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Best Couple Photography 2017

This article sums up the best couple photography of 2017 in Paris and also different destinations around the world where we photographed this year.

Best couple photography 2017 - The Paris Photographer - Red soles and Eiffel Tower, attractive legs

We are blessed to meet hundreds of couples every year and to create together magical couples

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Cute couple photoshoot in winter

This is a cute couple photoshoot in winter time in Paris. Winter days are shorter and colder in Paris.

Cute couple photoshoot in winter by The Paris Photographer

The light however is flattering, because the sun is usually hidden or very low, compared to summer days. This makes winter …

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Paris engagement inspiration – Par and Amir

Paris engagement inspiration

Par and Amir are a beautiful couple from California, US. He proposed in their new home, with beautiful purple balloons in a heart shape and huge MARRY ME balloons, and an incredibly gorgeous diamond ring.

Beautiful Persian couple romance

They have been best friends …

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Christmas gift to 5 deeply in love couples

Paris photographer Christmas gift

This year we have photographed many happy couples from all around the world and it was time to give something back. We are very excited to share our Christmas gift for 2016. Do you remember the project we did …

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Madeline themed family fairy-tale in Paris

Madeline themed family fairy-tale in Paris 1

“In magical Paris on a beautiful day
A wonderful family came from far away
Smiling together, a pair happily wed
And three lovely girls with a bow on their head
They happily posed at the Tour Eiffel
As passers-by exclaimed

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Une Annee d’Amour – Adriane and Itamar one year anniversary in Paris

Anniversary in Paris - Adriane & Itamar - Une annee d'amour 4

One of the most challenging, and rewarding tasks for any photographer is taking photos of a colleague. The eye of an artist will pick up on elements and details that are invisible to the average photography-lover. When it comes to …

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Loving the lady in red

Anniversary photo in Paris

As Tom embraced Dinah and picked her up in front of the remarkable Eiffel tower, the balloons in her hand gathered to form a heart shape. There are some moments that are impossible to choreograph, but when they happen the …

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Morning surprise proposal in Paris – Danielle & Ivan

Fun engagement photo in Paris

Ivan wrote me in early August, a few days before their planned trip to Paris and asked me to assist him to capture his morning surprise proposal in Paris at the Eiffel Tower. He chose Paris because he lived and …

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Spring engagement in Paris – Emily and Kevin

Romantic moment in Paris

Emily and Kevin got engaged in Philadelphia and decided to take their engagement photos in the capital of romance, Paris.

Engagement picture in Paris

They have booked Fran for a 1.5 hours photo session around the Eiffel Tower (Trocadéro area) on a beautiful April …

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Proposing in Paris – Emma and Chris from Australia

Proposing in Paris

Proposing in Paris – the story

Emma and Chris are a happy and cute couple from Brisbane, Asutralia. Chris contacted me a few weeks prior to their European vacation and ask if I could capture the moments of him proposing …

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