Loving the lady in red

Anniversary photo in Paris

As Tom embraced Dinah and picked her up in front of the remarkable Eiffel tower, the balloons in her hand gathered to form a heart shape. We have been doing photography in Paris since 2013 and have seen so many magical events. However, there are some moments that are impossible to choreograph, but when they happen the picture truly tells the story of a thousand words. It was a whimsically appropriate sight. 

Tom had inspired a feeling of elation and the smile on Dinah’s face showed that her heart was truly soaring. Every lady dreams of being swept off her feet and this photograph not only revealed the trademark red sole of a chic pair of Louboutins, but also the story of a married couple who share two wonderful sons, a passion for life and for each other.

When Tom first contacted Fran to organize the photo shoot, he emphasized that it would be a surprise romantic gesture for his wife.

“I booked Fran as a surprise for my wife. Not an anniversary, nor an engagement – just because I knew she’d love it” he explains. He was absolutely right. Not only was this a wonderfully romantic gesture, but they both took away an album full of priceless memories as a reminder of their love.

Beautiful woman in red dress with red balloons and red soles

their words



There are lots of options when it comes to photographers – some will be less expensive, some will be more – but you won’t find a more personable, fun artistic and memorable photographer than Fran.  –


You can take photos with your iPhone get a selfie stick, or find somebody on the cheap – but you won’t end up with photographs that you’ll put in your home and cherish for the rest of your lives.”

Romance need not rely solely on a special occasion. Your love is special enough to be worthy of a spontaneous gesture, a memorable anniversary or a breathtaking proposal to signal the beginning of your very own fairy tale. 
Tom and Dinah’s fairy tale was given a new chapter filled with exquisite photographs to convey their exceptional story.

Couple holding hands in front of the Eiffel Tower on their anniversary photo shoot

The happy couple resembled royalty as they stepped into the setting of their spectacular evening shoot. For their photoshoot outfits, Dinah glowed in an elegant red lace dress while Tom, sporting a tuxedo and red tie, proudly led her by the hand. The Louvre Museum was the perfect backdrop for this magical moment.

Elegant couple at Louvre Museum
Louvre Pyramid lady red

From the exquisite columns to the famous pyramid, this Parisian icon lived up to its impressive reputation. 
As the sun set and twilight ensued, the “blue hour” colored the sky in breathtaking shades of royal blue and painted a magnificent background for the couples’ special moments.

Lady in red kissing her husband surrounded by flowers

The following morning, we rose bright and early to avoid the crowds and seize the perfect natural light. 

As we arrived at Trocadéro and found the ideal spot overlooking the Eiffel Tower, Tom and Dinah were still enthusiastic from the previous evening and their joy was evident in every single shot. The series of photographs from this shoot were designed to capture this moment in time and evoke the same emotions for generations to come. We captured their kisses, their caresses, the blissful surroundings and even the smaller details that would ignite recollection of this day.

Our journey with this adoring husband and wife took us to the cobblestone streets of Montmartre 
and an authentic café strip that epitomized a French ambiance. This was the ideal place to have a bit of fun and to show the spontaneity and “joy de vivre” of the happy couple. 

Anniversary photo with colorful balloons in Montmartre

Tom and Dinah enjoyed every moment and provided an abundance of smiles and cheeky kisses, 
much to the delight of onlookers (including several American tourists who were more than happy to show their reactions to the camera and be part of a playful photograph.

Anniversary photo in Paris

As our time together came to an end, it was clear to all that Dinah and Tom would be taking home a spectacular collection of photographs to share with their family and friends. The results speak for themselves and we were honored to be able to create these treasures for two extraordinary people.


As for Tom and Dinah, they were very pleased with the photographs and the overall experience. 
Tom wholeheartedly recommends booking a photo shoot and offered useful tips for couples who are planning a Parisian adventure:

  • Book early! Fran’s best spots go quickly. You’ll want an early morning, or evening shoot when the light is at its best, so try and book with him early. 
  • Make-up and Hair. My wife used both of Fran’s suggestions and loved how she looked the day of the shoot. She tends to stress a bit over her looks, so this took a lot of weight off her shoulders. 
  • Props and color. Balloons seem so French, and worthwhile. Brighter colors for dresses really seem to pop in the photos. 
  • Trust him. Fran is so much fun. Just relax, and take his lead. He’ll bring out the best in you and make you look like a model. 
Couple kissing under red balloons in Montmarte


This gallery is already a great place to start looking for location ideas. But it’s better to check out our guide with the best photography spots in Paris to get more inspiration. The evening shots were elegant, and the day shots more relaxed and fun. Fran had some great suggestions to help me narrow down the locations.

A romantic photo shoot in Paris is the perfect way to capture special occasions such as a holiday, proposal and anniversary, but there is no better reason than the simple desire to celebrate your love.

Couple kissing in front of souvenir shop at Montmartre

If you’d like to find out more about our anniversary photo shoots, we are waiting for your message.

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2 thoughts on “Loving the lady in red

Maria Harris
Sunday, January 17th, 2016

Good Afternoon, hope you are doing great!! I was wondering how much would a photo shoot be for my 13 year old daughter? I’m hoping to go sometime this summer. My phone number is 7868531187 thank you!! Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

Hi Maria,

I would be glad taking your daughters photos in Paris. Please use our contact page or the email address listed there to find out more about our collections and availability.

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