Honeymooning in Paris – Five things you’re forgetting to pack

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As you get ready for your honeymooning in Paris, it can be easy to get lost in the excitement and leave packing to fall by the wayside. It is the City of Love after all. Putting packing on the back burner can be even easier when it comes to the craziness of planning your wedding and honeymoon. If you’ve never been to Paris (or outside your own country) it’s important to be prepared and ready for anything the trip may bring your way. Here are our five travel essentials you may be forgetting to pack for your trip of a lifetime!


Travel kit for Paris honeymoon trip

Toiletries are often the first items to forget to pack when planning a big trip. But looking and feeling your best when you’re on your honeymoon can be the difference between an average trip and an unforgettable one. For men, remembering to bring the right travel shaving kit can be a game-changer. Make sure to pack a travel kit that will suit your needs and have you feeling sharp and well-groomed for your romantic getaway.

While hotel shampoo and soap will do the trick in a pinch, looking your best will be crucial on your honeymoon. For women, try out a versatile travel kit that will keep your skin glowing and your hair healthy. Bringing your favorite toiletries will not only help you look your best, but it will help you feel your best and be ready for the hustle-bustle of your trip. This will help you bring all attention to your partner and make the moments together even more memorable.


Packing appropriate clothes for Parisian weather
Stylish girl posing in front of the Louvre Pyramid in Paris

While packing that fancy dress or dapper suit will make the trip even more romantic, it’s important to pack a few practical clothing items as well. Our number one advice would be to coordinate your outfits with the activities you have planned.With all that Paris has to offer between the Louvre, seeing the Eiffel tower, and exploring the city’s nightlife, it’s important to think ahead in terms of what outfits would work best for you. But this also means you’ll want to be comfortable in any weather that may come your way.

When honeymooning in Paris, make sure to check the weather beforehand and pack accordingly. If it’s supposed to rain the week you’re traveling, shorts may not be the best idea. Even if it doesn’t look like bad weather is in your forecast, having a packable raincoat and some comfortable shoes handy in your luggage is always a safe bet. If you are in dire need of new footwear, check out this guide for the best shoes to wear when traveling.


Travel adapter is essential for electronic devices in France

For the new traveler, this will be an absolute must. Many don’t realize, or even forget, outlets are different from country to country. In order to keep all your needed electronics charged and ready to go, you’ll want to get an adapter that will work for your phone and France’s outlets. Do your research and make sure the adapter you’re getting will work for you and your partner’s electronics. If you’re unsure which adapter you’ll need when honeymooning in Paris, make sure to read these tips for more information on which kind of adapter will be best for you.


Honeymooning in Paris - Paris at sunset

This may seem like an obvious essential, but with the craze of wedding planning, it may just go unnoticed. The last thing any person honeymooning in Paris wants is to get to the airport without their much-needed passport or boarding pass. Make sure you have everything you need, and extra documents just in case. This means double (and triple) checking all your booked tickets, passport, and identification are packed and ready to go. You may even want to bring some extra identification. If you really want to go the extra mile, grab some maps of Paris before heading out as well.


Essential things to bring to Paris - a quality camera

Last but not least, a quality camera will be essential. While a phone camera is adequate for day to day life, your honeymoon in Paris is something you’ll want high quality pictures of for the rest of your life. Getting a camera that will not only do your honeymoon justice, but will also be good for long-term use is crucial. If you don’t have your own camera, consider getting a professional photographer and having a photoshoot with your spouse! Not only is this a fun activity for your trip, but it’ll also help you commemorate the day and have great pictures to show friends and family.

Packing for your honeymoon doesn’t need to be stressful. Remember why you’re there; to spend quality time with your partner for the first time as newlyweds. Knowing you have some of the more important essentials packed and ready should take some of the stress off your shoulders and help you focus on your partner.

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Daniel Cojocaru
Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

Very useful reminder! Not only for a trip to Paris but also for a trip to anywhere in the world. Thank you!

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