Is a 5 Carat Diamond Too Big for an Engagement Ring?

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What is really a too big engagement ring? You might think that a stone that weighs just one gram is relatively small, and hearing that one carat of diamond weighs a mere 200mg could back up that impression. However, the size to weight balance of diamonds can be deceptive, so deciding that you must have a five carat diamond could end up being rather a surprise to you!

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How Big is a Five Carat Diamond, Exactly?

The size of the diamond depends on the cut that is used on the stone. The traditional diamond shape is a round brilliant, and the face on a five-carat round brilliant stone is 11.11mm in diameter. However, a five-carat marquise-cut diamond is 17mm by 8mm, which seems, on the face of it, to be a much bigger stone.

However, the stones weigh the same, and the difference is incurred because of the difference in depths of the stone – round brilliants are deeper cuts – meaning the depth is bigger – while marquise-cut diamonds are relatively shallow.

The 4Cs of Diamond Quality

So if you think a jeweler has made a mistake and has mislabeled a diamond that seems bigger, do make sure you check out the depth of the cut before you snap up your bargain! For more information, check out Whiteflash 5 carat diamond page to learn more about buying large diamonds for engagement rings.

How Much Will I Pay for the Diamond?

This is the part that might genuinely shock anyone unfamiliar with how diamond grading works – a five-carat diamond of reasonable to good quality will sell, retail, for anything from $40,000 to over $100,000 – and even more if the diamond is one of the top-rated diamonds, ticking the ideal boxes for all of the famous Four Cs!

The cost price will vary according to the cut, with round brilliants commanding top prices, quality and color – and even according to fashions!

Some colors and cuts go in and out of fashion, with, for example, bright yellow diamonds (called intense vivid fancies) cut into heart shapes being very popular at the moment, so you will pay rather a lot for one of these – and you might lose on that investment when the current fad for them wanes. However, white, natural diamonds with few flaws are always a good investment, with excellent investment stability.

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So… Is a Five Carat Diamond Too Big for an Engagement Ring?

The truth of the matter is that a five carat diamond might be a too big engagement ring. It is very large indeed, and might look better as a necklace pendant. This will also keep the stone more protected from the wear and tear that our hands are subjected to each day. Having said that, a five carat diamond – in any cut – can easily be crafted into a ring and will not look excessively large if mounted with sensitivity.

If the person who will be wearing the diamond is especially petite, or works in a field where her hands are very active, perhaps a five-carat diamond ring would be too big. But for most people, a five carat ring would be accepted with joy, as a very generous token of your commitment to them!

Let us know what you think about the size of engagement rings in the comment section below!

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