to catch the golden hour so make sure you arrive at least 30-40 minutes before the sunset occurs. Also, another thing you need to take into consideration when planning a memorable romantic date to watch the sunset is to check when the sun sets. Depending on the season you’re visiting Paris, this may vary throughout the year.

Check weather apps on your phone or laptop that provide accurate sunset data. By checking it in advance, you can plan your romantic date accordingly, ensuring that you arrive at the chosen spot with enough time to enjoy the beautiful colors.

Additionally, book one of our photographers for an amazing couple photo session and enjoy a wonderful experience, creating memories that you can cherish and proudly share with your grandchildren.

Moreover, there are so many other locations around the tower that you should check. Find here the best Eiffel Tower photo spots!


This is probably one of the most romantic things you can do in Paris! A small boat will cruise gently on the Seine, allowing you to discover Notre Dame and other fascinating points of interest from a boat while sipping champagne. Already picturing yourself there, with your glass in a hand and sunglasses on your head, holding hands with your lover, right?

If you want privacy, then you can book a private boat that lets you enjoy each other’s company and admire Crimee’s elevated bridge, Hotel du Nord, and other pedestrian coquette bridges. Also, you will float through a long tunnel that has dim light and have a wonderful, unique experience in the heart of Paris.

Even if you probably rely on your partner holding you in their arms if it gets chilly, we still recommend you grab a coat or jacket that you can put on during your water cruise.

You’ll be able to spend a romantic date in Paris, and unwind as you float down the Seine and Canal Saint Martin.

View from one bank of Canal Saint Martin in Paris with building mirroring in water


If you want to kill two birds with one stone, book a room at the Panorama Hotel. As previously mentioned, it has tasteful and refined decorated rooms and you can also grab dinner on its fabulous rooftop with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

Another romantic rooftop that you should check out is Terrass Rooftop Bar in the Montmartre neighborhood. It is a cozy place, with a magical panoramic view. Lush and intimate, this rooftop has stunning greenery, signature cocktails, and delicious pastry. However, it’s not open for reservation, as you will have to wait in line to get a seat.

Newly engaged couple posing for their engagement pictures in Paris, on a private rooftop terrace - LOVE letters
The Proposers - Paris rooftop surprise proposal at Shangri La Paris


One of the most romantic things to do in Paris at night is hopping on a carriage, also known as „caleche”. Tuck into your blanket and explore the city by night, admiring the enchanting lights and beautifully illuminated landmarks like the Louvre Museum, the majestic Notre Dame Cathedral (currently undergoing restoration until the end of 2024), the Champs Elysee, or the Eiffel Tower.

This romantic and intimate atmosphere will present the City of Love in a different light, as the streets are less crowded, quieter, and glowy. You can discover the city in a more serene setting, snuggling and chatting with your loved one.

man with white horse and white carriage in front of Eiffel Tower in Paris


Romantic couple dancing in the streets of Montmartre

Backstreets of the montmartre neighbourhood in Paris

Montmartre is a charming neighborhood that happens to be one of the most photographed and visited neighborhoods frequented by tourists. Stroll along this district to discover quaint cafes, charming bistros, and picturesque squares that are straight out of a vintage Parisian film.

This romantic distinct features the Sacré-Coeur, the impressive Church of the Sacred Heart. This Roman-style domed church is found at the top of the hill, the sweeping views of the city makes the climb to the top well worth the effort. Sneak a kiss at the  “I Love You” mural located in the Square des Abbesses in Montmartre. This wall has written “I Love You” phrase wrote in more than 300 languages.

Other highlights in this area include the famed La Maison Rose Restaurant, a tourist favorite thanks to its pink exterior. After La Maison, continue strolling along Rue de l’Abreuvoir after snapping your shots of La Maison Rose for more photo ops in one of the most romantic districts in Paris.

Visit the Musée de Montmartre to learn Paris’s bohemian past. We also recommend visiting the museum’s private garden for a brief escape to nature from the crowds.


No visit to Paris is complete without visiting the Temple de l’Amour. Found in one of Paris’ largest parks, the Temple of Love is tucked away in the Bois de Vincennes, an incredible park that is less frequented by tourists. Take a romantic boat ride to the island is to see the temple. It is said that if you kiss your partner here it deepens your love. Afterwards, have a picnic at the Piece d’Eau des Suisses, a garden than is just a few minutes walk from the temple. 

