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Who is The Paris Photographer?

The Paris Photographer in 2013 was just Fran Boloni, the founder. A solo photographer / entrepreneur having the desire to become an accomplished photographer and making his clients happy by creating beautiful imagery in Paris.

Fast forward to 2024, The Paris Photographer is one of the most sought-after photography studios, or photography teams in Paris, with a collective of talented Paris photographers and Paris videographers.

Our founder, Fran, has always dreamed of touching more lives around the world with our photography. His vision is to create a company where photographers don’t just capture a single moment for their clients, but become their lifetime photographers, documenting their journeys through life across multiple destinations.

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Introducing The Now Time

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest venture, The Now Time. This exciting new project is an extension of our passion for photography and storytelling. Born out of our experiences and insights gained from The Paris Photographer, The Now Time is a collective of gifted photographers who will extend our services to several international destinations across the US and Europe. This initiative aims to capture the essence of the present moment, encapsulating it in timeless photographs, much like we have been doing in Paris.

The Purpose of The Now Time

The primary purpose of The Now Time is to bring joy to our clients by capturing their precious memories with the same passion and dedication that has defined The Paris Photographer. We want to extend this philosophy to a larger canvas, reaching out to clients in various destinations across the US and Europe. We understand that photography is not just about clicking a picture, but about capturing a moment (or the now time), a feeling, an emotion that can be cherished forever. Each photograph we take is a testament to the happiness, love, and joy experienced by our clients at that moment.

But our mission doesn’t stop at just capturing these moments. We also place immense importance on providing an excellent communication experience for our clients. We believe that a successful photograph is a result of understanding our clients’ needs and expectations, and this understanding is born from effective and empathetic communication.

At The Now Time, we aim to become lifetime photographers for our clients, documenting their journeys through life, irrespective of the destination. We believe that The Now Time is not just a photography service, but a partner in creating and preserving memories for a lifetime.

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What Sets The Now Time Apart

The distinctiveness of The Now Time stems from the unique storytelling approach, global presence, and commitment to lifetime photography. However, the true heart of our uniqueness lies in the influence and direct involvement of our founder, Fran Boloni, a seasoned and accomplished photographer. His expertise and vision are infused into every aspect of our work, and he personally ensures each artist in our team is trained to uphold these high standards. This ensures that every client benefits from our founder’s vast experience, as we capture their life’s precious moments across the globe.

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The Future of The Now Time

The Now Time is already present in London, UK with a team of 5 artists, true London photographers. As we look to the future, our primary goal is to expand and grow The Now Time, both in terms of our team and our geographical reach. We plan to continuously seek out and recruit talented photographers who share our passion for storytelling and our commitment to excellence. But growth for us is not just about numbers. It’s about learning and improving in our journey. We believe that every experience, every photograph, every client interaction is an opportunity to learn and refine our craft. We plan to invest heavily in the professional development of our team, encouraging continuous learning and improvement. Furthermore, our mission to become lifetime photographers for our clients is at the heart of our future plans. We aim to build long-term relationships with our clients, becoming their trusted partner in capturing and preserving their precious moments, no matter where they are in the world.

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Explore and Join The Now Time

As we embark on this exhilarating journey, we invite you to explore The Now Time. Whether you are a client seeking to immortalize your precious moments or a talented photographer looking to join our team of artists, we would be delighted to have you on board. For our clients, we promise a photography experience that cherishes your unique stories and captures the essence of your memorable moments. For our aspiring team members, we offer a platform that fosters artistic growth and a chance to be part of a global community of photographers committed to excellence. Join us at The Now Time, and let’s create and preserve memories together.

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