Rooftop proposal in Paris overlooking the Eiffel Tower

”This made planning my surprise proposal so much easier!”

Gwan Chow ★★★★★
Book a Paris proposal photographer - The Paris Photographer

”It was a magical time and something I will never forget. I had no idea a proposal was going to happen.”

Nicole LaCroix ★★★★★

Some moments in life are meant to remain private. Others…


If you have something to say, and want to do it your way:

Original, Surprising, YOUnique…

and you only have one shot

Why miss it?

Why not pop-up the Big Question in the perfect place there is?


From Trocadero, to the Seine, to a café, to a walking bridge, to the Louvre outer gardens, to within the Louvre itself, we were able to capture beautiful images of the two of us from a day neither of us will ever forget.”

Chris Knight ★★★★★

Paris is The City of Love but also The City of Lights…

In Paris, holding hands and kissing are so natural.

Paris is romantic, artistic and joyful… Eiffel Tower, River Seine, Louvre, Moulin Rouge…

… architecture, streets, cafés and oohh, Parisians!

In Paris everything is a perfect backdrop for a stunning picture.

And you’re still asking yourself why propose in Paris?
Maybe you’ve seen those Paris pictures of your friend, and you know you can do it too

Detail photo of engageent ring and macarons

But there’s one more reason.

Maybe The #1 Reason…

Saying ”Yes” in Paris is one of her few dreams that can easily come true


”Of course since it was a surprise, I didn’t participate in the planning but I could tell how much effort The Paris Photographer team put into making this day special and unforgettable for us. Thank you for helping us create these lifelong memories and capturing them on film.”

Megan Low ★★★★★
Trocadero surprise proposal in Paris by The Paris Photographer

A proposal in Paris involves traveling, buying a diamond ring, finding the perfect place, coming up with an original idea and going on one knee to pop the big question. 

We can show you the city in a way that only Parisians know, while you enjoy your time and don’t feel like posing.

Our professional photographers will capture this unique moment in Paris as you never thought possible, checking iconic places as well as hidden gems you’ve never heard of.

We’re inspired by your unique story, which we’ll translate into memorable images, by capturing your emotions, elegance and beauty.

Your special moments deserve pictures you’ll be proud to display all over your house and share with the world (be careful though, your friends might become a little jealous).

Why The Paris Photographer?

Because your proposal in Paris deserves to be captured by someone who knows This City… by heart

”In photography, the easy part is clicking the shutter button, the hard part is connecting with the subjects and making them feel as if the world is in the palm of their hands. Bringing out the best in them so they forget about the world, responsibilities, worries and just be enchanted with each other. That’s when you know you have the right one… Fran & his team is phenomenal!!!”

Amir Dehbo ★★★★★


We’ll show you Paris in a unique way, through the eyes of our original artists, who create magic and timeless memories for your Parisian adventure.

Feel free to check their Portfolios and choose a professional photographer for your style.

The Paris Photographer team


He helped choose a location, arranged an associate to assist with the shoot, and captured the moment perfectly. He also was very professional in directing us throughout the photo shoot to capture additional moments showing the love between my fiancé and I.

Thomas Burbank ★★★★★

We’re driven by our passion for photography (our customers call it unparalleled) which comes from our enthusiasm and the professionalism we’re used to putting in every interaction.

We are good at keeping secrets and not spoiling surprises. We even help you find creative ways of proposing and spot the best locations.

For that, we arrive promptly and well-prepared and, once the surprise is revealed, we’ll contaminate you with genuine excitement and positivity.

We know that by offering you clear and easy shooting instructions you’ll instantly feel at ease and the atmosphere would then be relaxed and enjoyable.

That allows us to find the perfect balance between providing gentle guidance and allowing natural, candid moments to unfold, so that the grandeur of the Eiffel Tower will match your unique personality.

Our talented professional photographers are exceptionally skilled in finding the perfect angles, having an incredible eye for detail, capturing the essence of any subject and effortlessly blending traditional poses with spontaneous shots.

We care about your peace of mind and relaxation during photo shoots, therefore we can provide you with an assistant, holding and securing your belongings during the sessions.

Because we want your expectations surpassed, we promptly deliver your images as we love to be recommended to anyone seeking an unforgettable photography experience in Paris.

