Photographer in Paris – Monday morning critique October 14th

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Photographer in Paris engagement photo sexy man

The Monday morning critique analyses a recent photo from a Paris photo session by Fran Boloni photographer in Paris.

Continuing the photographer in Paris adventure, today we are analyzing one of the inspiring photos we made at the Eiffel Tower during Teo & Tudor’s photo session.

What makes this Paris picture great ?

Ways to improve this couple photograph ?

Having these last two thoughts in mind while laying on the ground at Trocadéro photographing, I switched the perspective and her position to obtain this second Paris photo.

Photographer in Paris attractive man and sexy legs

This second picture is my favorite but it’s a personal choice. Actually, we are discussing these two photos on Facebook right now. If you have an idea or an advice, please share it with us here.

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Fran Boloni is the Paris photographer with an incredibly creative eye a photographic style described as: real and fun. He is passionate about beauty, arts and connecting with people. Fran got recently engaged and he is super happy !'

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