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Looking for the best Eiffel Tower photo spots? Explore this guide created by a team of passionate Parisian photographers. When you travel to Paris, the must-have picture is probably of the Iron Lady. But if it’s your first time in Paris, then you’re probably not aware of the multitude of locations that offer a great view over the Eiffel Tower. Hopefully, this page will provide all the information that you need to know all the great locations with the Eiffel.

Best Eiffel Tower photo spots in Paris
Couples picture at Eiffel Tower in Paris France. Photo by Fran

We’d like to mention that this guide is primarily focused to help our Paris photo shoots clients decide on their favorite locations. However, you can take advantage of this local knowledge even if you’re not taking professional pictures.

1. Trocadéro. Currently under renovation. It used to be the best Eiffel Tower photo spot.

Trocadero renovations - Paris 2021
Trocadero palace in 2021 under renovation works

The Esplanade de Trocadéro and the gardens used to be the place that offered the most spectacular view over Eiffel. Not anymore. As of May 2021 the whole site is under renovation. Apparently the aim is to build the largest garden in Paris, with a 1.6km long green space around the Eiffel Tower to allow pedestrians and cyclists to move around freely. Explore the list of works for the Tower on The Local.

What spots around Trocadéro are not available anymore?

Unfortunately, there are quite a few locations around Trocadero that are not available anymore. Please look at the gallery below to get a sense of these spots: the stairs, the top of the esplanade, the wall and the fountains.

What spots around Trocadéro are available?

This update is of July 6th, 2021. Meanwhile things might have changed, so please send us a message on the website chat below for more information.

There are two spots that are still available, however, we’d recommend to go there only for a sunrise booking, because of the crowds and other photographers. One of the spots is on the top of the stairs, it looks like a terrace view. The other is next to the green natural fence. Check the images below for illustration.

Given that Trocadéro is not available for beautiful Eiffel photos, then what are the alternatives? Feel free to explore the list of locations below and ask your photographer to put together a personalized itinerary based on the inspiration images that you like the most.

Map of the Best Eiffel Tower Photo Spots

2. Avenue de Camoëns. Second best Eiffel Tower photo spot.

This is a quiet street that offers a great view over the Eiffel Tower. The uniqueness of this place is the beautiful architecture that surrounds the street. The typical Haussmanian buildings offer that one of a kind Parisian charm.

3. Bir Hakeim bridge (Inception bridge)

The Bir Hakeim bridge, famous from the movie Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio has one of the most spectacular views overlooking the Eiffel Tower. The uniqueness of this Eiffel Tower spot is the fact that the bridge itself is beautiful and can make for a cool backdrop for your Paris pictures.

4. The Seine River – Romantic Eiffel Tower Photo Spot

There is something about water that makes it romantic. Many couples choose to celebrate their marriage on a river cruise on the Seine River. There is a great spot close to the Tower that offers a gorgeous view and it’s perfect for romantic pictures. If the water means something to you as a couple, then this spot should be on the list.

5. Promenade Marie de Roumanie

This spot is probably one of the prettiest around the Eiffel, especially during the warm season. There are several Parisian benches that are great props for pictures. However, the uniqueness of this location are the blossoming roses. Red, purple, white, yellow, simply choose the color that matches your photo shoot outfits.

6. Rue de l’Université

This cute little street is right next to the Eiffel Tower. The view is quite spectacular due to the proximity of the tower, which measures 1063 ft.

7. Pasarelle Debilly

This pedestrian bridge is in walking distance from the Eiffel Tower and the well known exquisite restaurant Monsieur Bleu. More and more people leave their love-locks on this bridge (we don’t encourage such gestures by the way, to preserve the looks of the city), so in your pictures, you’ll see these as well.

8. Rue Saint Dominique

This spot is a bit further from the Eiffel Tower, close to the Café Le Recrutement. The typical Parisian buildings and a street that breaths Parisian air are the ideal setting for romantic street pictures with the Eiffel Tower.

9. Alexander 3 bridge

If all the other spots that we mentioned earlier are within walking distance from the Tower, to get to the Alexander 3 bridge we recommend to take public transportation or taxi/uber. The bridge is probably one of the best photography spots in Paris. The incredibly elegant architecture and the beautiful golden details make it perfect for romantic photos. Plus, you can get the Eiffel Tower in your pictures.

Café Photos

If you are on a Paris photo session itinerary, after so many pictures with the Eiffel Tower and walking, you’d appreciate a strategic stop in a Parisian café. We recommend Casé Castel that is very close to the Tower and has great cappuccino. If you have booked a multi-hours photo shoot, then you can change outfits here for your next location. If not, then it would be fun to finish your photo session with a few piece-of-life pictures. Enjoying a delicious croissant and cappuccino.

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