Paris proposal photographer - Engagement photos at Montmartre overlooking the city of Paris
Montmartre has a wonderful view over the city for marriage proposals that take your breath away


If you are thinking: “I want to hire a photographer for my surprise proposal in Paris”, it’s a great idea. Proposing to the love of your life is one of the most important steps in your relationship. An experienced Paris proposal photographer will help to capture your big question and come up with Paris proposal photos that you both will cherish forever. If you are wondering, what are the best places to propose in Paris and how to put together an intimate or public marriage proposal, we have created a guide to help you plan a perfect Paris Proposal.


You have been with your girlfriend for a while and you are the person who knows her better. This is why you understand perfectly if she wants to have the marriage proposal to be captured or not. Most girls secretly want a photographer.

1. Having a Paris proposal photographer is important to create images that mark the most important step of your relationship.

Besides, you are traveling to all the way to Paris. It’s worth having those memories captured and kept in an album.

2. Paris engagement photos are a great idea for a sign in book for your wedding day.

3. The proposal pictures can be used for your Save the Date cards.

4. Instead of having low quality iphone pictures, you will get an elegant gallery that you can share with your family and friends.

5. You can announce your Paris engagement with professional photos.

If you wish to find more reasons why hiring a professional photographer for your proposal is important, check out this useful article on How They Asked. It’s a brilliant idea by the way, to feature your proposal pictures there and share them with the world.


Paris proposal photographer - Real life surprise proposal at the Eiffel Tower



Girls love to have memories from their trip to Paris. Especially if it is the first. Surprise her with a romantic gesture, booking a Paris photoshoot. Then, plan with your Paris proposal photographer at what moment to go on your knee. The advantage is that we have full control over the environment and you both can have a good reason to wake up early and beat the crowds for beautiful engagement photos.


This type of private Paris proposal involves more planning. It consists of agreeing on a spot and time with your secret proposal photographer in Paris. Then have a signal to let him know that you will pop the question. We recommend hiring an associate to help manage the crowds.

We prefer option 1, because Paris is a very busy city and people can walk in your shot, ruining the moment. Also, it’s not easy to find intimate spots during afternoon or evening.

Instead, we recommend hiring a Paris proposal planner to help you put together a personalized scenario or romantic setup (musicians, itinerary, etc).

If you are looking for a Paris photographer for hire, click on the button below.

Both scenarios are available whether you’re planning an Eiffel Tower proposal or a marriage proposal anywhere else in Paris.


The cost of hiring a photographer depends on the experience of the photographer, the duration of the shoot (whether you are hiring us only for the proposal or for engagement pictures after or the next day) and the time of the day when the marriage proposal will take place.


What to do after you have proposed ? We are a Paris proposal photographer team, but now that you are engaged in Paris, we can help you celebrate with elegant engagement pictures. We recommend proposing early during the photo session, so that you can show the ring in as many photos as possible. It’s easy to reserve a date for a Paris photo session and we are involved continuously in the preparation so that you can get beautiful photos of your engagement in Paris.

Proposal photographer Paris - close-up picture of engagement ring

Paris proposal photographer - asian man one one knee proposing in the Louvre Museum courtyard

If you have already booked a Paris proposal photographer, but still wondering.

What is the best time to pop the question ? How to put together the perfect game plan ? Decide on the perfect location to propose ? Get the help of a proposal planner for an extraordinary venue. All answers to these questions are available in our Paris Proposal guide.

Proposal photographer Paris - night engagement photo by the Louvre Pyramid in Paris

We are looking forward to meeting you in Paris and capture your brilliant marriage proposal!


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