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Wedding in France - Bride and groom looking at each other in their French wedding reception venue: Chateau de Chantilly

Why have a wedding in France? If somebody were asked about France, they’d almost always refer to it as a ‘romantic’ country, whether they’ve visited or not. And well, they wouldn’t be wrong – France is truly the embodiment of all things romance. There’s a reason why newlyweds always consider going to France for their honeymoon. In fact, its reputation has also made it a popular destination to tie the knot.

What are French Weddings Like?

Like their love for wine, the French go big on wedding celebrations! From extravagant proposals to dreamy ceremonies, a wedding in France is nothing short of a fairytale. Therefore, whether you’re a local or a tourist looking to have a destination wedding ceremony in France, planning the perfect French wedding is surely daunting.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a complete handbook for everything you need to know about weddings in France. You can also check our guide for destination weddings in France. From legal requirements and venues, to accommodation and logistics, this guide contains everything you possibly need to know to marry the French way.

Emotional wedding ceremony captured by The Paris Photographer

Types of Wedding Ceremonies in France

The only wedding ceremony that is considered legally-binding in France is a civil ceremony, which is held at the city hall. The process for that isn’t the easiest. 

For instance, you and/or partner must reside in France for at least 40 days. Plus, have a complete set of required documentation to be allowed to marry in France. We mention this in detail in our guide on Parisian weddings. Then there are religious ceremonies, for the couples who believe practicing faith is a major aspect in their lives. However, since they aren’t legally binding, you must have a civil wedding ceremony in France beforehand.

Can a Foreigner Get Married in France?

We’re often asked if foreigners get married in France. Of course! They can either go through the process of having a civil ceremony. Otherwise, to avoid complications, they can choose to get married in their home country, and have a symbolic ceremony in France.

Mother helping bride to get ready for her special day

Symbolic ceremonies have gained quite the popularity in France, mainly because of the convenience they offer. Performed by a celebrant or officiant, symbolic ceremonies allow the couple to focus on their special day without worrying about legalities.

Pro tip: Try to book your officiant in advance to have a better idea of the requirements. In fact, to avoid any last minute bridezilla moments, try planning and booking everything in advance. If you do wish to go for a civil ceremony, check out our guides on Paris elopements and on Parisian weddings to know about the documentation and any other requirements you will need to fulfill.

Close-up of bride wearing bridal make-up putting on diamond earrings

Wedding Packages in France

Before we jump into how much it costs to plan a wedding in France, please allow us to introduce ourselves.

Wedding Photographers in France

We are The Paris Photographer, a team of friendly and fun professional wedding photographers, based in Paris and available to photograph all over France (also in Europe). The team has been created by Fran Boloni, award winning photographer. Our aim is to provide high-quality wedding photography with a variety in photographic style. We know that photography is subjective, that’s why our artists have different artistic vision and we are sure that you can find the best fit for the wedding of your dreams.

Bride and groom kissing in their wedding ballroom in France

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How Much Does a Wedding in France Cost?

You will be pleasantly surprised that a wedding in France is not exuberantly expensive. However, the total cost depends on how grand or intimate your wedding event is. A wedding with a guest list of 50 will surely have a different budget than a wedding that hosts, let’s say, 300 guests.

So, let’s talk numbers for a wedding France that has about 100 guests. On average, a classic wedding would start around €20,000-€30,000. A luxury wedding in France would go up to about €70,000 – €150,000. And for our fancy queens who wish to go all out on their special days, an ultimately grand wedding can range from anything over €150,000 and go up to €400,000.

Floral design, wall of roses at the Hotel Crillon in Paris

The cost of your wedding in France will also depend on how far in advance you plan the event and on the number and quality of wedding vendors that you plan on hiring. Indeed, many vendors have a more interesting rate if you book 1 or 2 years in advance. As to the quality of a vendor, the prices vary depending on the number of years of experience and the quality of the service that is being provided.

