You have just received your edited photos and you are excited to share them with your friends and family.

Chances are your Paris photos hold precious memories that can bring happiness to your family’s faces. You can now share your photos and videos in more ways than one. These are easy and inexpensive ways of enjoying your Paris photos, including getting them as art prints. Whichever choice you make, you’re guaranteed to show off your favorite memories. However, before sharing your photos, you’ll need to download them, as explained before.


The video below explains how to download the images one by one or all in one click. Then it shows how to order prints and other products.

Use the promo code that you have received by email to get 50% off on your order.

You can use numerous products, but finding the right one is vital. As a result, when choosing products, ensure they’re the ones you love and show off your personality.

  • Elegant prints
  • Wall art – large images that make your house look fabulous. Consider coordinating to fit the theme of your house and create a cohesive look.
  • Postcards – ideal for Christmas Cards, Fathers Day or Mothers Day cards. You can get a festive theme that captures your memories.
  • Calendars. You can create a photo calendar for a gift. You can use a different photo for each year and create an element of surprise.


To see the options for ordering an elegant album please explore our Photo Albums page.

First, keep two factors in mind, including the quality of the product and its ease of use.  Consider getting an album that displays your photos without spending more time in a design program. Some great options include hardcovers that will last longer. So, take time and look at all the options before settling on the best choice.


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