Couple photoshoot ideas - Your guide to brilliant couples photos. First example, the mesmerizing lift

If your dream is to get divine pictures in Paris, then you are in the right place. Let's explore together why spending at least two hours in the city of love, with a photographer in Paris whom you trust and like will help you get photos that look like they belong in a magazine. You will also get plenty of couple photo shoot ideas for fresh and unique pictures.


So get ready for beautiful pictures, helpful tips to prepare your Paris photo shoot and couple photo shoot ideas that will get you inspired.

"Tu n'es plus là où tu étais, mais tu es partout là où je suis."


Picture ideas for couples - Iconic framing of a young couple in the middle of the Eiffel Tower

how many hours should i book ?

The length of your Paris photo session depends on how much you are in love with the city, on how many locations you'd like to visit, on how many outfits you'd like to wear and obviously on your budget. So, it's a personal choice. However, here are a few things to consider ...

Couple photoshoot ideas - The cute close-up

build comfort & connection

SPONTANEITY & adventure

You are probably meeting your photographer for the first time on the day of your photo session. To get comfortable in front of his or her camera, will take a bit of time. And the best couple images are achieved when you both are comfortable with each other and with your photographer.

more locations equals more variety

Paris has so much more to offer than the Eiffel Tower. It has the most romantic settings: think of cute cobblestone streets, amazing monuments, charming Parisian cafés and adorable secret locations. Having more time for taking photos, means that you'll have more variety in the images that you will proudly show to your friends.

Posing ideas for portraits - Beautiful girl sitting outside café Carette with cappuccino in her hands and smiling

in photography lighting is everything

unique couple photo ideas - the hug from behind and cute kiss on the cheek

the most flattering light is at sunrise

The most flattering light is at sunrise and sunset. Given that Paris is probably the most visited city in the world, at sunset there are simply too many people around, especially in the iconic places. This is the reason, why when you book 2 hours or more, your get the choice to schedule your photo session at sunrise or sunset. 

"With every rising of the sun, think your life has just begun..."

more couples photo shoot ideas

pinterest is your friend

We absolutely love when our couples prepare for their photo session with us and even come up with fresh couple photoshoot ideas. Even more, we encourage you to put together an inspiration board and show us the photos prior to the meeting day. This way our and your expectations are perfectly aligned.

Fun couple photoshoot ideas - spending time in a cute Parisian café over a cappuccino and macarons

more time also means more fun

picture ideas for couples - young couple running towards the camera in Paris, France

"but my fiancé doesn't like to take photos ..."

We understand. But who doesn't like to have fun ? Our photo shoots in Paris focus on the experience of discovering the most romantic city in the world and on having fun, just the two of you.

more locations means more outfits

You have probably already planned what photoshoot outfits you will wear for your Paris photos. And it makes total sense to have several outfits to show different beautiful looks. Perhaps a formal attire, followed by a playful outfit. Or why not a playful attire with a casual look. Whatever you will choose, it's guaranteed to offer you more variety for your photos in Paris. To get more inspiration for your attire choices, check out our "How to dress guide".

Engagement picture dresses - Girl in pink long dress being hugged by her fiancé in front of old door at the Louvre Museul in Paris


When you meet the photographer, it's ideal to be dressed already for the first location. During our 2 hours photo shoots, we typically stop in a Parisian café for an attire change and cute piece of life pictures.

their words


If you want a special keepsake from Paris, Fran's work is the most memorable treasure. Not only is he professional, but he is the original "Paris Photographer". He is lively, passionate about getting the perfect images, attention to detail and has a fast turn around for the photos, which is very impressive.  -

molly & edouard
1 Molly & Edouard - testimonial about Paris photo shoot with The Paris Photographer - 2 hours collection

A charming love STORY in PARIS...