It’s very important that the first step to planning a wedding involves clearly setting out a budget. Not only will it keep your expenses in check, but it’ll give you a way to track your spending as well as keep you relaxed.

Pro tip: The only currency accepted in France is the Euro, but major credit cards are readily accepted in nearly all areas, excluding the ones that are exceptionally isolated.

Chateau de Chissay - aerial view - French wedding venue

Top Venues for a Spectacular Wedding in France

It’s not a surprise to know that France is adorned with breathtaking venues to have a wedding in. From the luxurious salons of The Ritz in Paris, and the luscious gardens of Chateau la Chevre d’Or, Eze in southern France. To the breathtaking view Yachts de Paris offers of the Seine River, France will have you spoilt for choice when it comes to wedding venues.

We can’t possibly cover all the beauty that France has to offer here in one post – so head over to our comprehensive guide on the most romantic venues scattered around France. From charming chateaux to grand hotel ballrooms to romantic beaches, we believe that each location has its own unique vibe, and you’re guaranteed to have a memorable wedding.

Luxury wedding venue in Paris France

Is it Possible to Get Married at Notre Dame de Paris? And How Much Does it Cost?

Yes, of course! There are two conditions though: a) One of the either parties (bride or the groom) must be catholic. b) They must either be a student, an Alumni of Notre Dame or a parish member of Sacred Heart. Oh, and the cost is a $750 church fee. And no flowers allowed (sad but true).

Weather & Climate: When is the Best Time to Throw a Wedding in France?

Like most countries, Spring (late March to early June) and Autumn (late September to early December) are considered the best times for a wedding – the weather is pleasant and the ambiance is delightful.

Getting married on a rainy day in Paris

Summers are usually hot in France, but if you’re in the mood for a beach wedding, you can definitely consider planning during summertime. While the north is quite chilly during the winters, southern France often offers cold breezes and sunny days. Perfect for an outdoor wedding. Check out our quick guide on beach weddings in France to plan the perfect summer wedding!

Pro tip: Look for venues that can cater to last minute changes if the weather suddenly decides to be moody. Have a plan B ready in case you need to move the ceremony indoors.

Wedding ring and whote wedding shoes

French Wedding Vendors & Suppliers – A.K.A Your A Team!

There’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding ceremony in France, and vendors play a pivotal role in determining how your special day is going to turn out (no pressure, dear vendors). Here’s a list of the vendors that will add value to your big day:

  • Wedding Planner: A wedding planner can add value to a wedding day by helping to coordinate and manage all aspects of the event. They can work with the bride and groom to select vendors, create a timeline, and handle logistics, allowing the couple to focus on enjoying their special day.
  • Makeup Artist: A make-up artist can add value to your wedding day by ensuring that you (the bride) and your bridal party look and feel your best. They can help enhance natural features and create a cohesive look that complements the wedding theme and style. Additionally, a skilled make-up artist can help alleviate stress and provide a calming presence on the wedding day.
  • Hairstylist. Hairstyling often go hand in hand with make-up. A hairstylist makes sure that you and your bridal party have beautiful and unique hairstyles. A look that complements your dress and overall look.
Harold James doing make up and hair styling on bride in Paris
World renown make-up artist Harold James in action in Paris
  • Dress Designer, for the bride and groom: A wedding dress designer can add value to a wedding day by creating a unique and personalized gown that fits your style and vision. They can work with the bride to select fabrics, colors, and styles that complement the wedding theme and create a cohesive look. A skilled wedding dress designer can provide guidance and support throughout the dress selection process, helping you feel more confident and speeding up the decision making about your dream wedding dress.
Bride wearing Dior dress exchanging rings with groom at Chateau de Chantilly

Wedding Photographers/Videographers: 

The wedding vendor that along with the wedding planner, spends the entire wedding day with you. The wedding photographer and videographer makes sure to capture the most meaningful moments of your wedding day and strives to show the story the way it looked and felt to you, the bride and the groom. 

