Paris Proposal Planner

Paris proposal planner - Romantic setup on a Parisian rooftop
Romantic setup for a surprise marriage proposal in Paris at the Four Seasons – George V Hotel – Planned by Rendez-vous in Paris and The Heart Bandits

This article will help you understand if you need a Paris proposal planner and will recommend the best planners for a marriage proposal in Paris.

Alright, You want to ask your girlfriend to be your wife and, wow, this could be in Paris. You are thinking about a Paris proposal.

But when you chill down a bit, mixed feelings bomb you.

“How the hell am I going to do this?” How am I going to put together an Eiffel Tower proposal?

That’s when you’d love to have somebody there to do the action for you.

Caution: This is the scenario when you think about hiring a planner for your proposal. The other scenario, when you do the things by yourself, we didn’t dare to imagine as it could take too many pages for a blog post.

See available photographers & videographers for your dream proposal in Paris


If you want no rush and need for high management skills during your proposition, then you pick a professional event planner. 

Just imagine yourself during the photoshoot – on one hand you want to keep the surprise and, on the other, you think, worry and hope it will eventually come out fine (just fine).

We know that stress always finds a place and time to show up. You can get rid of it before and during the proposal, when your dedicated planner takes control and handles everything. 

It’ll save you lots of time and pain.

Paris proposal planner - Recommendations by The Paris Photographer
Romantic dinner setup at Shangri La Paris, captured by Paris proposal photographer – The Paris Photographer and planned by Les Entremetteuses Paris

All you need to do is enjoy picking great services or customized Paris proposal packages from experienced local vendors your Paris proposal planner knows and trusts.

There’s no need to be creative yourself, unless you want to. Your planner will surely listen to your dream marriage proposal scenario.

Imagine how you would keep it a secret from your girlfriend when you have to write emails and have long phone conversations mostly in French (OK , not so long…) with the vendors you found yourself on Google (decor, musicians, etc).

Instead, imagine having everything perfectly coordinated to have the perfect Paris engagement experience and the most beautiful Paris proposal photos?

Elegant Parisian rooftop marriage proposal
Pop the question on a private rooftop overlooking Paris – Planned by Les Entremetteuses Paris
River Seine marriage proposal in Paris by the Eiffel Tower
Propose to your partner outdoors surrounded by flowers – Planned by Les Entremetteuses Paris

All that can happen by trusting a professional Paris proposal planner.


The planner for your marriage proposal in Paris will plan (what else?) and execute the whole ”event”, according to a brief you agree upon.

Marriage Proposal Planner Cost

Usually proposal planners get paid for their services based on a fixed fee or a percentage from the entire budget. The costs can go from a few hundreds of euros, if let’s say you book a proposal package, to unlimited budgets.

As soon as you shake hands (read “sign a contract”), the planner takes over the responsibilities from start to finish.

Boat ride Paris proposal - planned by an event planner in Paris
Paris engagement on a private Seine river cruise – Planned by Les Entremetteuses Paris

First, you both have a conversation (face to face or online) and you’ll express your thoughts on how the perfect marriage proposal looks to you.

It would be wise to listen (as listening is always for free), at least, to suggestions for venues, photographers, artists, musicians or even exclusives (such as a helicopter or a limousine). For an impressive bespoke package for your proposal, you might need a handful of selected vendors.

The very best planners always know all the experienced vendors, premium services, used on many previous occasions.

Many experienced suppliers are locals, so your planner will communicate in French, avoiding all kinds of misinterpretations or even somebody pushing his luck with a non-local customer.

With an engagement planner, all things will run smoothly, according to the agreed plan, from implementing the best ideas, handling all tiny details and including the precise coordination of the proposal.


Les Entremetteuses Website

Les Entremetteuses - Paris proposal planner
Private rooftop proposal with romantic setup – Planned by Les Entremetteuses Paris

Les Entremetteuses is a Paris Proposal Planning Agency. They offer to help planning your Parisian marriage proposal from start to finish. Whether you choose a Paris proposal package or you wish to put together a bespoke Paris engagement. Les Entremetteuses have you covered also for intimate and public marriage proposals.

INSTAGRAM: Les Entremetteuses


Here is a list of Paris proposal planners that we have selected based on our experience and clients testimonials.


Wow Factory Paris - Marriage proposal planner based in Paris France 2

WOW Factory Paris is an agency that will help you create a WOW effect for your marriage proposal. They can create an incredibly beautiful decor for intimate or outdoor proposals as well as  bespoke Proposals in private settings. They can also help you with romantic surprises: balloons, creative floral design, Parisian picnics, etc.

IG: Wow Factory


Paris proposal planner - Romantic setup on a Parisian rooftop

Rendez Vous in Paris was created by an American-born and raised Luxury Event Planner. Heather has the eye for perfection and everything exquisite, when it comes to elegant and luxury events around the world. If you are planning to propose in Paris, in an exclusive, high end location, costs start at 5000€ with Rendez-vous in Paris.

IG: Rendez-Vous in Paris


The Proposers - Paris rooftop surprise proposal at Shangri La Paris

Meet Europe’s most sought after proposal planners. The Proposers are based in London, UK, however, they are proud to put together memorable marriage proposals all around the world, including Paris. If you are looking for a Paris proposal planner with many years of experience, then you’ll be in great hands with The Proposers.

IG: The Proposers

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6 thoughts on “Paris Proposal Planner

Atiq Lucas
Monday, November 21st, 2022

Bonjour – I am interested in proposing Dec 6th. I would like more information about a proposal planner and a package for that day.


    Monday, November 21st, 2022

    Thanks for getting in touch Atiq!

    Congratulations on your proposal plans in Paris.

    Have you contacted any of the Proposal Planners that we recommend above?

    If not, send us a message in the chat window below and let us help you put together an unforgettable Paris engagement.


michael shulman
Tuesday, December 13th, 2022

I am planning a propospal to my partner julia on 9 January 2023 in paris. my budget is circa 2-2.5K, she will like romantic, cute but not that public. It doesnt have to be a long event, just a memroable one. six of her friends will share the experience

can you help? i know time is running out and that it will be cold

    Tuesday, December 13th, 2022

    Dear Michael,

    thank you for getting in touch and congratulations on your proposal plans!

    My team will get back to you by email shortly and guide you through the next steps.


Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023

Please send me more information!

    Friday, May 5th, 2023

    Thanks for your Message Daniel!
    My team has reached out to you via email.
    Looking forward to photographing your special moment in Paris.

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