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paris proposal

You have found the right girl and you have decided to ask her to marry you in Paris. The only things left to decide are the right moment and the perfect place for your dream Paris proposal.

We are going to help you to find the perfect place to pop the question in Paris, what to say when proposing and how to make sure that the big moment is captured on camera.

A Paris proposal is special because ...

Paris is the most romantic city in the world. This makes it the perfect place for a surprise proposal. Paris is a cosmopolitan city, filled with art galleries, old markets, theaters, architecture, fashion and history.

Proposal in Paris - Cherry blossoms in spring and the girl of your dreams in pink dress

Starting with Spring, all the parks become alive and the architecture is beautiful in every neighborhood.

A Paris proposal is special

What we love about Paris is that here, holding hands and kissing are something natural.

The multitude of iconic landmarks and hidden streets, make of Paris one of the most wanted destination for engagements. Therefore, whether you are thinking of a public proposal involving a crowd, or an intimate proposal on a rooftop, Paris has it all. 

In conclusion, this is the city where you'll easily find a proposal planner to help you put together all the details of a proposal that she will never forget. And where you can hire  a professional photographer to capture your surprise proposal on film.

How to Plan a Paris proposal that she will fall in love with

First step to take ...

Start with the engagement ring of her dreams

Diamonds come in different shapes, cuts, clarity, sizes (carats) and colors. Finding the perfect engagement ring will take time, so make sure to start your search early. Here are a few tips to find the perfect diamond ring:

  • Talk to a trustworthy and expert diamond ring adviser 
  • Use technology. The Blue Nile mobile app will help you choose the perfect diamond
  • Come up with the engagement ring design that she will proudly wear for the rest of her life
paris proposal photographer - tiffany & co champs elysées proposal

Now ...

Proposing in Paris - The perfect engagement ring

"The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive."


... there are 6 things that smart gentlemen do, to

Find the perfect engagement ring

Once the ring is is ready, then the next step is to ...

​​​​Decide on the concept - Paris proposal ideas

There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to the most romantic Paris proposal. But basically, we can have two main proposal scenarios:

Public marriage proposal in Paris at the Eiffel Tower

Public Proposal in Paris

As you can imagine, it is not easy to find quiet, romantic places in the city. So, if you are planning to propose in one of the most recognizable places in Paris, it's likely to have people around you. It will feel great to hear people applauding around you and sharing your happiness.


  • check
    She will not suspect anything, you will be strolling around the city together.
  • check
    You'll probably have a nice view, as opposed to proposing in a restaurant for example

Private Proposal in Paris

Now ... if you know that your girlfriend likes privacy, then it's smart to choose a quiet place for popping the question in Paris.

The benefits are therefore obvious. You'll have her undivided attention and you can celebrate only the two of you.

Private marriage proposal in Paris at the Shangri La palace

In case you are out of ideas of how to do it, read these tips on how to rock your restaurant proposal.

Hire a Paris proposal planner

Paris proposal planner - Sumptuous Events Paris

All your plans are going to be executed to perfection and you can truly enjoy this memorable day stress-free.

For a special proposal, a proposal planner in Paris will be very helpful. The goal of a marriage proposal planner is to make your vision come true. He will listen to your ideas and even suggest his expert ideas. He or she will take care of every little detail.

access to fabulous venues 

We are talking most of all about sophisticated setups, reserving fancy restaurants or rooftops and putting together something fabulous and Instagram worthy. 

6 Romantic Paris Proposal Ideas

When it comes to Paris proposal ideas, simply let your creativity go wild, keeping in mind her personality and her dreams & expectations. First, if you pay attention to the way she talks about her dream engagement, you'll get enough hints on what she wants.

Furthermore, if you are looking for ideas for a unique marriage proposal, then check out these super cute romantic ways to propose to get inspiration. 

Finally, select one of the six romantic Paris proposal ideas below.

your inspiration for a romantic Paris Proposal

Paris Proposal ideas - Eiffel Tower proposal during the day

eiffel tower proposal

Take her on a romantic stroll and pop the question near the iconic Eiffel Tower

Paris Proposal Ideas - Private boat proposal on the River Seine

private cruise proposal

Rent a private boat and ask her to marry you on a private cruise on the Seine River

Paris proposal ideas - Popping the question in the Tuileries Gardens

parisian park proposal

Walk around the city and stop in one of the beautiful Parisian parks for your proposal

Paris proposal ideas - Parisian rooftop marriage proposal

parisian rooftop proposal

Set-up a romantic dinner on the rooftop of an iconic Parisian hotel

Paris proposal ideas - Intimate diner proposal at the Shangri La Palace

intimate dinner proposal

Set-up a private dinner in a Parisian hotel or palace, such as the Shangri La

Paris proposal ideas - Romantic Setup on the River Seine

river seine proposal

How about a romantic setup on the Seine River bank near the Eiffel Tower

Where to propose in Paris ?