In conclusion, we are here to help you create everlasting memories and preserve those special moments forever not merely with pictures but treasured keepsakes you’ll cherish for many years to come.

In short:

  1. We help you enhancing your surprise
  2. We care about you and your pictures
  3. You live an unforgettable experience
  4. You get guidance at each step
  5. We’re bound by contract to show up
  6. We have a flexible refund policy
  7. Simple online booking system

… plus 2600+ other 5 Stars reasons on Google …


”I took my now fiancé on a surprise trip to Paris and she didn’t know I was going to propose, since we live in Seattle. Pierre was key in planning the proposal and picking a location. He was responsive, accommodating, reliable and he made it a fun experience! I highly recommend this studio.”

Erick Tijerino ★★★★★

To make it easy for you, this is how it works in 3 steps:

1. First think about whether you want to propose during a photo shoot or you’d prefer the paparazzi style.


Making up a reason for a photoshoot (celebrating anything you can come up with) has its advantages. One of them is letting her choose a special outfit for ”Paris” and prepare (the way she wants) for meeting a professional photographer.


This way needs more preparation in the background but you can end up being applauded by strangers on the streets of Paris, and that’s a memorable experience in itself.

2. The second step is to think whether you feel comfortable popping the question in public or in a more private place.


As you can imagine, it is not easy to find quiet, romantic places in the city. So, if you are planning to propose in one of the most recognizable places in Paris, it’s likely to have people around you. It will feel great to hear people applauding around you and sharing your happiness.

Public surprise proposal during a Paris photo shoot with The Paris Photographer

the benefits …

She won’t suspect anything, you’ll be strolling around the city together and probably have a nice view, as opposed to proposing in a restaurant for example.


Now … if you know your girlfriend likes privacy, then it’s smart to choose a quiet place for the big moment.

The benefits are therefore obvious. You’ll have her undivided attention and you can celebrate only the two of you.

3. Next, we can help you match your choices with the perfect location in Paris, in case you’re out of inspiration.

You can check below some popular locations:


Take her on a romantic stroll and pop the question near the iconic Eiffel Tower.


Rent a private boat and ask her to marry you on a private cruise on the Seine River.

Boat ride surprise proposal in Paris


Walk around the city and stop in one of the beautiful Parisian parks for your big moment.


Set-up a romantic dinner on the rooftop of an iconic Parisian hotel for a rooftop proposal.


Set-up a private dinner in a Parisian hotel or palace, such as the Shangri La or The Peninsula.


How about a romantic setup on the Seine River bank near the Eiffel Tower?


Set up a romantic picnic in a French vineyard, or rent a French chateau to pop the question.

Couple celebrating engagement in France with a romantic picnic in a vineyard in Champagne

When it comes to proposal ideas, simply let your creativity go wild, keeping in mind her personality, her dreams and expectations.

First, if you pay attention to the way she talks about her dream engagement, you’ll get enough hints on what she wants.

But we’re here to help you make this moment memorable.

Our À la Carte Menu gives you the possibility to pick your Photo Shoot Session from a number of options our professional photographers have available:

  • during daylight or night time
  • for solo, couples, friends, families or group (4 persons) – if you make-up a reason for the photo shoot
  • lasting from 30 minutes up to 5 consecutive hours
  • covering 1 to 5 main locations
  • you receive 10 to 130 edited high resolution images

Just make sure you choose considering the time you’re willing to allocate, the number of locations you’d like us to cover, the number of outfits you’d like to dress.

Later, we’ll provide you guidance and assistance through the complete process of organizing a perfect surprise proposal in Paris.


”I sent out emails to a few different companies and was immediately impressed by the quick and professional response I received from The Paris Photographer. Their portfolio was amazing, they had great suggestions/information for the day off and they really made it easy throughout the entire process.”

