Sunrise or sunset photo session in Paris ?

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Photographer Paris sunset picture with bride and groom from USA

One of the most important steps during the preparation of our photo sessions in Paris is to decide on the time frame for the photo shoot. If you’re asking yourself: What is the best time to take couple photos in Paris ? Then you’re in the right place.

The best light for photography is either early in the morning or just before sunset, during the golden hour. Of course, the weather in Paris is always surprising and most of the time we have clouds and overcast. Which can be a very good thing because that soft light eliminates shadows under the eyes and nose and makes for perfect portraits.

Paris photographer portrait of a couple in overcast weather

But let’s get back to the choice we need to make, between sunrise and sunset photo session. Here are the pros and the cons for each type of photo shoot.


Sunrise photo session

1. Usually we start the photo session at Trocadéro, where the sunrise is simply fantastic. Your Paris photos will be colorful and dream like. Sunrises, as well as sunsets allow also for very artistic silhouette pictures.

Photographer Paris sunrise photo couple chasing pigeons Trocadero Paris Eiffel Tower

2. The main advantage of waking up early is that the sun rises earlier than most tourists. This allows us to capture touristless (is that even a word ?) pictures. This way your photos will convey the feeling that you are alone in the most romantic city in the world.

Paris photographer sunrise picture with couple kissing at the Eiffel Tower

3. We can enjoy a tasty and rewarding hot chocolate after the first location in Place Trocadéro, at one of our favorite Parisian Cafés (Carette, Malakoff, Le Trocadéro).

Paris photographer couple having fun in Parisian café

– Waking up early for the sunrise means that during the summer, your photo session will start at 5 AM. Are you up for the fun ?

Sunset photo session

– The sunsets in Paris can be breathtaking, especially from iconic locations like Alexander III bridge and Champ de Mars (view over the Eiffel Tower). This is the ideal moment to create amazing silhouette photos.

Photographer Paris silhouette picture of couple and Eiffel Tower

– You don’t need to wake up early, so you will be relaxed and fresh for the photo shoot.
– Paris is very charming and mysterious at night. The lights on the Eiffel Tower, on the bridges and other iconic buildings highlighting the architecture, make it a unique attraction. The sunset photo session allows us to continue taking pictures after the sun goes down.

Photographer Paris night photography Louvre Museum with couple kissing

– Paris is the main attraction for tourists and it is very difficult to get touristless pictures. That’s where the location expert comes into play.

For a typical photo session with sunrise and sunset pictures, check out the photo shoot of Samantha and Paul by Fran the Paris photographer

We would like to hear about your favorite moment for taking pictures in Paris. Let us know in a comment below !

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  1. Hi! I am planning a surprise engagement photoshoot more likely in the early morning during sunrise. How much would a 1 hour photoshoot cost? Ty

  2. Hi Mell,

    thank you for your interest. Please use the contact form on the contact page to get in touch with us for prices and collections.


  3. Hi,

    Paris is a location I plan on visiting in the near future to some new work with landscapes. Paris sunsets/sunrises have always been of interest of me. My problem is, that being from Ireland, would only be able to afford to travel to Paris for a very short period of time. So is there a best time of year to visit Paris. Say, when beautiful skies are most common?

    Thanks for your help,

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