Paris has an abundance of romantic spots. However, when deciding which one feels right for you, have in mind that it has to be authentic and within personality.

Here is a list of 13 best places to propose in Paris:

Places to propose in Paris - Pont Alexandre 3

pont alexandre iii

Best time to be there is at sunset. The view over Eiffel Tower is gorgeous

Best places to propose in Paris - Palais Garnier - Paris Opera

palais garnier

Sumptuous place. Earlier in the day there are no crowds

Paris proposal spots - Montmartre overlooking the city of Paris


Breathtaking view over the city. Early morning is the best time to beat crowds

Quiet places to propose in paris

Quiet places to propose in Paris - Tuileries Gardens

Jardin des Tuileries

Unique with nature and architecture. Romantic any time of the day

Romantic places to propose in Paris - Square René Viviani - Notre Dame view

Square renE viviani

Quiet park near the Notre Dame Cathedral. Beautiful every season

Best places to propose in Paris - Square Jean XXIII behind the Notre Dame cathedral

square jean xxiii

Right behind the Notre Dame Cathedral, the view is spectacular

unexpected places to propose in paris

Where to propose in Paris - Bir Hakeim bridge

bir hakeim bridge

The Inception bridge. Perfect for an Eiffel Tower proposal

Where to propose in Paris - in a typical parisian café

a parisian cafe

Romantic breakfast in a typical café ? Sounds fun! 

Unexpected places to propose in Paris - Louvre Pyramid

louvre pyramid

Get surrounded by elegant architecture. Best time of day: sunset!

unique places to propose in paris

Best places to propose in Paris - A Parisian rooftop

a parisian rooftop 

A unique place to propose in Paris would be a Parisian rooftop

Places to propose in Paris - Pont des Arts

pont des arts

The view over Ile de la Cité and Pont Neuf is truly one of a kind

Where to propose in Paris - Place Dauphine

place dauphine

One of the cutest and unique squares in the city of Paris

Best places to propose in Paris - Trocadéro - the best view over the Eiffel Tower 2

If you can't decide on which is the best place to propose in Paris, then choose what looks the most iconic.


People travel from around the world to the City of Lights, literally to see the Eiffel Tower sparkling at night. It is a once in a lifetime trip. 

This is why, Trocadéro is probably the easiest solution to where to propose in Paris. 

There is no best time to propose, however, we capture the most stunning Paris proposals early in the morning. This is the time of the day when there are almost no tourists around.

their words

A beautiful moment that will last a lifetime

They communicated with me through the whole process and was able to calm my nerves and assist me on picking the perfect location. I'm truly thankful for making this special moment in my life a beautiful moment that will last a lifetime.

Marco Scott
places to propose in Paris - testimonial marco scott for the paris photographer

You are now very close to having a perfect plan for your dream proposal in Paris.

But you are probably wondering ...

what to say when proposing in Paris  

It's not enough to have a concept and a place for a proposal in Paris. You also need to know what to say when you're going down on one knee.

This will make the proposal memorable. Not only that, but you should also pay attention to how you are going to phrase the marriage proposal.

Paris proposal tips

To avoid running out of words, write them down.

places to propose in Paris - alexander 3 bridge - live proposal

questions to ask yourself

Here are a few questions that will help you to come up with what you are going to actually say in the moment of the proposal.

  • check
    The moment you met her, what made you fall in love with her ?
  • check
    In what way, being with her, made your life great ?
  • check
    When did you realize that you wanted to spend your life with her ?
  • check
    How do you see your life as a couple in the future ? How many kids ?

BONUS tips for the Paris proposal planning

  • check
    Keep it a SECRET ! Sisters and mothers are known for not being able to keep such big secrets
  • check
    Ask for her dad's BLESSING
  • check
    TAKE YOUR TIME, the more relaxed you are the less she will suspect
  • check
    Tell your proposal speech BEFORE going on your knee
  • check
    TAKE 1 STEP BACK, allow for breathing space between the two of you
  • check
    Get the ring box out and go on your knee. Allow her to take a mental picture of you in that moment
  • check
    KEEP EYE CONTACT and SMILE CONFIDENTLY to make her feel like she is the most desired woman on the planet
  • check
  • check
    After she says YES, place the ring on her finger, pick her up and have your first kiss as an engaged couple. A whimsical twirl is going to be a real addition for the photos.
Paris proposal tips - Keep it a secret 2
proposing in paris - tiffany & co engagement ring detail 2

"Love is just a word, until someone arrives to give it meaning."