If you want to people watch, explore the Parc des Buttes Chaumont which is more popular among tourists. The Temple de la Sibylle, the park’s most famous monument overlooks the lake and provides great views. There are numerous parks throughout Paris that are great escape and temporary getaways away from the city.


Near the Latin Quarter, you’ll find the Luxembourg Gardens and Palace. It is easily one of the most beautiful parks in the world. These French style gardens are dotted with over 100 ornate statutes.

Highlights of this park include tree-lined promenades, extraordinary public amenities, including grotto style fountains, ponds, lush flower beds, a puppet show, and many open-air cafés. Find a spot on the green grass and set up a romantic picnic for you and your partner, complete with wine and cheese.


Romantic things to do in Paris - a Paris photo shoot

Paris is packed full of breathtaking photo opportunities and you’ll find plenty just strolling along the winding boulevards in the city. Consider hiring a professional photographer that will capture your visit to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are a few of our favorite streets in Paris that ooze character. Rue des Martyrs is a hip area with a myriad of gourmet restaurants, boutiques, cafés, and specialty cheese shops. 

Passage de l’Ancre is a small street that is packed with nostalgia and charm. It’s full of history and is like stepping into the countryside. Here’s you’ll find lots of shops to browse, LIke Pep’s a quaint Umbrella Repair Shop. This small street is packed full of greenery, colorful flowers, and vines abound. 

Another street worth mentioning is the colorful Rue de Cremieux. Sneak a kiss in the winding little alleyways in one the world’s most photogenic cities.

You won’t regret having your own private Paris photoshoot, specially designed with you and your partner in mind to capture your romance in the City of Lights.

A local photographer will capture your time in the city and make your trip unforgettable and will know all the iconic photo spots and hidden gems that the city has to offer. 


The Pont Alexandre III is hands down one of the most extravagant and architecturally stunning bridges in the city. This ornate bridge is a favorite among tourists and often serves a photography background due to its perspectives of the Eiffel Tower. It’s lavishly decorated with gold, bronze and copper statues of angels, winged horses, and baroque candelabras and lamps. This bridge is the perfect place to stroll the Seine River, arm in arm with your loved one.


For something more scandalous and risqué, visit the Maison Souquet to ignite some passion. This award-winning boutique hotel used to house one of Paris’s famous maisons closes and is drenched with over the top opulence. The hotel is lavishly decorated with sensual portraits, lush red velvet, crushed gold leaf, and Art Nouveau decor that was designed to stimulate the senses. Head to the bar for a night out to discover the sumptuous ambiance for yourself.


Escape the crowds at one of Paris’s least visited and underrated squares for some much needed alone time after your tour of the city. This quiet refuge is the perfect place to get some private alone time. Place Dauphine is hidden away between elegant houses that surround the small square. It’s especially beautiful in the spring when the trees are in full bloom. There is something romantic about feeling like you and your partner are completely alone is such a massive metropolis. 


Found on the grounds of the Hôtel de Ville is one of Paris’ most whimsical and enchanting carousels. Visit at night to ride the Art Nouveau carousel, lit up in all her glory. This vintage double-decked amusement park ride is handmade, covered with mirrors, wooden animals and ornate flowers. Both the carousel and the renaissance style Hôtel de Ville are romantic backgrounds for an evening out.



In the heart of Paris, lies the Jardin du Palais Royal. The tranquil park is an oasis of calm for when you and your partner need a respite from the crowds and need a place to unwind.

This underrated park is a favorite among locals due to its beauty and regality. The walkways are lined with meticulously kept trees, and the gardens feature beautiful rose gardens, elegant fountains, and modern sculptures and art installations. 

For an added touch of romance, sit in one of the green chairs found in the gardens created by artist Michel Goulet.

By connecting your headphones in these Poem Chairs, you and your partner can listen to contemporary poems for a shared intimate moment.

Near the Jardin du Palais Royal is the world-renowned Louvre Museum, a beauty in its own right. Consider visiting the courtyard at night to view the Glass Pyramid lit up for spectacular views, with fewer people visiting than during the day.


couple walking on the streets of Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background

And of course, a trip to the City of Love would not be complete without a visit to the Eiffel Tower. 

There are plenty of streets and views around the Iron Lady that provide great views of the tower.

Rue de l’Université offers a view of typical Parisian street life in the foreground, with the Eiffel Tower majestically in the background.

