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Ioana is the first artist that Fran recruited for The Paris Photographer. She won Fran's trust thanks to her genuine talent, creativity and devotion. Ioana takes so much pleasure in preparing her photo shoots, especially when it comes to guide you with fabulous outfits choices. Her friendly personality makes it easier for your partner, who might not like pictures.

"Knows how to make a shoot special"





Ioana speaks English and French. Her ability to recognize clients comfort level and give adequate directions, helps her make a shoot special. She focuses on making you feel comfortable and capture you in a natural way. She has a very friendly personality and her attention to details is unpaired. 


Most of Ioana's work focuses on photo shoots in the most beautiful and romantic city in the world. You will find her taking pictures in some of the iconic Parisian landmarks, like the terrace of Trocadéro for a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower, the picturesque streets of Montmartre, the charming Tuileries gardens (her absolute favorite place) and the quaint area around the Ile Saint Louis.

When she is not photographing, Ioana spends time with her 2 yo son and rescuing animals.

createS​ perfection

What makes Ioana get out of the bed every morning, is to meet new and interesting people every day. Everything from the preparation, the first contact with the couple, the ever changing Parisian light, inspire her. She will strive to create perfection, loves to get to know her couples even if she only has a few hours and to come up with the most beautiful images possible.

Photographer near me - Ioana - The Paris Photographer
Photographer near me - Ioana S from The Paris Photographer

their words


It started out as just a fun photo shoot in Paris and turned out to be one of the most special days of our lives - an engagement! We had the most wonderful experience! Ioana and the entire team are true professionals. -


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