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Paris is amazing at night. It’s not a surprise that it’s called “The City of Lights”. If you are a couple and looking to take night photos in Paris, then you are in the right place.

Below, we’ll describe our Night Photo Shoot in Paris. We’ll explain what are the pros and cons of such a photo session, as opposed to a daytime Paris photo sessions. We’ll give practical details, so that you can take the best decision about the best time to take photos and to prepare perfectly for your dream night pictures in Paris.

What is a Night Photo Shoot in Paris?

We call night photos in Paris the images taken after sunset. Sunset is the timeframe during which the natural ambient light gradually disappears and the city lights progressively turn on.

Thus, we start night photo shoots in Paris 5 to 10 minutes before the sunset. This way, we can take a few photos with the beautiful sunset light, before the nightfall.

Once the night settles, we are obliged to use external lights to compensate the lack of ambient light.

What time is sunset in Paris?

Sunset time varies depending on the season. In December it is around 5PM while in June it will be at 10PM.

Check the sunset times for your travel dates in Paris with timeanddate.

Girl in red dress kissing her fiancé in the City of Lights

Benefits of Taking Photos at Night in the City of Lights

  • Unique Images. Paris has quite a few monuments that light up during the night. The feeling of night photos can’t be described. You just have to love it.
  • The Experience. You get to explore the places at night, that otherwise perhaps you wouldn’t have explored. Just watch Midnight in Paris (if you don’t fall asleep halfway like I did …) and you’ll get an idea of how romantic the city can be at nightfall.
  • Less people around.

Disadvantages of Night Photoshoots in Paris

  • The Pace. Night photos require external lights and the time to setup for the different poses will take from the effective photography time. The result is less images than during a daytime Paris photo session.
  • The Temperature. It gets colder in the evening in Paris. During the colder months, let’s say from October to April, it can get cold and during winter it gets very cold in Paris. Make sure that you can endure
  • The Cost. Night photosessions require a mandatory assistant that helps with lights. The assistant comes at an additional price per hour of photography.
  • Less dynamic poses. Night photography requires the subjects to stand still for a few seconds, much more than during daytime photos. The variety of poses and hence images is lower than during daytime photo shoots.

What to Expect from a Night Photo Session

How to Get the Best out of your Night Photos

Here are a few things that you might want to consider to get beautiful couples photos at night.

Useful Tips

Choose a dress for impact. Most of the background that we’ll be using for the pictures will be dark. This is the reason why strong and bright colors such as: red, blue, green are the best choices. We do not recommend pastel colors. Nor black, although some couples can pull off dark outfits. Read our guide about how to dress for your couples photos.

Bring a warm coat along to wear in between shots. It gets chilly during the evening.

How to Book a Night Photo Shoot

The following artists are available for night photography in Paris: Vio and Alex. From their profiles, simply click on book and select one of their night photo session packages. You’ll be able to check their availability and reserve your starting time.

If you have any question, please write in the chat below and we’ll guide you with joy.

Best Locations for Night Photography in Paris

The Bir Hakeim Bridge – Best Eiffel view

Nimrita and Varinder in Paris

The Louvre Museum

The Louvre Pyramid reflected in the fountains water

The Alexander 3 bridge

Night dance on the Alexander 3 bridge in Paris
Newly engaged girl looking at engagement ring right after proposal on the Alexander 3 bridge of Paris night photo

Trocadéro – during low season

Romantic photos in Paris

Looking forward to meeting you in Paris for your magical night photos!


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