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Pre Wedding Photo Concept

Traveling to get beautiful Paris pre wedding photos is probably one of the most exciting things in your life as a couple. Before booking your travel, there are a few things to know about pre wedding photography in Paris.

paris prewedding photographer capturing bride in red dress dancing at sunrise in front of the eiffel tower

Pre wedding photos are basically what we call engagement photos in the western world. The pre wedding photo sessions take place several months before the wedding day.

The pre wedding photo concept is to take photos in glamorous wedding outfits and then showcase these pictures during the wedding. The pictures can be displayed either by very large prints or on a big screen.

Pre wedding couple kissing at the Eiffel Tower by night where the milky way is showing

What makes Paris so perfect for pre wedding photography ?

Paris pre wedding photo - Asian bride and groom looking at each other and Eiffel Tower shows in between

When you hear Paris, the first thing that comes to mind is: romance, walking hand in hand in the streets, explore new places and shopping.

Now ...

Paris is such a photogenic city. The elegant backdrops are countless and it’s everyone’s dream to have romantic photos in the City of Love.

Best time to take Paris Pre Wedding photos

One of the most frequent questions that we get is: should we schedule our photo shoot in the morning or in the evening.

Let me develop the subject:

flattering light


The best light for brilliant photos is at sunrise and sunset. We call it flattering light for portraits. Later in the day, if the weather is beautiful, the sun light is very strong and it creates harsh, unflattering shadows.

Avoid Crowds

wake up early

Paris is literally the busiest most touristy city in the world. This means, to avoid the crowds, it's best to take photos early in the morning, preferably at sunrise.


summer & winter

The sunrise and sunset times change each day. You can check the sunrise and sunset times in Paris on Time & Date.

paris pre wedding photography - bridal portrait at La Madeleine in Paris
pre wedding photography paris - night photos at the Louvre Museum

Paris by Night

blue hour

When it comes to night pictures, there is no place as magical as Paris. No wonder it is called the city of lights.

We typically start night Paris pre wedding photo shoots 15 minutes before sunset. Then, we transition into the night photos, during the blue hour.

Oh, Paris looks fabulous even in the rain!

their words

"he made us look beautiful"

Fran was exceptional in his service and he went above and beyond the call of duty to capture photos which represented us at our best. He made us look beautiful, as jet-lagged as we are, and he was patient, attentive and skillful in all the photographs that he took. He was great at taking photos where he directed us at posing for portrait shots, and he was amazing at taking candid ones as well.  -

Paris pre wedding testimonial - Orawan & Ken 2

Most popular locations for Paris pre wedding photos

If you are wondering ...

Which places look best in photos ? We got you covered. But first, let's take a look at what looks great in photos during the day.


Best view of Eiffel Tower


Elegant architecture, old details


Paris Opera, Versailles look


5 stars luxury palace in Paris


Golden doors & chateaux look


Gorgeous architecture even at night


History & architecture


Old Paris and Seine River


Parisian trees trimmed with precision


Dramatic architecture


Parisian park, flowers and chateau


Quintessential Parisian backdrop

There are many places that look gorgeous at night, here are our favorites.

Best locations for pre wedding photos in Paris by night


Elegant street lamps and Eiffel in view


Fabulous architecture and pyramid


Playful background and Eiffel by night


Best view of Eiffel at night

Whether you like Paris by day, or you'd like to take photos at night, we will help you come up with the best itinerary.

Blue sky, white clouds, Luxembourg gardens casstle and pre wedding couple with rich pink dress kissing

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Props

pre wedding photoshoot props - colorful balloons



For playful Paris pre wedding pictures the best props are balloons. You have many options when choosing balloons: the size, the colors and the number.

Big and fewer balloons have a particular feel, while smaller and many balloons are also beautiful.

What matters the most, again, is to match the balloons to the way you are dressed.

All to say, balloons are our favorite pre wedding photoshoot props here in Paris.

Flowers or Bouquet


Probably the simplest props that a bride can use on her pre wedding photo shoot day in Paris, is a bouquet of flowers.

The bouquet can be simple or sophisticated. However, what matters the most is that the flowers match the style of the dress and the looks of the bride.

For flowers and balloons, feel free to get in touch directly with our dear friend Cristina at Kiona Event Design. Or, you can send us a message directly and we'll help you with these props.

pre wedding photoshoot props - flowers

"La vie ne vaut d'être vécue sans amour."

serge gainsbourg
pre wedding photoshoot props - champagne shower


a shower of celebration

If you are taking pre wedding photo, it means that you are celebrating an important step in your relationship.

If you have a fun personality, then it's mandatory to pop a champagne in Paris for a fun picture.