Real couple photoshoot ideas

The pictures on this page were taken during Molly & Edouard's honeymoon photo shoot in Paris in April, 2018. It features 3 locations (Eiffel Tower, a Parisian Café and the Louvre Museum) and one outfit change.

our style

couples photoshoot themes - honeymoon photography in Paris

Paris is our studio

focus on scenery

Our goal is to create images in the best light and with the beauty of Paris around you. It will seem that the city was shut down just for you.

Posing ideas for couples - the warm hug from behind

elegant & Graceful

your story is unique

Every couple is different and the way you connect with each other is unique. We focus on showing your connection, your love story.

Unique couple photo ideas - The hot kiss on the forehead

details, details, details...

connection is everything

Candid and spontaneous moments are the heart of our style. Cute details  and close-up shots will add more beauty to your photos.

how to prepare for your photos

Couple photo shoot ideas - kiss on the forehead is so romantic

what to wear ?

We get this question so often, that we have decided to write a How To Dress Guide. But there are a few universal tips on choosing your outfits:

  • Dress for the season (summers are hot and winters are cold in Paris)
  • Pick outfits that flatter your body type
  • Elegance never goes out of style
  • check
    Avoid stripes, but prints are cool
  • check
    We love pastel colors
Posing ideas for couples - holding hands facing the camera and looking at each other
Couple photoshoot ideas - Book a beauty artist to look gorgeous in photos

lookS matter

make-up & hair

How important is professional make-up and hair ? Let's be honest, it can change the way you look and feel in the pictures. But then, if you know how to get the look that you like, then it's not necessary to indulge in professional beauty services. Either way, we can recommend you some of the most talented Parisian beauty artists.

If you are booking a sunrise session in summer, please be aware that the starting time is around 6AM. This means that you have to get ready very early and sometimes getting more sleep equals looking more beautiful.

our motto:



what props look great ?

First thing first, you don't need props. However, if you'd like to step it up, from the romantic and cute photos, props will give an extra dimension to your Paris photography gallery.

props have to match your personality

Think about, what would fit your personality. Is it flowers, or a hat, colorful balloons or champagne. Our suggestion is to pick one or two props. Like with everything in life, overdoing it might take away from the beauty of the pictures.

props that tell your story

Props can also be something meaningful. Something that could remind of how you met or about your first date. Or about your first trip to Paris.

Crazy couples pictures - Young couple kissing underneath huge and colorful balloons in Paris
Couple photo ideas - the romantic and breathtaking kiss

inspiration is key

Exploring our Paris photos galleries, you'll notice that our Paris photography style is distinctive. However, we are flexible and adapt to our couples personalities. For example, if you'd like to have more fun photos than romantic, that is great. Even more. If you'd like to have more spontaneous and less posed pictures, it sounds amazing.

create an inspiration board today

The best way to tell us, what kind of pictures you like the most is by creating an inspiration board, ideally on Pinterest. Smart couples tend to separate their inspiration boards, such as things to do in Paris, where to eat in Paris and Paris couple photoshoot ideas.

their words

"Fran's work is the most memorable treasure"

I would recommend this experience to any couple, family or fashion enthusiast that wants beautiful images admits iconic scenery ... nothing beats Paris ! 

molly & edouard
1 Molly & Edouard - testimonial about Paris photo shoot with The Paris Photographer - 2 hours collection

BENefits of booking more hours

In conclusion, two or more hours of photography in Paris will allow you to get more variety for your pictures. Regardless if you are taking engagement, honeymoon, anniversary, wedding or just for fun photos. You'll also have more fun and you will be able to contribute with unique couple photo shoot ideas.


you will feel more at ease


more variety in locations


outfit change is possible


most flattering light

couples portrait ideas - girl wrapping her right hand around her fiancés right cheek

example of a two hours paris photo shoot

The images below represent a typical two hours honeymoon photo session taken at the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum.

Whether you are looking for an example of a multi hours photo session in Paris or a mini photo shoot, we are here to guide you and make sure that you get breathtaking souvenirs of your Parisian adventure.

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