Why Travel Insurance is Important to Have

When people get caught up in the hype of booking a holiday, they can sometimes forget some of the essentials.  This can include things to take on holiday such as: passport, travel insurance or even their cash.  With people working so hard throughout the year, getting that break away for a holiday is something that can be a priority.  With all the uncertainty in the previous 18 months (and more to come) in terms of Covid-19, there is a lot to consider and keep on top of.

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Ensuring the correct level of preparation is completed in advance is crucial to ensure that you can actually go on holiday in a safe way and if something happens you have the right level of protection.

Travel Insurance – Covid-19

In the UK there are now travel lists which are updated on a regular basis (every 2 weeks seems to be the norm). Same goes for France.  Within this, there are a number of countries that are classed as red, amber or green.   With the red countries, people are not allowed to travel there unless it is “critical” and there will be restrictions in place in terms of quarantining.  With Amber and Green, the restrictions are far less, and people can go to these countries (even on holiday).  There is also an Amber-plus list which indicates that a country is near the red status which allows people to plan a little better.

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If the flight or holiday is cancelled, in most circumstances a full refund will be given but if the airline was to go bust as an example, this may not be possible.  This is where a travel insurance policy connected directly to Covid-19 issues is really important to have.  Airlines are in turmoil at the moment and as part of that there have been some casualties in terms of companies going bust.  This is why it is even more essential that this sort of cover is in place. Staysure offer comprehensive travel cover that will support these types of events.

Travel Insurance – Illness

People forget that the rest of the world does not have a free NHS system like the UK does and we sometimes take this for granted.  As a result, people will require to think about what happens to them when they go abroad.

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Do they take a chance with the local services that may cost an arm and a leg if something happens to them or do, they take out comprehensive cover in advance to cover them for any issue that may arise?  The level of medical cover that someone gets on an insurance policy will vary and it is up to them on how to select this.  Generally, people will look to cover for medical emergency only.

Travel Insurance – Lost Luggage

From time to time luggage will be lost by airlines and there will be a level of compensation and liability from the airline that is there to compensate you.  This, however, could take a lot of time and may not be forthcoming. With some travel policies, you will receive insurance that covers this and will give you access to emergency funding that will support you.  This kind of add-on for insurance is not typical, therefore, it is important this is requested or searched for.

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When people do not use travel insurance, they may sometimes think of it as wasted money. It is only once insurance is really needed, that people realize and appreciate the value and need for it. It is not something you should eliminate from your preparations and should be included in your holiday considerations.

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