Honeymoon photo session in Paris with Lily & Aaron

Honeymoon photo session with Paris photographer Fran Boloni

Lily and Aaron got married during this year, 2014, in San Antonio (Texas) and chosen Paris and Santorini as destinations for their honeymoon. They also head the brilliant idea to get creative for their traditionally called trash the dress sessions in both France and Greece. I had the privilege to take in charge their Paris honeymoon photos. What follows is a brief presentation of their honeymoon photo session in Paris. On this journey we covered the following iconic landmarks: Louvre Museum, Alexander III bridge and the Eiffel Tower.

Honeymoon pictures at Louvre pyramid

We had such an amazing experience in Paris and this photo shoot topped off this portion of our honeymoon. Fran Boloni with Romantic Photography in Paris was such a pleasure to work with! He and his sidekick went above and beyond to drove us all over Paris to capture breathtaking photos. Lily and Aaron

Honeymoon session at Louvre in Paris

During preparation we decided that Lily will change attire for every location. If you were wondering if that’s possible, the answer is a definite YES. So we started the session at Louvre. There we wanted to capture the architecture of the old kings palace and the modernity of the pyramid.

Couple on honeymoon at Louvre Museum in Paris

After this warm up session we went in the direction of Alexander 3 bridge. Meanwhile Lily changed in her second dress. As we needed to pass on Champs Elysées on our way to the bridge, we stopped in the middle of the road and took a few pictures with the Arc de Triomphe in the background. They say in real life photography you need to get lucky sometimes. This was indeed a lucky shot and I felt so happy having this guy looking at the couple in the moment I clicked on the shutter, allowing me to get away with a unique picture.

Couple in the middle of the street in Paris

We also prepared some props along with the dress change, to give that little extra something to Lily and Aaron’s Paris pictures. Talking of balloons, these are probably the best props for all type of Paris photos, especially Paris pre wedding pictures.

Couple on honeymoon with balloons in Paris

Alexander III bridge gives so many perspectives and so many possibilities to a photographer. We tried to avoid clichés and opt for some more intimate pictures . The balloons are there to emphasize the couples celebration of love in the most romantic city in the world.

Honeymoon photos on Alexander 3 bridge in Paris

The sun was already setting as you can see in the following picture, so we decided to jump in the car and head to our last location, the one and only Eiffel Tower.

Sunset at Eiffel Tower when taking photos of a couple on honeymoon

The sunset that day was simply magnificent and color perfect. But you most remember that the perfect moment for night photos is the moment right after the sunset. For 20 minutes, the ambient light gets even with the lights on the Eiffel Tower and the Parisian lamps, while the sky becomes of an intense dark blue.

Love on the honeymoon in Paris

So we only had 20 minutes to make all of our Eiffel Tower pictures, taking into consideration the tourists passing by and getting in the frame. Oh, there were some ladies who literally stopped for several minutes and took pictures of us and then asked to get each of them a few photos with the bride and groom. I think we made it to so many Facebook walls that day.

Couple on honeymoon and bride with Louboutin shoes

In Paris, once the sun sets completely we get the lights out and shoot night photography. I have a preference for night photos, mostly because they bring more mystery than photos taken in daylight. My personal favorite picture from this honeymoon photo session is the picture below. It just conveys so much right emotion. At this moment the couple was totally comfortable with the photographer and you can clearly see it in the image. You’ll also notice that the sky didn’t completely darkened, it is still dark blue, contributing to the powerful emotion of the picture.

Best honeymoon photographer in Paris

Fran also brought props and ideas for the photo shoot. He’s truly passionate about his art and is willing to lay on the ground or run in the middle of the street just to capture “The Shot”. Thank you Fran for the wonderful experience and pictures !!! Lily and Aaron

For more pictures from Lily and Aaron’s honeymoon photo shoot, check out my Paris photographer portfolio.Fresh honeymoon pictures with Fran Boloni Paris photographer

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5 thoughts on “Honeymoon photo session in Paris with Lily & Aaron

Friday, February 27th, 2015

My name is Claudia Palomino and I would like to inquire about taking a few pictures in Paris for my husband and I.
We are traveling there for our honeymoon and will be onsite the following days: March 22 -24.
I was a bit dissapointed with our wedding pictures so I would like to make up for it, by taking pictures in the most romantic city, PARIS.
Please tell me what the pricing/deposit would be and number of pictures I would get.
Thank you so much in advance.

Claudia P

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Hi Claudia,

nice to hear from you. The best way to get in touch with us is to use the Contact form from our Contact page or send us an email directly to the email address found on the Contact page. I hope you are enjoying your Parisian adventure.

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

I will be in Paris for honeymoon from Feb 11 to Feb 14.

Can you tell me your availability as well as price for various packages?

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

Hi Neha,

we missed your comment here. The best way to get in touch quickly with us is by using our contact page.

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

Hello, my name is Hasan. After wedding I am coming to Paris with my wife on date from 28.08.2016 till 1st of september. Could we meet somewhere in a Paris for 1 day to make a photo session? And how much it will cost to me? I know that it will depend from time and places, but could you please write minimum and normal price depending of your work and time. Thank You for your attention.

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