Two key elements of successful Paris couple photos

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It is late and I’m editing the photos of my last Paris photo session and I stumble upon the following picture.

Paris photographer Engagement photography in Paris

Making strong Paris couple photos

Now I don’t say it is a perfect Paris couple photo, but what makes it very strong are two key elements every photo should have: connection of the couple and strong momentum. Here, they are looking in each-others eyes, they are lost in the moment and we can feel their connection. As if they almost kiss. The momentum is created by the motion of the pigeons of Paris. What this photograph is communicating is that the couple is in an intimate moment in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower and time stood still (freezing of the pigeons movement).

The more interesting thing about this particular Paris picture is that it is one of the few successful shots, all the other were ruined by my girlfriend, who assisted my that day and who was chasing the pigeons and constantly running into my frame ! Altough I was upset that day, now when I think about it, there are simple solutions to avoid this in the future.

In a next post, I’ll show you exactly how to avoid this problem and also how to make amazing Paris engagement photos with pigeons around the couple to create that special momentum.

Paris photographer making of pigeons of Paris engagement photo

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