How to celebrate your engagement in Paris

Let's safely assume that your surprise proposal in Paris was a success. You are not stressing anymore about having to carry the ring around and she is calling her parents and her best friend to share the big news. Congratulations !

You can now both focus on celebrating your engagement in Paris.

Booking an engagement photo session in Paris is our top choice to celebrate a Paris engagement. Maybe she will be already dressed up and you both will be on a unique high. It will be a one and only opportunity to capture that happiness in photos that you will cherish forever.

Paris offers so many opportunities for celebration:

proposal in paris - celebrating with a parisian breakfast including croissants and cappuccino


Breakfast in a parisian café

If you have proposed at sunrise, how about celebrating with a delicious breakfast including croissants, macarons, hot chocolate and more ? Our favorite breakfast place in Paris is Carette Paris.

yes in paris - celebrating with a romantic picnic

Ile Saint Louis

Picnic in a parisian garden

Depending on season and weather, it's a fun idea. Most grocery shops have baguettes, cheese and red wine. Our favorite picnic places are: Champ de Mars, Ile Saint Louis and Tuileries.

paris proposal ideas - celebrating with a romantic dinner

romantic dinner

An evening proposal goes well with a romantic dinner, such as a dinner cruise on the Seine River. More suggestions: Jules Verne or 58 on top of Eiffel Tower, then Les Ombres or Monsieur Bleu.

Paris proposal photographer

Some moments in life are meant to be private. Others...


If your girlfriend is like most women, she secretly wants you to have a photographer capturing the moment when you pop the big question in Paris.

Let's be honest, you are not traveling to Paris every day to get engaged.

Finding a surprise proposal photographer to hire in Paris is fairly easy. After booking a paparazzi proposal photographer in Paris, there are a few things that generally help.

Paris proposal photographer - Cute couple getting engaged in front of the Eiffel Tower

​​​​Paparazzi surprise proposal TIPS

Gentleman putting the engagement ring on the hand of his fiancée after she said yes in paris

If you decide on a total surprise proposal in Paris, then the tips below will be helpful:


have a signal

Come up with a signal together with your photographer. Identify him when you are in the spot and give him the signal when you are ready to go on your knee. He will take care of the rest. If there are people around, patiently wait for them to move.


positioning is key

Position yourself so that the photographer is on one of your sides and the desired background on the other side. If necessary, slightly turn your girlfriend around to face the camera. This way we can capture her joy and her expressions.


enjoy being engaged

When you have proposed, don't turn immediately to the photographer. Instead, enjoy the moment, pick her up, kiss and celebrate. Some of the most precious Paris proposal photos are captured right after the proposal itself.

Proposing during a Paris photo shoot

Let's call it the SAFE solution. What we mean by this, is that you don't have to worry about being in a precise place at a precise time. Instead, you have a photo shoot booked to celebrate your time in Paris and at a point during the photos, you pop the question.

It gets even better. You can ask a friend of hers to suggest a romantic photo session during your Paris vacation.

Paris proposal photographer - Girl wearing Valentino heels is getting engaged in front of the Eiffel Tower


  • check
    Your girlfriend will get ready and will look stunning in the pictures. Dressed to impress, hair and make-up done.
  • check
    You will have the best spot for your marriage proposal in Paris. 
  • check
    No risk of having random people in your photos, ruining the special moment.

We truly believe that an engagement photo shoot will add significant value to your proposal in Paris and will enhance your experience. Having a photographer that cares about your, about your photos will make your future fiancée grateful and she will tell all her family and friends about how perfectly you planned everything. 

You are know ready to be proposing in Paris and have this special moment captured with unique pictures.

You are now ready to be proposing in Paris and have this special moment captured with unique pictures

And one more thing ...

We explored on this page what are the things to do right for a perfect proposal in Paris. But there are a few things to avoid when proposing.

things to avoid when proposing


Proposing without a ring

Perhaps the diamond ring is not ready before your Paris trip. Do not panic. You have several solutions. Ask your grandma's ring or get a replacement ring meanwhile.


proposing too early

There are no rules for when to propose. It can be after 6 months or after 8 years. What matters is her desire to get married. Women are very good at giving subtle signs, hints. Just pay attention to them.


proposing in public

It might be tempting to propose in front of a cheering audience. But would she really enjoy the moment if it feels like being on a stage ? You know her better, make sure the proposal will make her happy.


not asking dad's blessing

Every day life can be crazy and there are many things to be done to prepare the proposal. You might forget to ask her dad's blessing. Or you are simply shy. But a gentleman, always asks permission.

Paris Proposal - Yes in Paris


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