How To Write a Wedding Photography Proposal

Wedding photography proposals can be a hurdle in signing new clients. As a wedding photographer, you need to understand that your talent and brilliant shots aren’t the only segments of your job. You also need to be great at promoting what you do and building strong customer relationships. Also, you need to know that there are dozens of other photographers that the couple might consider hiring, as well. So, what more can you do to stand out?

Luxury wedding at Chateau de Chantilly in France

Writing a great wedding photography proposal is crucial for winning over new clients and helping them choose you over your competitors. If you’re not sure how to write a winning wedding photography proposal, just keep reading. Here are the ultimate steps and tricks to do it right.

1. Nail The Design of Wedding Photography Proposal

First things first, you need to be able to nail the visual effect of your wedding photography proposal. Why? Because the future bride and groom want to be certain you’ve got the eye for details and will make memorable photos of their special day.

So, make sure you create stunning covers that can include:

  • – a beautiful photo you’ve made
  • – your logo
  • – stylish font
  • – matching colors

Your proposal’s cover is the first thing they’ll see, so make sure you leave a great first impression.

Here at The Paris Photographer we use PIXIFI to manage bookings, photographers calendars, wedding proposals and contracts.

Wedding Photography Proposal Template Header

2. Personalize

Every couple wants to feel special and appreciated. Personalizing your wedding photography proposal can go a long way. So, for every couple that’s considering hiring you, try adding the details of their specific wedding.

For example, instead of opening with “Dear Bride & Groom” you could change it to their names and say “Dear Nicole & Josh“.

It’s such a minor effort but will mean the world to the couple.

Bride and groom holding sparkles on a rooftop overlooking the Eiffel Tower in Paris France

3. Explain Your Photography Style

As a wedding photographer, you need to have a unique style that distinguishes you from the others. You need to write a couple of sentences about who you are as a photographer and what you bring to the table.

So, write a brief opening paragraph about:

  • – your experience
  • – your photography style
  • – your goals
  • – what you bring out in the couples

For example, you could say: I love taking spontaneous photos that truly show the love you feel for each other…

This should be a short introduction that will help the couple bond with you better and understand what you have to offer.

Luxury wedding cake at the Montage Laguna Beach captured by The Paris Photographer Fran Boloni

4. Explain the Offer in the Wedding Photography Proposal

Now it’s time to cover the more technical part of your wedding photography proposal. You need to cover the basic aspects of your offer and help the couples understand exactly what you’ll be able to do for them.

Most photographers create several different packages.  Each package contains a combination of services, depending on the need of each specific couple. This way, the couple can choose the package that best suits their needs and photography requests.

The packages may include:

  • – pre-wedding couple shooting
  • – bride preparations
  • – guest arrivals
  • – ceremony
  • – outdoors photoshoots
  • – group and individual shots
  • – bride & groom shooting on a different location
  • – wedding album
  • – online photo gallery, etc

Think about the packages you can offer and create a combination of your services to suit your clients.

Bride and groom looking at each other in reception room with flower decoration on tables - Parisian Chateau Wedding Venue

5. Define The Timing

When you’re writing your wedding photography proposal, you must write the exact timing of each photoshoot you’ll be doing. You don’t want the bride and groom to expect you’ll be there the whole day unless that’s the deal you make.

So, your offer should include the specific timing of your active presence on their wedding day. You can write it in the package description or separately. Here’s an example:

  • – bride & groom shooting on a separate location- 2 hours
  • – ceremony- up until  the end of the first dance
  • – bride preparations- one hour
  • pre-wedding shoot- two hours

Naturally, you should always leave room for negotiation and let the couple know you can arrange their special day differently. That brings us to pricing.

Wedding photography proposals should contain the precise durations of couples photo shoots

6. Explain The Pricing

Your wedding photography proposal has to explicitly state how much do your services cost. It should go without saying, but some photographers still leave this part out, thinking that’s how they’ll attract more customers.

Angela Baker, a wedding blogger and a writer at Supreme Dissertations, says: “The truth is, every couple has a budget and they want to know whether you fit their or not. So, state your prices clearly to help them decide, and to protect yourself.”

So, list your prices clearly and make sure to include:

  • – payment dynamics (down payment, the rest of the payment, etc.)
  • – payment methods
  • – money-back policy in case of COVID-19 wedding cancellation

Think about all the questions the couple might want to ask you and answer all of them in your proposal. Be straightforward and clear about all the pricing and payment details.

Wedding photography proposals should have all the details of pricing

7. Wedding Photography Proposal Signing

Finally, you should always include the proposal signing option to the couples, to motivate them to choose you instantly. If you’re sending an online proposal, include a digital signage option:

  • – ask them to choose their package
  • – ask them to choose their date and location
  • – have them sign the offer

Explain what happens after signing the offer and let them know how and when will you give them a call to arrange all the small details they care about.

Bride and groom celebrating marriage on a Parisian balcony with Eiffel Tower in the background

8. Proofread

Be professional, and proofread your wedding photography proposal. Don’t allow any grammar or spelling mistakes to ruin your credibility. You can find writing help on TrustMyPaper and use Canva to design the perfect wedding photography proposals on your own. Make sure to generate a secure link for the proposal. PIXIFI does it automatically.

Final Thoughts

Writing an impressive wedding photography proposal is essential for winning over more couples and showing your true potential. Make sure your proposal shows your photography skills, personality, credibility, and professionalism.

Use the tips we’ve shared above to write a powerful wedding photography proposal to share with your potential clients.

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