Paris Musicians for Marriage Proposals and Weddings in Paris

Paris musicians for marriage proposals
Paris violinist playing a romantic song for a couple’s engagement in Paris

When it comes to Paris musicians, we often collaborate with artists for events such as marriage proposals in Paris and Paris weddings. Therefore, our clients always ask us for the best violinists, pianists, harpists that can add a touch of romance for their event. We created this article, precisely to provide a list of top Paris musicians. Let’s start with the violinists.


A violin sounds romantic and it goes well with any type of event. From engagements, to elopements and weddings (ceremony or reception).


Euterpe Paris is a group of talented musicians based in Paris and lead by Paris violinist Tatevik Baghmanian. Euterpe is available for corporate events but also private events in Paris such as: marriage proposals, elopements, wedding ceremonies (religious or not), cocktail evenings, first dances and more.

Euterpe Paris - Violinist based in Paris France available for weddings
Paris violinist rehearsing for wedding ceremony in Shangri La Paris

Website: Euterpe Paris

Instagram: Euterpe Paris Instagram


Adrian Delmer is a talented Paris violinist with 4 years of experience in playing music for marriage proposals in Paris. If you wish to have your favorite music in the background of your romantic event in Paris, then hiring a Paris musician is a great idea. Choose your song, one that is meaningful, says Adrian, the one that you were listening to when you first kissed or danced.

Adrian Delmer - A violinist and a guitar player performing for a surprise proposal inside the Crystal Room

Website: Your Paris Violinist

Instagram: Your Paris Violinist Instagram


Your Paris violinist, Rafael Carmo is a skilled musician with Brazilian origins. He is available for romantic events such as elopements, weddings and surprise marriage proposals. With a rich repertoire, you can select any type of music for your event, from classical music to pop songs and contemporary music. Rafael is very experienced in working with various Paris proposal planners, to make your Paris engagement a dream come true.

Rafael Carmo Paris musician - violinist available for romantic proposals in Paris.jpg

Instagram: Rafael Carmo Instagram


Meet professional wedding violinist David Amsellem. He has 10+ years of experience of playing in Paris music groups, for various corporate and romantic events. David is available in Paris for wedding ceremonies, for engagements, cocktail parties and intimate romantic dinners.

David Amsellem - Violinist performing romantic song during a wedding ceremony at the Shangri La

Website: Wedding Violinist |

Instagram: Wedding Violinist Instagram

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2 thoughts on “Paris Musicians for Marriage Proposals and Weddings in Paris

Cherubin tiffo
Thursday, November 30th, 2023

Je voudrais faire une demanded en marriage le 26 December soi

    Oana Ciuciu
    Friday, December 8th, 2023

    Bonjour Cherubin,

    Merci pour votre message.

    Pour la prise de vue photographique, Daniel est disponible le 26; vous pouvez réserver la scéance photo ici:

    Voici une liste des musiciens à Paris:

    Je reste à disposition pour toute question.

    Bien à vous,

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