This page describes our products that help you store your Paris photos and wedding photos in an elegant manner. The two main products that we have designed are print boxes and Paris photo albums.


* The sample in the video is a 12X12″ Wedding Album with leather cover.

Print box for Paris photo shoot pictures

“Every family has a story…we create yours.

  • 90% of photos end up on Facebook and Instagram
  • Printing your photos will keep them alive
  • Preserve your photos in a beautiful and elegant print box
  • You can display the box on your coffee table next to your Paris photo album
  • It can be the perfect Christmas or fathers day gift

Beautiful hand-crafted designed packaging to preserve your most precious memories for longtime.

The packaging looks like luxury and unique.

  • Show the prints to your friends and family and later to your kids and grand kids
  • It doesn’t have to be wedding pictures, you can store your Paris photos too in the box
  • Engagement, wedding and family photos, that remind you of your Paris trip. They all fit in the Print Box

their words


It’s really amazing and we loved the album so much. The quality is incredible and scrolling through the pages brought back the feelings that we felt during the shooting which was so much fun. 



Paris Photo Album - black leather - The Paris Photographer

“Memories are timeless treasures of the heart

Photo books or photo albums are probably the most elegant way to keep your Paris pictures. Of course, you can order your album from any album provider.

However, we already know what you like best and we’ll create the design that fits perfectly your personality.

Paris photo album detail picture of spreads

Get as many pages/spreads as you wish

Details of personalized text on the first page of Paris photo album

Personalize the first page with a meaningful message

Paris photo album open spreads

You probably have questions, so please get in touch and we will guide you choosing the best Paris photo album choice for you.


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