Romantic Paris ideas: why the sunset at Eiffel Tower is still a must do !

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During our romantic Paris photo sessions, almost all the couples ask me about my favorite romantic spots in Paris, especially those not yet discovered by regular tourists and of course about romantic things to do in Paris.

Romantic Paris ideas Sunset Eiffel Tower

As a Paris engagement Photographer, I had the opportunity to explore some of the most romantic places of Paris and I’ll be sharing them with you through beautiful imagery.

One of the incontournable romantic spots of Paris is the Eiffel Tower. Let’s explore how you can have a fantastic romantic experience during sunset at the Eiffel Tower !

When to go ?
Summer nights are surely the best time to enjoy the Eiffel Tower sunset, the warm temperatures of July and August in Paris and the fact that you are surrounded by a lot of enthusiastic people makes it a unique experience. Make sure to find out the sunset hour for the season you are visiting Paris and get to there one hour before.

What to do ?
After a full day of walking the dusty streets of Paris, you finally have the time to relax, enjoy the moment and to kiss from time to time. Oh yeah, you’ll definitely feel the desire to kiss when the lights start to sparkle on the Eiffel Tower ! That’s every night, every hour on the hour for five minutes.

Where to go ?
The Eiffel Tower is huge and can be spotted from all over Paris. The most romantic places in Paris with a great view over the tower are:

Hope these tips about romantic things to do in Paris are useful for your upcoming romantic Paris experience. Think about
getting beautiful memories of your stay, even with your iPhone. To offer you a little motivation to get interested about the things covered in this article, I prepared a short time-lapse video of the sunset at Eiffel Tower.

What is YOUR favorite romantic spot in Paris for the Eiffel Tower sunset ? Let us know in a comment below.

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