Engagement photos in Paris

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This is a description of my Paris photographer activity and how it involves capturing engagement images. The content on this page is mainly concentrated on engagement photographs in the Paris area, photos that The Paris Photographer offers as part of Wedding Photography.

From my experience as a photographer, I noticed the connection of the couple is affecting the outcome of the photos more than any other factor. Nowadays there is more importance for the connection than for the attire of the couple, the make-up or the hairstyle and you can name however you want the session (for example “engagement photos” vs “engagement photos in Paris” vs “engagements in Paris”).

I will follow the trends and will report back during the following weeks.

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Fran Boloni is the Paris photographer with an incredibly creative eye a photographic style described as: real and fun. He is passionate about beauty, arts and connecting with people. Fran got recently engaged and he is super happy !


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9 thoughts on “Engagement photos in Paris

  1. What could be nicer to people’s lives than loving all that is beautiful in our lives. These photos are some nice things that we can love. Me honestly… I love them because it fascinates me.

  2. Fran, I think the connection between the couple is important, but, me i think the most important is the relationship of the couple and the photographer. The way you communicate with them, the good words, gestures, your imagination and the atmosphere created can cause them to communicate with eact other more easily and to relax in front of the photographer.

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