Pre wedding photo shoot Paris carousel Eiffel Tower

Gabby and Ted are a lovely couple from Indonesia who will get married in early May this year (2015). They booked a Paris pre wedding photo shoot to create magical images and showcase them during their wedding reception. I’ll let them describe their story.

We are Indonesian couple that travels to Paris to take our pre-wedding photos. We did our homework and searched all over the internet for our perfect photographer. After comparing many photographers and communicate with them (which took quite some time and efforts), we decided that Fran is our man for this important life event (pre-wedding photo is a huge thing in our country-our parents would kill us if the result turns out bad). Based on our communication with him, we get the feeling that Fran truly cares about us, and willing to do anything to create the best photos with us. He is also well-equipped with high-end photography gear. So that’s it, we agreed on a date and we flew to Paris.

Pre wedding photo shoot Paris cathedral

The pre wedding photo shoot started at a cathedral next to Louvre and just in time to catch the sunrise at Eiffel Tower, which by the way is a must see when you’re in Paris. For her first photoshoot outfit, Gabby opted for a simple yet elegant white wedding gown.

Pre wedding photo session in Paris sunrise 2

Although February can be a little bit cold, they were very courageous and faced up to the typical capricious Parisian weather.

Once we reached Paris, we meet Fran for a meeting that he kindly suggested before. Since we plan to shop in the afternoon, we met him just before noon. Fran is a very punctual man, he arrived in our apartment before the agreed time. First impression about him was that he is full of energy and enthusiasm not only about his job, but also about life in general. He shared my passion for traveling. It was a pleasure talking to him while he walk us to a near cafe. Once we reached the cafe, we talk about photo locations and concepts while eating croissants and drinking sinfully delicious hot chocolate. Thank you Fran for the nice food and drink !

Pre wedding photo session Paris Inception bridge parisian cafe

Our walk through Paris involved passing near Champs Elysées and Concorde, where we were lucky enough to catch some water remained for an early shower and got some reflection pictures. I love reflection and silhouette photos !

Paris pre wedding photo session Concorde reflections

The sunrise photo session ended with a last stop at the Love Locks bridge (Pont des Arts), where Gabby and Ted put a lock on it, kissed and threw the key in the River Seine.

Pre wedding photo shoot in Paris Love Locks bridge

We also requested one photo by the river that we really love, and he totally surprised us when he searched that location and practice a photo with his girlfriend the night before our photo-shoot. I mean, these are just out-of-this-world service. The way he treat us is not like we are just his customer, but like i am his childhood friend and he really want the best for me.

The highlight of the evening part of this pre wedding photo session was the Carousel and the Eiffel Tower. But how about that stunning red dress ?

Paris photographer for pre wedding photo session at Eiffel Tower
We are shooting in early February and the weather was freezingly unforgiving. We appreciate Fran for being so patient with us while still giving direction and suggestions that improves our photo-shoot experience. We did 2 sessions with Fran (sunrise and sunset) and boy oh boy, time really flies. We were afraid that we will be exhausted and freeze, but now looking back, we can laugh about how scared we were back then.

Pre wedding photo shoot Paris Alexander 3 bridge

Our last stop was Louvre Museum. I am still amazed by how much this location has to offer for a couples photographer in Paris. I can’t get enough of it. Guys, if you’re coming to Paris, please consider seriously including Louvre in your photographic itinerary. It is totally worth it !

Overall, our experience with Fran is totally wonderful and we would suggest him to all our friends. Thank you Fran for everything!

Paris photographer pre wedding photo shoot Louvre pyramid

This pre wedding photo session in Paris was the opportunity for a great collaboration with the talented hairstylist Ciara Costenoble and make up artist Charles Gillman. I would like to congratulate them for the wonderful job they did with our cute couple.

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