Amazing Things To Do In Paris With Kids

10 amazing things to do in Paris with kids
Professional photo shoot with The Paris Photographer

If you are planning a trip to Paris with your family, then you are going to want to find the perfect place to stay, the best activities to do with kids and discover where to eat. No matter what age your children are, here are some things to do in Paris with your family.


1. Professional Photoshoot in Paris

Amazing things to do in Paris with kids - Family photos with The Paris Photographer
Fun activity and great souvenirs

Professional photoshoot in Paris
Reserve online and start planning

Every family wants to remember that time they took a big trip together to Paris. There are so many special landmarks you will want to discover together, that you will want to capture those memories. The best thing to do is to book a photoshoot to have a visual memory of the time your entire family stood together in front of the Eiffel Tower. Your children grow up so fast that you will want to capture that memorable moment.

Children gallery Paris
Image source MNHN

Visiting the Children’s gallery is great if you are travelling with children between the ages of 6 – 12. It is a fun and interactive museum that allows children to learn more about plants and animals . You will learn a few facts about a variety of  animals and get a better understanding of the plants and earth.

3. Enchanted Cruise – Bateaux Parisiens

Enchanted Cruise Paris
Image source Bateaux Parisiens

This boat tour will take you around the city while cruising down the Seine River. If you select the Enchanted Cruise, you and your family will get to enjoy a tour, a meal and some fun entertainment. Enjoy a children’s show while touring around and eating a meal on their all glass boats.

4. Citroen 2CV tours (Tour)

Citroen 2CV tour Paris
Image source Paris Authentic

Booking a Citroen 2CV tour is the perfect activity for your family if you are looking for an opportunity to have a fun and convenient way of seeing some of the city’s highlights. Traveling around in this vintage car with a personal driver/  tour guide will be a family memory that lasts a lifetime. We recommend Paris Authentic for your magical Citroen 2CV tour in Paris.

5. Palais de la Découverte

Palais de la decouverte
Image source Palais Decouverte

Palais de la Decouverte is a fun, interactive science museum that is located inside the Grand Palais. Families with young children often enjoy their time at this museum. This museum is better for those that are more confident with their French, but does allow for some opportunity for English speakers to enjoy some activities. Children will have the opportunity to get involved with many interactive science experiments. Once you are done with the museum, go and explore the beautiful historical monument of Grand Palais.

6. Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris - Fun things to do in Paris with kids
Image source Traveltothemagic

If you want to make your kid’s dreams come true, then take them to Disneyland Paris. Disneyland is just on the outside of the city, but is the perfect place to spend some time with your family. Families can enjoy the rides and all of the experiences that come with visiting such a magical destination. Disneyland is the perfect place to visit if you plan on having a longer visit. Some may say that this is the perfect thing to do in Paris with children of all ages.

7. Cité des Enfants

Cite des enfants Paris
Image source: Cite des Enfants

Cité des Enfants has various expositions, designed for kids with ages between 2 and 7 or 5 and 12. Various games and activities are available. A few example activities are: running to measure the speed, testing balance, writing in chinese, etc

8. Paris Aquarium – Cineaqua

paris aquarium cineaqua
Image Source France3

The Paris Aquarium, named Cineaqua is situated near Trocadéro, very close to the Eiffel Tower. It’s a nice visit after finishing a family photo shoot in Paris. There are several aquariums with a variety of sea life: medusae and fish. Even sharks. There is even a mermaid show. Get your tickets online for the aquarium to pay a lower price.

9. Cirque Bouglione

cirque bouglione paris
Image source Sortir A Paris

The shows of Cirque Bouglione are packed with surprises, magic and laughter. You can enjoy a winter evening with kids watching the shows and get enchanted by magicians, acrobats and clowns. Shows typically last 2 hours.

10. Free Ideas of Things to do in Paris with kids

La Villette
Image source Paris Unlocked

The City of Paris also provides the opportunity for families to enjoy some free entertainment. There are many beautiful parks and gardens where children can run around and play. If you are looking for a park that will really keep your kids interested, then consider taking them to enjoy a large slide at La Villette or let them play on the climbing wall at Parc de Belleville.


MARCELLE – Kids friendly restaurant in Paris

Marlon - kids friendly restaurant in Paris
Image source Sortir à Paris

If you are looking for a restaurant to go to as a family and you are looking for a place that will also help keep your children entertained, then enjoy a dinner at Marcelle’s. Pencil crayons and paper will be provided to the children to help keep them entertained while they wait for their meal. Not only is the service great, but the food is amazing! Marlon is a great restaurant to bring your family.

If you’d like to find more kids friendly restaurants in Paris, check out the guide made by Sortir à Paris about Children’s restaurants in Paris and its surroundings.


1. L’AZ Hotel Spa Urbain

If you are travelling to Paris with young kids, then choosing a hotel with a baby sitting option might be ideal for your trip. Sightseeing with your children around the city is always an opportunity of a lifetime, but sometimes the parents want to have some time to themselves to enjoy a special meal. LAZ’ Hotel Spa Urbain offers a babysitting service that allows you to enjoy your family trip while offering you the opportunity to have the ideal couples getaway.

2. Les Jardins de Mademoisselle

Les jardins de mademoisselle
Image source Thalasseo

If you are travelling to Paris with your children, and you are looking to have a relaxing getaway, then booking a hotel that blocks out all external noises, might be the place for your family to enjoy a full night sleep. Les Jardins de Mademoiselle is the hotel that not only provides this luxury, but also offers the opportunity to enjoy some time in the spa. If you are travelling with older children, then this might be the best option for your family.

For more hotel recommendations if you are traveling with kids to Paris, can be found in this list of truly kid friendly hotels in Paris.

There are so many things to do on in Paris with kids. Whether you are travelling with kids that are young or old, you will be guaranteed to find the perfect things to do with your family.

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Daniel Cojocaru
Monday, December 16th, 2019

Great and complete article! I like the fact that besides the regular activities recommended for kids there also suggestions of restaurant and places to stay! Thank you Paris photographer!

Thursday, December 19th, 2019

Now i wish I had more kids to do it all. Great article about what Paris has to offer to the youngers

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