Paris photographer Christmas gift

This year we have photographed many happy couples from all around the world and it was time to give something back. We are very excited to share our Christmas gift for 2016. Do you remember the project we did in 2013 ? Back then, we went out in the streets of Paris and offered to happy couples free romantic pictures.


This year we took the project to a whole different lever and we offered 5 PARIS PHOTO SESSIONS at the Eiffel Tower, to 5 lucky couples. We asked couples who are deeply in love with each other, to send their applications and tell us why should we consider them for the free Paris photo shoots. After reading all the beautiful love stories, we have decided to reward the following couples.

Chiara & Kevin

The youngest couple in our selection, Chiara and Kevin are only 18 years old. They have prepared perfectly for their free photo shoot, with matching attire and fun energy. Here is our favorite photo from their photo session.


It was no surprise that young love is beautiful and they couldn’t get enough of each other.

Lauren & Dougy

They are from the north of UK and childhood sweethearts. Lauren and Dougy met in Biology class and got engaged a year go, but never had the opportunity to take engagement photos.


What surprised me the most at Lauren and Dougy, was that they are silly northeners that at time behave like children and that’s exactly how I am. That is probably the reason why we hit it off so well. They even brought some mistletoe to kiss under and some Christmas candy to create cute and romantic engagement pictures at the Eiffel Tower.


Sophie & Didrik

They are best friends and live in Belgium. Married for 3 years, Paris is their favorite city. Sophie and Didrik have even a preferred itinerary when they come to the city of lights and it involves: Avenue Montaigne, rue Saint Honoré, the Louvre Museum and naturally: La Durée.


What I really liked about Sophie and Didrik is that they are incredibly in love with each other and they are so fun. From the first moment we meet, I knew that we have to take a romantic selfie at the Eiffel Tower.


Michelle & Kevin

Where should I even start about Michelle and Kevin ? They met in high school in chemistry class and yes, there was chemistry ! They have celebrated 13 years of marriage and are together for 19 years. They actually live in Paris now.


Michelle and Kevin are parents, but what surprised me the most is that they looked like a couple who is dating for a few months and they are still discovering each other. The way they kissed was so passionate. Just watch the video a few lines below 🙂

We finished their photo session with the famous Champagne shower. Gotta love their fun energy !


Tiffany & Ben

Now we are getting to the special part of the day. Among the five lucky couples, we have planned to be part of a special surprise proposal. So when Ben wrote us to help him capture the moment when he goes on his knee in front of the Eiffel Tower, we said YES !

He was not alone, his friends gave him a hand and prepared a big heart made of rose petals and candles. His girlfriend, Tiffany was lead by her friends in the spot with a gorgeous view over Eiffel tower at night. Their “plan” was to go to dinner together. So when she arrived in the spot and saw Ben waiting next to the heart, she very quickly figured out what was happening.


Ben is so much in love with Tiffany and he was so nervous while waiting for her. He told us that what he likes the most about Tiffany is how pure her heart is. Her compassion and love is something that he never witnessed in a person before he met her. After the engagement photos, we gathered everyone and took a group photo with the newly engaged couple and their friends to celebrate their engagement in front of the Eiffel Tower lit up.


We are incredibly happy to have been part of this special project and I’m personally over the moon to have had the opportunity to meet all of you happy people. Thanks for helping me become a better person.

Now, not only that we have captured love with photography, but we also had with us one of the most talented wedding videographer in Paris. His name is Tuan and he is extremely cute, fun and talented. He filmed us during each photo session and captured the surprise proposal in a unique way. I get the goose bumps every time I watch that part.

With this, the entire team at The Paris Photographer wish you:



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