Une Annee d’Amour – Adriane and Itamar one year anniversary in Paris

Anniversary in Paris - Adriane & Itamar - Une annee d'amour 4

One of the most challenging, and rewarding tasks for any photographer is taking photos of a colleague. The eye of an artist will pick up on elements and details that are invisible to the average photography-lover. When it comes to photographing a couple, things such as composition and lighting are extremely important. However, they take a back seat to capturing emotions as vividly and authentically as possible.

Anniversary in Paris - Adriane & Itamar - Une annee d'amour 2

Adriane and Itamar are a lovely couple from Rio de Janeiro who are very familiar with this concept. Itamar is a wedding photographer who has spent years perfecting the art of conveying love through images and his wife Adriane is a make-up artist that has prepared blushing brides for gleaming smiles and teary eyes. The Brazilian couple had connected with “The Paris Photographer” through Facebook and this online friendship sparked a mutual admiration of talent from two sides of the world.

Anniversary in Paris - Adriane & Itamar - Une annee d'amour 9

When Itamar and Adriane booked a wedding in Bourgogne, they immediately proceeded to schedule a wedding anniversary photo session in Paris. There is something about Paris that draws couple from all over the world to bask in its’ beauty and undeniable romanticism. This creative couple expressed that they take every chance they get to create mementos of their love with which they can decorate their albums and home.

Anniversary in Paris - Adriane & Itamar - Une annee d'amour 5

On a wonderful spring morning, the Parisian parks were showing off the buds of May and Adriane and Itamar emerged looking every bit as fresh and lovely. Adriane’s glamorous blonde locks cascaded down a royal blue blouse which the stunning makeup artist paired with a high wasted A-line skirt in a playful floral print for her perfect photoshoot outfit. The springtime theme was perfectly completed with a pair of strappy stilettos in a berry shade. Itamar complemented the vibrant tones with a dress shirt in a flattering colour of wine, a light beige jacket and contrasting black pants. He stayed true to his personal style in a pair of shoes that gave his outfit a sporty twist and created the perfect attire for a stroll in the springtime.

Anniversary in Paris - Adriane & Itamar - Une annee d'amour 3

We began the morning Paris photo session at Trocadero, overlooking the majestic Eiffel tower. It was clear to see that Itamar enjoyed being on the other side of the lens as he playfully posed with his wife and displayed the passion and romance that the two shared. Adriane embraced him lovingly and on occasion glanced back at the camera to reveal the face of a content and truly happy woman.

Anniversary in Paris - Adriane & Itamar - Une annee d'amour 7

As a flock of pigeons surrounded them we all knew that a magical moment was bound to ensue. Gazing into each other’s eyes, Itamar and Adriane held each other as the birds suddenly began to fly around them. The flutter of the wings surrounding them seemed almost like the soundtrack to the sensation of butterflies in their stomachs. Even amidst this action, the couple only had eyes for each other and this image truly captured their connection.

Anniversary in Paris - Adriane & Itamar - Une annee d'amour 1

Our next location was a quaint Parisian café and it was the perfect location to please the senses. Iconic colourful macarons, hot chocolate to warm the soul and sweet kisses to melt the heart. This picturesque scene was the ideal backdrop for a spontaneous and sincere series of photographs that showed the couple’s fun side while providing a typically French setting that they could reminisce about for years to come. Although they were both wearing a pair of chic sunglasses, the smiles on their faces hinted at the adoration that was in the eyes of this delightful duo.

Anniversary in Paris - Adriane & Itamar - Une annee d'amour 8

Our photoshoot concluded at a spectacular secret location that the entire creative team (in particular the couple) couldn’t get enough of! From marble columns and grand staircases to exquisite chandeliers- this breathtaking venue was perfect to spend their anniversary in Paris. Walking through the elaborately decorated hallways, the architecture and the details in every corner were absolutely astounding. Everything from the mosaic ceilings to the perched balconettes evoked images of a fairy tale and we couldn’t help but be swept away by the ambiance.

Anniversary in Paris - Adriane & Itamar - Une annee d'amour 10

Itamar whisked Adriane off her feet and danced with his princess. No fairy tale romance is complete without a touch of magic and this mystical place is practically made of it. Surrounded by the splendour and elegance, it was the perfect way to mark the anniversary of their wedding in Paris and end a photoshoot that would produce a wonderful album full of treasured memories. In fact, one doesn’t need to be celebrating a special occasion in order to create beautiful photographs. All that is needed is a special love (and a great photographer)!

Anniversary in Paris - Adriane & Itamar - Une annee d'amour 12

There is a Brazilian proverb that says “Amor verdadeiro, não envelhece” and it translates to “True love never rusts”. We believe this to be true in so many ways and much like the luster and sparkle of our secret location, a genuine love will continue to shine no matter how many years have passed. Although true love never rusts, memories can unfortunately fade. Creating an album filled with amazing photos that can evoke vivid recollections of your anniversary in Paris and transpose you back to the captured moment is a wonderful way to keep every special detail of your memory alive. As Itamar and Adriane returned to Brazil their love shone brighter than ever. Brighter than the springtime sun, brighter than the golden chandeliers and even brighter than the city of light itself.

Anniversary in Paris - Adriane & Itamar - Une annee d'amour 13

Our friends from Berries and Love were so excited about these photos that they have featured them in a beautiful story on their blog. Feel free to check out the article on their brilliant wedding blog.

If you would like to light up your life and perhaps even persuade us to reveal our secret location, contact Fran to find out more about scheduling a wedding anniversary photo session in Paris.

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