"You don't always need a plan, sometimes you just need champagne."

Paris Pre Wedding Package

Pre wedding photo package Paris typically include transportation around the city, beauty services and a videographer.

Bride with a huge bouquet of colorful balloons dancing in Paris



Having a car at your disposal during the Paris pre wedding photo shoot has several benefits: 

  • You don't lose time looking for uber or taxi.
  • You can change outfits in the care, especially if it is a van.​​​​
  • If you book a fancy or vintage car, it will look nice in photos.

For our pre wedding photo shoot clients, we warmly recommend Muevete Paris. They offer both S-Class Mercedes limousines as well as mini vans.

Pre wedding photo package Paris - Transportation

When you are looking for a photographer in Paris, you'll probably find many Paris wedding photo shoot package that include a beauty artist. Beauty services commonly include bridal hair and bridal make-up services.

Paris wedding photoshoot package - Bridal hair and make-up



Professional make-up for your pre wedding photo in Paris is not necessary, but recommended. You want to look beautiful, just like a princess in your pre wedding pictures.


The same goes for bridal hair styling. Having a professional hairstylist to get you ready is a great idea.

Having a beauty artist along the pre wedding photo shoot is also a good idea. Especially if you are changing several outfits and you want each different look to be consistent.

pre wedding photo shoot dresses

Choosing your dress for the pre wedding photo session should be easy and fun. You obviously have several options:


The first possibility is of course to buy your wedding gown in your home country and travel with it to Paris. It is known that the wedding dresses that you can buy in China or in other Asian countries, are much more affordable. The only downside of this option is that you have to pack several dresses and bring them to Paris.


Now ...

If you'd like to rent a wedding gown in Paris, these are the gown rental places that we recommend:

  • C'EST MA ROBE. Probably the most complete dress rental shop in Paris.
  • PROMISSA. A big selection of evening and wedding dresses.
  • MA BONNE AMIE. This is the place for couture evening dresses and even for brand accessories.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Dresses inspiration

If you are wondering, what dresses look beautiful in Paris. There are no hard rules. Except, that in the morning, you can wear any type of gowns. Most brides opt for a white or pastel wedding dress. On the other hand, for night pictures, a strong color will pop more in the pictures.

Wedding dresses inspiration - replace it

Pre Wedding Pictures Poses

When it comes to posing for your Paris pre wedding photos, the main advice is to keep the poses simple, elegant and graceful.

Few of the most flattering pre wedding pictures poses.

Natural poses

There are a few basic poses that look natural, candid. These poses are what we call must have photos and we typically start our photo shoots from there simple but elegant poses.

Pre wedding pictures poses - The parent pleaser or grandma shot-full size

The Grandma Shot

The parent pleaser

offer the print to your parents

Pre wedding pictures poses - Holding hands and looking into a common future-full size

Holding hands

looking into the future

Best to show the scenery

Pre wedding pictures poses - Simply holding hands and looking at each other-full size

simple portrait

looking in each others eyes

it's about you but also the location

motion poses

Some of the most flattering pre wedding pictures poses represent motion. Whether you are walking in the city or across the street, Paris is probably the most romantic setting.

pre wedding pictures poses - bride and groom walking hand in hand in place vendome

surrounderd by architecture

romantic stroll

paris has many elegant backdrops

pre wedding pictures poses - bride and groom crossing the street in Paris -full

it might be dangerous but fun

crossing the street

alexander 3 bridge is beautiful in the evening

pre wedding pictures poses - walking down the stairs of petit palais

the stairs are elegant

starting your new journey

Grand Palais

romantic poses

Paris is undeniably the City of Love. What better place to get romantic. Especially for your Paris pre wedding photos. There are no rules for posing, just be romantic, enjoy these moments.

Paris pre wedding - Bride cuddling in her grooms arms

romantic hugs in Paris

the romantic cuddle

the sunset at the louvre is breathtaking

pre wedding paris - Kissing with balloons

props make the photo more fun

the romantic kiss

kissing in front of the eiffel tower

Paris pre wedding photography - The running away pose

run away to paris

running away with you

flowy dresses are great for running photos

more romantic poses

From being romantic to getting super romantic is a simple step. Some of the romantic poses we can think of are the kiss on the forehead and the lifting kiss.

pre wedding photo package paris - The kiss on the forehead (2)

get romantic when the night comes

gentle kiss on the forehead

natural pose and conveys deep connection

paris wedding photoshoot package - The romantic lift

it works in any parisian location

lift her and kiss

we'll teach you how to lift Effortless

pre wedding photography paris - Super romantic moment at the Eiffel Tower Carousel

it's never to close

forehead to forehead

breathing is key and closing eyes

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