Best Couple Photography 2017

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This article sums up the best couple photography of 2017 in Paris and also different destinations around the world where we photographed this year.

Best couple photography 2017 - The Paris Photographer - Red soles and Eiffel Tower, attractive legs

We are blessed to meet hundreds of couples every year and to create together magical couples photos in Paris. As well as weddings around the world.

In this article, we have collected probably the most inspiring and fresh couples pictures along with the best wedding photos of the year of 2017. Hope that you will love them as much as we do.

Best Couple Photography Slideshow

Some people like to watch a video rather than a gallery, so we compiled the best images with a cheesy romantic music. Here is the best couple photography collection of 2017.

Enjoy !

Best Couple Photography Gallery


If you prefer looking at these photos one by one, feel free to explore the gallery below.


We are looking forward to having you on board for a Paris photo shoot adventure and hopefully create magical images together that will make the Best Couple Photography 2018 collection.




Here is a fun fact, kind of a behind the scenes experience, that I wanted to share with you.

It’s not easy to look objectively at your own work, creation, art, so you have to ask someone from outside. So, I reach out to the wife and we completely disagreed on many of the photos that made the final selection of best.

You know how it is, women like romantic and cute images, men on the other hand prefer strong colors and geometry.

It would be interesting to hear which ones you like the most, help us understand which are truly the best. Write it in a short comment below. I will be forever grateful.

Thank you !

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Fran Boloni is the Paris photographer with an incredibly creative eye a photographic style described as: real and fun. He is passionate about beauty, arts and connecting with people. Fran got recently engaged and he is super happy !'

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13 thoughts on “Best Couple Photography 2017

  1. Great gallery, amazing 2017, proud wife!
    New year’s resolution: make 2018 more awesome than last year!
    My top favorite is the one with the pink Loubis and the Tower.

  2. Honestly, I must say that every image touches my heart in a different way. I positively could not choose one favorite from the romance captured in the couples and scenery to the simplicity of a beautiful sunset. The colors and artistic view of Fran are breaking. I’m a huge fan and will be in front of that lense the day I get engaged and then some.

  3. Awesome work! Like always! You are doing a great job. You know Paris so well and every frame is different. So many stories to tell over the years. Love the slideshow.

    Keep up the good work, Fran!

  4. Beautiful pictures, happy to have had the opportunity to work with Fran. My favorite is the couple at the Louvre at night with the water reflection. The red dress she wears is sexy and elegant. This encapsulates what I think of when I think of The Paris Photographer

  5. It is almost as impossible to choose one prefered Fran’s picture as to decide what part of Paris is more lovely. Fran and his team are creating forever-lasting souvenirs for regular people, who never dreamed of having model-wise picture albums. Music, nature, sweet children, birds, dark and light, color and monochrome, he is fantastic.
    If I were to choose one, thought, the red dressed lady with her love in her arms, on a pink sunset at the Louvre piramides would be the one.
    Fran &co, you all rock!! Keep up the good work!!!

  6. That was such a difficult task! They are all so gorgeous & emotion filled. I love them all!

    If I had to chose, something about the obscurity and subtlety of the ring in the mans hand as the woman in the red dress reacts in front of the Eiffel, speaks to me. It is as if we get a glimpse into this one special moment, but that exact moment is sealed only between the two. Something special only for them. My mind races with curiosity and inquisition imagining her reaction, her words, her shock, her smile, her tears of joy. It is beautiful!

  7. Dear Fran, all pictures are really beautiful and have something special: the colors, the framework, the perspective, the movement of the couple, the movement of the woman’s dress. Congratulations!!!! My favorite is “Silhoette at Sunrise with Eiffel Tower in the backround”. There aren’t neither many colors nor many information, Just the sun, the couple and Eiffel Tower. Simple but awesome! Thanks for the opportunity of giving my opportunity!

  8. Wow! A bit of photographer jealousy here! What stunning locations. Loving the framing. Particualry like the sunset at the gallery and the silhouette at the tower, lovely moments.

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