Explore our talented wedding videographers in France.

  • Caterers: The French love their food, so you must ensure that the French menu is top-notch!
  • Florists: A floral designer can add value to a wedding day by creating beautiful and one of a kind floral arrangements that complement the wedding theme and style. They can work with the bride and groom to select flowers, colors, and styles that fit the overall vision of the wedding.
  • Celebrant or Officiant: A wedding celebrant can add value to a wedding ceremony by creating a personalized and meaningful ceremony that reflects the couple’s values, beliefs, and personalities. They can work with the couple to craft vows, select readings, and incorporate special touches that make the ceremony unique and memorable. Explore the top Paris celebrants.
  • Musicians: A musician or live band can add value to a wedding ceremony and reception by providing live entertainment that creates a memorable and romantic atmosphere. They can work with you as a couple to select music that fits the overall theme and style of the wedding, as well as provide guidance on the timing and flow of the music throughout the event. Additionally, live music can help set the tone for the ceremony and reception, and can provide a unique and personal touch that guests will remember for years to come.
Bride and groom cutting wedding cake

Wedding Planner: Should I Get One on Board?

To be honest, a wedding planner makes your life easy. Instead of going through the stressful journey of planning your entire wedding day on your own, it’s much simpler to graciously accept the shoulder wedding planners lend you. 

More importantly, wedding planners know everything there is to know about weddings, so we recommend it if you’re going for a destination wedding France. There’s a reason why it’s so easy to rip off tourists – they don’t know much about the place. Not only will a planner assist you in every way possible, but they’ll get you the perfect wedding for your personalized budget!

If you’re looking for a wedding planner for your destination wedding in France, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 wedding planners in Paris, along with how to pick the right one. 

Bride and groom cutting wedding cake

Pro tip: Have a detailed meeting before finalizing the wedding planner, so they understand your vision. You also need to be comfortable with them to speak your heart and know that they won’t judge you when you ask to have at least 10 champagne towers. Now that’s a wedding we would LOVE to attend.

The Wedding Theme & Settings: What’s the Classic French Style?

A French wedding can come in many different colors, sizes and forms, but the trademark of it is the beautiful harmony of delicacy and charm that is depicted all over, from the venue to the décor to the cutlery.

If we were to think of a French wedding, it would be something like this: Luscious flower arrangements floating everywhere, dainty flatware and tableware. These elements coordinated to complement each other. Plus, the venue dripping with hues of gold and pastel-toned colors, such as blush pink or white. Oh, what a sight for sore eyes!

Wedding in France - Ceremony room decorated with flowers in French style

Since our love for weddings in France is endless, we’ve made a complete guide to have the perfect Parisian-themed weddings. In this guide, we discuss everything you need to know, from décor to even the makeup a French bride goes for!

Don’t Forget the Guests!

You know that they made the effort to be there for you on your big day. So we sincerely believe guests should be taken care of generously, especially if it’s a destination wedding ceremony in France – I mean, they’ve traveled across the world for you!

It’s always a good idea to plan activities that your guests can indulge in when they’re not busy with the wedding festivities. It will take time, but it will warm your guests’ heart to see the effort you’ve put in to make sure they enjoy their stay. Here is a list of some thrilling activities you can arrange to keep them hooked!

Flower girl bringing wedding bands during ceremony

Other than that, it’s crucial to organize accommodation and logistics for your guests beforehand, to avoid any stress on the wedding day.

Pro-tip: There are several venues that offer gorgeous areas for a wedding reception, as well as accommodation for your guests. This will help you save some major bucks as you won’t have to worry about driving them back and from the venue.

Just talking about French weddings has left us feeling fuzzy – imagine how we feel when we’re actually at one. Starry skies, exquisite wine, delectable food and love in the air – France is truly a memorable experience. Tying the knot in the most romantic world in the world is a dream for many couples. We really hope we’ve helped you come one step closer to making this dream a reality!

Let’s create magical photos of your dream wedding in France!

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