Matt Briscoe ★★★★★
Fun engagement photo in Paris

We prepared for you a few popular topics, in case of unanswered questions:

You’ll receive the proofing online gallery the day of your photo shoot. This gallery contains all the images we create together and it allows you to select your favorites.
This collection allows you to download all the images taken on your photo shoot without editing, in high resolution and print ready. Depending on the duration of your shoot, the price for this collection varies.
All the edited pictures, in high resolutions, without watermark and with full rights for personal use, will be delivered through a password protected and elegant online gallery that you can share with your friends and family.
We edit every single photo included in your collection and the process usually takes around 10 to 14 days.
We usually take 300-400 photos/hour because we are having fun and we prepare perfectly. You’ll have the opportunity to select for editing the photos you love the most. If you’d like to have more photos edited than the ones included in your collection, we can edit as many as you wish.
Post-production will be applied on every photo delivered (contrast enhancing, colors improvement and our specific personal touch specific. We don’t provide photo manipulation services (removing or adding objects to an image).
If you’d like to have a night photoshoot, it is useful to know that we hire an associate who helps us with external lights and keeps our belongings secure. This is why the night photo shoots require an additional associate fee.
Paris is timeless and black and white images are iconic for the most beautiful city in the world. If you wish to have your photos in Black and White also, we have a solution for you.
If you wish to print the pictures (we highly encourage you to do so), you can download all high resolution files from the gallery. You can buy prints, canvases and other keepsakes directly from your online gallery and have them delivered to your doorstep.
99% of our clients are real people and not models. Yet, all of our photos reflect the true personalities of our clients. This is probably due to our friendly personality and natural approach to photograph happy people. Our POWER TIP for you would be to relax and focus on the experience of being in one of the coolest cities on the planet.
You have full control over the privacy of your photos. If you don’t wish to have the images featured anywhere (on our website or social media), simply check the corresponding box in the contract.
Unfortunately we can’t control the weather. In Paris, it is usually a light, intermittent rain and we can still take photos. The good parts: there will be less people around and your photos will look much more romantic. If the weather is bad, then we will try to find covered locations or try to reschedule together with you.
In Paris, the late starting time can be influenced by the city traffic. To anticipate, please allow enough time to arrive on the meeting spot with your photographer. In case you are late, we will not extend the photo shoot to recover the time lost because of late arrival.
In any case, we would appreciate a text message or a phone call to let us know you’re late.
The way our booking process works is that once we’ve signed a contract, you have reserved a specific date and time for the photo shoot. This means we’ll book that time for you.
If you need to cancel your booking, with no option to reschedule, please let us know up to 5 days prior to the shoot and you can get a full refund of your retainer.
We have hand-picked the vendors that we recommend to help you prepare for your photo session. This includes hair & make-up, proposal planners, musicians and props providers.
Our goal is to move around the city as easily as possible, so it would be smart to bring only the necessary belongings, like your different outfits. An extra pair of comfortable shoes is a great idea, to walk comfortably from one location to another.
Hiring a car for transportation is a great idea for multi hour Paris photo sessions, for the advantage of leaving your different outfits in the car and also changing in the car. Just let us know if you’d like to have a car and we can put you in contact with our professional drivers in Paris.
Paris is a walkable city. And some Paris photo shoot locations are close to each other. However, for most of the main locations it’s better to use UBER or TAXI (prices are similar). We prefer UBER most of the time for its ease of use and for not needing cash. You do need an Internet connection to use your UBER app. Use the following code if you’re new to the app to get a free first ride: ubertheparisphotographer.

During the rush hours (9AM and 6PM) the taxis can use the BUS lanes and can be more efficient in the traffic.

Renting a car is not a good idea, as you’ll spend a lot of time finding a free parking spot.


”My now fiancé booked a photoshoot which then turned into a surprise proposal and the execution was perfect from start to finish…”

Taylor Hall ★★★★★

We try to keep everything simple so you can fully enjoy Paris without spoiling the surprise.

Photographer for hire for surprise proposals in Paris

After you decide on concept, style and locations, everything else is done in 3 simple steps:


Choosing the right artist is essential for beautiful pictures. Each of our photographers is based in Paris and speaks English. Our packages are designed with an hourly rate in mind. In 1 hour we typically cover several spots of 1 main location. Add as many hours as locations you wish to shoot in. As soon as you contact us, we’ll provide you with everything necessary to organize a perfect secret proposal in Paris.


Feeling comfortable with a friendly photographer leads to better pictures. We capture that energy in our photos. We’ll help choose the locations, give you tips to pick attire and recommend you vendors to make your photos even more beautiful (balloons, flowers, etc).


After a week, your edited Paris pictures will be delivered through an elegant online gallery. You can download them, share them and create amazing prints and albums. 

This way, your photos will live forever.

River Seine surprise proposal with MARRY ME lettters

Decide on Paris, buy the tickets and … Say the words!





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