Trocadero is a photographers favorite, especially in the early morning during sunrise. This large open square has beautiful patterns of tiles on the ground to frame your picture.

Another popular spot is found at the end of a cul-de-sac on Avenue de Camoëns. This spot offers a great view of the Eiffel Tower, framed with trees and surrounded by the architecture of the neighborhood.


If you are wondering what romantic things to do in Paris, when you are traveling to Paris for the first time

… then you are in the right place. We will list a few cool & interesting things to do in Paris for couples and some restaurant recommendations where locals go.

Elegant couple walking along the Seine river under the Louis Philippe bridge


There are a few things that you should know when visiting Paris for the first time:

  • The official language is French, but more and more people speak English fluently. 
  • The official currency is the Euro. To convert to your local currency, use XE.
  • Avoid the 18, 19 and 20th arrondissements. To be close to the Eiffel Tower, search accommodation in the 16th. Find a hotel through Booking
  • Getting around. The public transportation is well organized. Download the RATP app to move around the city easily. From the airport, a typical UBER ride costs Euro 45 and taxi should be similar (make sure to confirm with the driver first). For a private driver with a small car or a van, we warmly recommend Cyril and his company MUEVETE.
  • Useful Tips. Tap water is free, as well as the bread at restaurants. You can get an all in one Paris pass or a Paris Pass to enter different Paris attractions and places to visit in the city. You are not obliged to tip in Paris, but most people do it. We recommend 5-10%.

Must Eat Food In Paris

We are convinced that love goes through the stomach so eating is surely part of the romantic things to do in Paris.

If you have decided to not eat your breakfast in the hotel, it’s probably a great idea. You can run to the bakery on the corner and buy fresh baguettes and croissants or you can go out and start your first day in Paris with a proper Parisian breakfast.


Chocolate croissants and cappuccino at Carette


Café Carette was created in 1927 and we recommend the almond croissants, the hot chocolate and the macarons. The macarons are probably the creamiest – “moelleux” in French – in Paris. 

There are 3 addresses in Paris: Place de Trocadéro, Place de Vosges and Place du Tertre.



Le Relais Gascon is probably best known for their giant salads. These come with potato chips having garlic flavor and are simply delicious. We recommend going here for a lunch, after visiting the Montmartre and Sacre-Coeur area. The restaurant is around the corner from the Square Rictus where you find the famous “I Love You Wall“.


Second on our list is Tribeca. Our favorite place for their “Camembert roti aux truffes”. It’s melted cheese with truffle sauce and salad. You can eat it with fresh traditional baguette and a proper red wine.

Tribeca Paris is very close to our favorite ice cream shop Amorino. If you go there, try the chocolate flavor called Inimitable.


If you have time to try Café Louis-Philippe, we recommend the oysters and the cherry sauce duck filet. They also have the very French escargotswith pesto filling. A delight !

The restaurant is very close to the Ile Saint Louis and Le Marais area. So you can explore those places easily.

BONUS: 4 more Romantic Things To Do In Paris

Best Photography Spot in Paris - The Tuileries Garden
  • 1. Take a stroll in one of the beautiful parks that Paris has to offer. There are many beautiful gardens in the city. Just to mention some of them: Luxembourg gardens, Parc Monceau, Jardin des Plantes and our favorite for any season the Jardins des Tuileries
  • 2. Have a romantic picnic on the Seine river. Ingredients: fresh baguette, cheese, jampbon and a bottle of wine or champagne. Favorite spots: the tip of the Ile de la Cité also called Square du Vert Galant, or close to the pont de la Tournelle. Here, the view over the Notre Dame cathedral is simply breathtaking.
  • 3. Go on a diner cruiseBateaux Parisiens has the highest ratings online. What can be more romantic than having a delicious meal while cruising by the most iconic landmarks in Paris. It is probably our favorite romantic things to do in Paris.
  • 4. Explore the city in two, with a vintage French Citroen car. Our friends from City Wheels have the most charismatic drivers who entertain you throughout the journey. They will pick you up from your hotel and drop you off wherever you wish. 
Photographer in Paris - The romantic kiss on the neck

You can explore more things to do in Paris in this interesting Paris guide. I hope the tips about these unique romantic things to do in Paris, were useful. If you think that something interesting should make the list, let us know in the comments below. 

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