Cute couple photoshoot in winter

This is a cute couple photoshoot in winter time in Paris. Winter days are shorter and colder in Paris.

The light however is flattering, because the sun is usually hidden or very low, compared to summer days. This makes winter Paris photo shoots so unique.

For perfect romantic couple photos, what matters the most, regardless the season, is how well a couple connects and how comfortable they are in front of the photographers lens. Connection is probably one of the most important aspects that we insist during our couple photoshoot in Paris.

Cute couple photoshoot in winter by The Paris Photographer

Vika and Dre are from Virginia, US and they visited Paris at the end of November 2017. For this reason, the city was already preparing for the winter holidays.


Cute couple photoshoot in Paris - Elegant gentleman lifting his girlfriend and having a romantic moment

We began the cute couple photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower. Because that is the location that gets crowded very fast and we wanted to have the feel of Paris only for ourselves.

Beautiful black girl getting ready to take Paris portraits at the Eiffel Tower

Vika was wearing a gorgeous long flowy gown. This type of photoshoot outfit is our favorite, because it looks beautiful and dramatic in the pictures.

Now, I wouldn’t have chosen a sleeveless dress in winter, but she was courageous. In the colder months, we recommend to adapt the outfits to be comfortable and enjoy the photo experience. Check out our guide for how to dress for your couples photos in Paris.

Beautiful girl posing in front of the Eiffel Tower in her black tulle dress
Cute girl wearing Louboutin stilettos posing in front of the Eiffel Tower


Romantic couple photos do not require kissing all the time. Although kissing in Paris is a highly recommended activity. We can show romance even through simple kind gestures like holding hands and strolling around the city.

Cute couple photoshoot in Paris - Walking hand in hand in the city of love

Happiness is like a kiss … you must share it to enjoy it.

Young couple having a romantic kiss in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower

Vika wanted to have a few individual shots. Who doesn’t want to have a few Paris portraits. Especially when you bring your favorite pair of Christian Louboutin stilettos along in Paris. 

Beautiful black girl holding pink Louboutin high heels shoes in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
Christian Louboutin red soles lifted in the air at the Eiffel Tower in Paris


After spending around 1 hour at the Eiffel Tower, we stopped by one of our favorites parisian cafés in Place de Trocadéro. Café Carette has, in my opinion, the most delicious macarons and the best hot chocolate in Paris.

Cute couple photo shoot - couple having romantic stroll in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower
Cute couple photoshoot in a parisian café. Sharing macarons and hot chocolate at Carette Paris in Place de Trocadéro


The hot chocolate tasting between two main locations, is a brilliant idea. First, because it allows us to get warm and take beautiful piece of life photos. Then, it contains sugar and it energizes us for the rest of the couples photo shoot.


Cute couple photo shoot in Place Vendome Paris

Place Vendôme is one of our favorite locations for romantic and elegant couples pictures. The high end store fronts and the Christmas decorations make a perfect backdrop for elegant and creative pictures.

The new Louis Vuitton store front is above all fabulous. It looks like a golden sun streaming metal rays.

“I love traveling. It’s like my perfect escape”.

~ Michael Steger”

Romantic tip for couples photos: look each other in the eyes all the time.

Gentlemen: every time you look at your lady, make her feel like she is the most wanted woman on the face of the earth.

Romantic and cute couple photo shoot in Place Vendome with a beautiful couple from Virginia, US
Cute couple walking holding in hands in front of Dior store in Place Vendome - beautiful Christmas decoration in the background

From Place Vendôme, we went back to the Eiffel Tower. On the road, Vika and Dre had a quick attire change for some cute pictures.


Vika had a dream. To have cotton candy photos on one of the merry-go-rounds near the Eiffel Tower. So she adapted her outfit to match the candy floss theme.

Beautiful girl posing for a Paris portrait on the merry go round near the Eiffel Tower

The city in winter can be very grey, especially around the Tower. There, the trees are leafless and if the sky is covered the background is colorless.

Her dress and the cotton candy gave a punch of color to their romantic photos.

Cute black couple fun photo with cotton candy in Paris
Kissing in the street near the Carousel of the Eiffel Tower

While we were waiting for the cotton candy, I quickly took a few portraits of Vika. Her smile was charming and her dress wonderful.

A smile is the best make-up a girl could wear.”

~ Marilyn Monroe

Probably one of my favorite tips for a fun and romantic couples photo is to hide the kiss. As a result, the photo leaves a bit of mystery in the air. As you can’t really tell if the couple is kissing or not. And the best way to hide the kiss is using a prop (flowers, hearts or candy floss).

Cute couple photo shoot on the merry go round near the Eiffel Tower in Paris
Girl with pink Louboutin heels kissing her boyfriend behind candy floss on the merry go round near Eiffel Tower

We finished this cute couple photo shoot with a few other pictures, as Vika and Dre had a big announcement to make. For the moment, we can’t share those photos but I can’t wait for the news to become official.

Romantic and cute couple photoshoot in Paris

This was Vika and Dre’s love story in Paris. I hope you liked their winter photos and story.

We are looking forward to having you on board. Simply send us a message and let’s get things started to make your dream couples photos a reality.

We are also offering professional video services in Paris. If you wish to find out more, please check out our Paris videographers page.

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Hochzeitsfotograf Wien
Thursday, September 27th, 2018

Very nice pictures and Photography Style, greatings from Vienna.

    Monday, October 1st, 2018

    Thank you for the kind words and please allow me to return the compliment. When you come to Paris, send us a message, perhaps we can get together for a coffee.

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