Sunrise surprise proposal at the Eiffel Tower in Paris

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Sunrise Paris proposal at the Eiffel Tower in Paris

I’m very excited to share with you a new adventure for the Paris engagement photographer. This morning’s sunrise surprise proposal at the Eiffel Tower features Thomas who lives in Scotland and Scarlet from Mexico. Thomas has skillfully prepared his surprise proposal and trusted me to capture this intense moment at sunrise in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Couple kiss after proposing at the Eiffel Tower

After the proposal, we took the just engaged couple on an engagement Paris photo session around the Eiffel Tower. This is just a sneak peek.

Putting on engagement ring after Proposal in Paris at the Eiffel Tower

Couple passionate kissing after proposal in Paris

Showing engagement ring after proposal in Paris

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Fran Boloni is the Paris photographer with an incredibly creative eye a photographic style described as: real and fun. He is passionate about beauty, arts and connecting with people. Fran got recently engaged and he is super happy !'

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5 thoughts on “Sunrise surprise proposal at the Eiffel Tower in Paris

  1. Fran,

    I was looking at this engagement post and thinking of our 25th anniversary photos that you did and all of the other incredibly beautiful and romantic photos I’ve seen you post… Do you realize that you are like a cupid and magician rolled into one? Maybe we should start calling you the fairy godfather of romantic photography; You help people make their romantic dreams come true and manage to capture their feelings in your photos so that they will always have those magic memories. Congrats on such an amazing achievement and thanks for all that you do and for sharing your work with us on FB and your blog. In this day and age, it’s a pleasure to get to share in this kind of joy.

  2. Dear Ruth,

    thank you so much for your kind words.

    Actually, when taking romantic pictures of happy couples in Paris we offer them the opportunity to rediscover each other, to learn how to passionately kiss and express their affection in a really new way.

    After the photo sessions, every couple gets not only the memory of their Parisian adventure, but also a new way to look at their loved one.

    This is magical and it gets me up and smiling every morning (lately almost every day at 4AM!).

    So happy to have the opportunity to capture love.

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  4. I am inquiring on behalf of my employer, Jeffrey Desich, on your availability and arrangements for a Surprise Proposal.. He will be in Paris beginning Monday, June 22nd.

    He is interested in your services for the early evening, before the dinner hour, on Friday, June 26th near the Eiffel tower.

    Do you have an opening that will accommodate him? He is interested in the location with the best view of the Eiffel tower. He will gladly rely on your judgment and expertise for the best site.

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