Engagement in Paris in the Spring – Emily and Kevin

Everybody dreams about a spring engagement in Paris. Emily and Kevin also had this dream.

Engagement picture in Paris

They got engaged in Philadelphia and decided to take their engagement photos in the capital of romance, Paris.

Romantic moment in Paris

They booked The Paris Photographer for a 1.5 hours photo shoot around the Eiffel Tower (Trocadéro area) on a beautiful April morning.



The Parisian weather was on our side that day and we had an absolutely gorgeous sunrise.

Gentle kiss on the forehead

This is what any good Paris engagement photographer does well.

Start a Paris engagement session with a few cute and romantic poses making sure to have the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Cute couple engagement photos in Paris

We always pay attention to the details (photographers eye !) and captured a close-up shot of Emily’s beautiful nude Christian Louboutin stilettos. Because our clients put so much time and effort into coming up with the most elegant and perfect photoshoot outfits.

Nude Louboutin stylettos

Speaking of details, have you seen Emily’s engagement ring ?

Engagement ring shot

Then we continued with a mandatory parent pleaser, you know the type of photo that you print, frame and give it to your parents to put it on their night stand 🙂

Parent pleaser in front of the Eiffel Tower

It was time for a few dancing, timeless photos. By the way, we have a few creative engagement photo ideas for you.

Dancing twirling in front of the Eiffel Tower

And some funny pictures, with Kevin demanding a kiss on the cheek !

Funny engagement photo Paris

Then followed the iconic, Fran’s signature award winning photo.

Gentlemen, the perfect lift is easily done, by lifting your lady from under the bottom.

Ladies, you have to keep your back perfectly straight and watch that your hair does not cover your face. And voilà !

Lift and kiss

After the Trocadéro photos, we moved around and captured a few lifestyle photos around the Eiffel Tower always keeping it romantic.

Girl in red dress kissing her fiance

It was the beginning of the Spring and the area full of beautiful flowers.

Whisper something cute in my ears

We made our way then toward the Trocadéro fountains and were spoiled with a super blue sky.

Hold my hand and I will follow you

We finished the engagement in Paris with a stroll and a few photos of the cute couple kissing under the Eiffel Tower.

Kiss me under the Eiffel Tower

It was time to taste a delicious hot chocolate in one of the typical Parisian cafés at Trocadéro.

Gentle kiss

We always like to capture a mix of cute, romantic and fun photos in the café in addition to the iconic pictures at the Iron lady.

Cute pose for cafe photos

Hope that you liked this beautiful Spring engagement in Paris. I invite you to check out our engagement portfolio for more brilliant Paris pictures.

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